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Items & Chars / WTS ADENA L2tales x20 empire
« Last post by mylovelyrogue on Today at 04:48:30 AM »
skype: supl2ru
Report Section / Re: Hello, Changed My server site on topzone details
« Last post by seth on Today at 04:39:04 AM »
Thanks you can lock it /delete w/e .  ;)
L2Packs & Files / selling Interlude L2Voice files
« Last post by L2-Voice on Today at 04:30:11 AM »
sell files from l2 voice
pack source web,
skype la2voice
you can join live server and check
Report Section / Re: Hello, Changed My server site on topzone details
« Last post by xzone on Today at 04:03:40 AM »
Hello, because website, description, name and news need admin approval the rest one do not need.
L2 adZone / HP PVP fast
« Last post by JokerPoker on Today at 03:47:56 AM »
WE are now LIVE!
Come and join us for a fantastic journey in Lineage 2 World
Prepare to join epic fights against bosses or players in an super high-no-end PvP experience !
Everything from beta will be wiped for a fresh and better start...
If you`re looking for a balanced server with balanced donations and a pro dedicated server than this is the place where you should be.

We wish you a nice gaming!


Server Information
L2Genesis High 5 Highrate Server

XP Rate : x9999
SP Rate : x9999
Adena Rate : x100

14 Different Events.
Full Community Board Utility.
Hellbound Island, Primeval Isle and others as Custom Farming Spot
2 hours Bufftime
30+4 Buffs + 15 Dances/Songs
Safe Enchant +16 -> Max. Enchant +16
Autolearnskills including lvl 81 skills and divine inspiration lvl 4
Subclass`s maximum lvl 85, also 5 subclasses allowed
Noblesse via quest also you can find HellFireOil and Lunargents in GmShop
Bank system 100mil adena = 1 gold bar type .deposit|.withdraw ingame
Adena and gold bars currencies only
Unique System for Olympiad. Fair Fights even with High Enchants! All Enchants are +6!!
60 seconds spawn protection
All raids (lvl 70+) are lvl 85 and got 6-12 hours respawn time and custom drops
All epics raids including QueentAnt/Orfen/Zaken/Core/Baium/Antharas/Valakas/Frintenzza lvl 85
All epics will drop x1-x2 epic jeweles
AQ/Orfen/Zaken/Coren 24-48 hours random respawn time
Barakiel respawn 1-2 hours
Baium 4-5 days respawn time Valakas/Antharas/Frintenzza 5-7 days respawn time
New heroes every 2 weeks, Weekly sieges
Full Geodata & Pathfinding
Automated events and weekend manually hosted events
Much more & more & more.. Check out forum for more infos.
L2 adZone / Interlude
« Last post by l2bendis on Today at 02:53:45 AM »

L2Bendis is a Lineage II Private Server special created
for PvP Combat Mode with Special features and custom systems.

-   Rates   -
Xp/Sp= 1000.00
PartyXp/Sp= 100.00
DropAdena = 1000.00
-   Customs    -
Weapon Dusk / Special Weapon Dusk
Armor: Appela / Appela Blue / Appela Gold
Special Masks
Special Tatto with lvl 1/2/3
-    Features    -
C1/C2/C3/C4/C5/INT Areas/Mobs/Skills
Buffs 2h
Geodata and Pathnode
Cursed Weapons
Auto Learn Skills
-    Enchant    -
Safe: +3/+21
Weapons/Armors/Jewels Normal: 75% Weapons/Armors/Jewels Bless: 90% Weapons/Armors/Jewels Crystal: 100%
-    Augument    -
NGSkillChance = 5 MidSkillChance = 15 HighSkillChance = 20 TopSkillChance = 30
-    NPC's    -
GM Shop - You can buy anything you want.Weapons,Armors,Jewles,Potions,Scrolls etc.
Custom Shop - You can buy anything you want.Weapons,Armors,Jewles,etc.
NPC Buffer - Gives support magic to help you in game.
Custom Augument/Skill Enchanter. - You can Enchant your skill here,and augument your weapon.
-    Working Features    -
Wedding System Olympiad System Subclass System Hero System Noblesse System
Duel System Augmentation System Enchant Skills System
-     Events    -
Auto Events: Team Vs Team
Auto Event: CTF Event
Auto Event: DM Event
Event: Special Event

Facebook: L2Bendis
Report Section / Hello, Changed My server site on topzone details
« Last post by seth on Yesterday at 06:18:50 PM »
Hello i just got aprooved and i wanted to change my server site from bla bla bla to some shortcut you know .cf
From> to >  and now i need again aprooval why ?
Could you aproove it again ? thanks in advance.
L2 adZone / [H5] L2Retribution 15x - LIVE Date 31.10.2014!!
« Last post by L2Retribution on Yesterday at 02:45:34 PM »
Client: High Five: Part 5
EXP/SP: x15/x15
Adena: x20
Seal Stones: amount х5
Adena & Seal Stones Drop Chance: 100%
Drop: x5
Spoil: x10
Quest Drops: x5
Quest Rewards: XP х2, Adena х4 (more info on this soon)
Raid Boss Drop: chance х2, amount х1, Adena х14
Epic Boss Drop: chance х1, amount х1, Adena х14
Knight’s Epaulettes: x7
Manor: x7
Fishing: x7


Enchanting & Attributes
Safe Enchant: +3
Maximum Enchant: +16
Normal Scroll Chance: 60%
Blessed Scroll Chance: 65%
Elemental Stone Chance: 50%
Elemental Crystal Chance: 40%


1st Class Transfer: 80k Adena
2nd Class Transfer: 750k Adena
3rd Class Transfer: 20kk Adena
Subclass Attainability:  Quest
Subclass Maximum Level: 85
Buff Slots: 24+4/12
Buff Duration: Dances/Songs/Buffs 2h (third class buffs 2h) Pet buffs 2h
Olympiad: retail-like
Sieges: Weekly (Saturday’s/Friday)
Territory Wars: Weekly (Saturday’s)


GMShop Up to Basic S-Grade
Global Gatekeeper
NPC buffer (all buffs – except Kamael ones)
Auto-learn Skills Until lvl 76
Many automatic events (TvT, CTF, Last Man Standing & Raid Event)
All instances working
Cursed weapons will be disabled during the first 2 weeks after the launch
Max of 3 clients allowed (dualboxing)

Custom Features
Double XP/SP weekends
Level-Up Reward System: Levels: 20, 40, 61, 76, 85
Improved Community Board
Retail-like Auction House
In-game Database (search for monsters & items – view drops/spoils/location & teleport to monster)
Improved Clan Listings
Improved Raid Boss Listings (view drops/location & teleport to boss)
Romana / [L2J] Lineage][Reveria Interlude
« Last post by PoolBoy on Yesterday at 12:10:34 PM »
custom staff : romana italian si 1 grek pe care il vigilez 24 din 24 :)
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