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3 days left!
L2Packs & Files / Re: [WTS]L2 AePvP Server Files (Test Server Available)
« Last post by NoNamer on Yesterday at 09:03:14 AM »
up 8)
L2 adZone / Re: Asterios x7 H5 Friday !
« Last post by McD on Yesterday at 08:14:37 AM »
L2 adZone /! Custom Mass PvP Server More Then 100On!
« Last post by oscaplocog on Yesterday at 04:09:06 AM »
Active Gms.
No Lags.
No Chance To Attack Us.

More Inside:
16 listing Help / Server Activate
« Last post by L2Chronic on Yesterday at 03:48:19 AM »
i wait 5 days aproval activitation. But not please aproval l2chronic!
Bump :)
18 listing Help / Server activate
« Last post by L2Hide on Yesterday at 03:31:42 AM »
Hello, why don't activate my server top? Server name: L2Hide
L2 adZone / L2 Amaze Live Mode On
« Last post by SaintPaul on Yesterday at 02:57:30 AM »

Custom items few hundred better then no custom. So balanced server :)

Visit --->
The only server that matters in the new year...
Fresh start, treat yourself to something nice.
You deserve it, don't you?


Additional Information

*Rates will be set by a community poll before launch.
Likely at highest 25x and lowest 3x for the dynamic decrease. Players will decide.

*Recall that our rates (XP/SP only) will be dynamic in a descending order (high to low).
Example, 15x-5x as character levels from 1-85.

Visit us on Facebook (don't forget to like us)


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