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L2 adZone / [L2J] Lineage][Reveria Interlude
« Last post by PoolBoy on Today at 10:37:46 AM »
Exp : 1500x
Sp : 1500x
Adena : 1500x
Drop : 10x

Safe Enchant : +6

Maximum Armor Enchant : +16

Maximum Jwls Enchant : +16

Maximum Weapon Enchant : +14

Normal Scrolls Rate (Maximum Enchant +16) : 55%
Blessed Scrolls Rate (Maximum Enchant +16) : 75%

Top Life Stone Rate : 10%
High Life Stone Rate : 5%
1 Active or 1 Passive Augment Skill

Easy Farm
Instant Level 80
Max Buff Slot 36
Buff Time 2H
Max Subclasses 5 [ Free Subclass & Free proffesion ]
Daily PvP player [ Every 24 Hours ]
Mass PvP Zone [ x3 Spawns ]
Special Raid Boss Zones Bosses (Drops : Blessed Scrolls, Top Lifestones, , Bogs, Accessories) ]
Advanced NPC Buffer with full buffs and counting buff slots
Detailed Gatekeeper
Advanced Shop
Top Manager
Castle Manager
Clan Manager [ Instantly clan lvl 8 or +5000 clan rep each time ]
Advanced Server Information NPC with everything inside
Unique Vote Machine
PvP Title Colors [ 300 | 500 | 1000 | 1500 | 2000 | 2500 | 3000 ]
Stuckable Lifestones on Inventory
Stuckable Bogs on Inventory
Stuckable Scrolls on Inventory

checkout site :
L2 adZone / L2GATRA High Five x20
« Last post by xvikose on Today at 08:41:35 AM »

L2GATRA.Ru - High Five x20 Internacional
Classic server with rates EXP 20 \ SP 20 \ DROP 2 \ SPOIL 4 \ ADENA 20
Without GMShop'a and baffer. Coin of Luck for voting!
OBT Live!
L2 General Discussion / Re: Impressions about new vote reward
« Last post by xzone on Today at 06:53:53 AM »
Thank you for your feedback.
L2 adZone / [L2OFF]L2TheGold Interlude x90
« Last post by on Yesterday at 11:54:52 PM »

The Best PvP/PVE Server with the most Balanced Classes that you ever Seen before!
Chronicle: Interlude
L2TheGold will be a Lineage II: Interlude server. It will be 85% similar to the old Gold Server. We will remove/tweak features we think are poorly thought of and add features to make it a pleasant server to play on.

If you need something fresh and ORIGINAL game play TheGold is here
This page explains about the basic L2TheGold features and gives some information for the people who are not really familiar with C6.
Rates: xp 90x / sp 90x / adena 90x (all adena is divided by 100/all shops prices too).
Server: Full Official C6 server (retail server) with custom modifications.
Gameplay: No weight limit, Buffs 1 hour, rebirth, Subclass, No class change quests, increased movement speed on all classes.

Globally increased c.speed / a.speed
Full clan system
24 Buff slots
10 Debuff slots
Statisically improved Hero Weapons
Augmentations System
Offline shop[/size]

L2 adZone / L2 High Five NEW Rate x5 Opens 25.10.2014
« Last post by l2highfive on Yesterday at 11:13:51 PM »
Lineage 2 High Five
New Rate x5 Opens on 25.10.2014 at 19:00GMT+2


Info Server:

Protect server
DDoS Protection
Experience (EXP)5x
Skill Points (SP)5x
RatePartyXp 1.5x
RatePartySp 1,5x
Adena 15x
Spoil 10x
Sealstone drop 5x
Quest Experience(EXP) 10x
Quest Skill Points (SP) 10x
Quest Adena 10x
Quest Drop Items 10x
Weight Limit 10x
Manor 3x
Fishing 5x
Safe Enchant 4
Max. Enchant 20
Normal Scroll chance 57%
Blessed Scroll chance 65%
Elemental Max. Level 7
Elemental Stone chance 50%
Elemental Crystal chance 30%
Scheme Buffer
2 hours buff time.
Buffs slot 26+4
Dance/Song slots 13
Olympiad: 2 week
periods ends at 1 and 15 of all months.
Master items work
Auto loot on
Auto loot for raidbosses off
Auto learn skills on
Vitality system on
Subclass 3
Free subclass quest
Subclass max level 83
Offline shops
PvP Color System
Aio System
Global GK
GM Shop
Up to S-Grade Weapons, Armors and Jewels only
All blacksmiths in giran, MAMMON too
Special Shop
Exchange your event currency for useful items.
Vote Reward System
Event Team vs Team -Classis
TVT Event
Achievements Event
Every Friday Event exp/sp 10x

Custom NPC:
Global Gatekeepr
GM Shop
Castle Control Npc
Achievements Npc
Event Npc
TVT Event Npc
Bug Report Npc
Scheme Buffer Npc
Premium Scheme Buffer Npc
Devel Npc
Vote Reward Npc
Event shop
Test shop Npc
Teleporter Npc

Custom Feature:

Premium Acc x2
Community bord Work- ALT+b--> (GMshop,BUFF,GLOBALGK,Service,Classes,Statistics,RANG PVP)
pvp color and Reward system
Rang PVP System
Olympiad Anti-Feed system
Daily Event System
FakePcs System
Pc Bangs System
Champions Mobs
Auto Restart GameServer
Anti Botting system
Secondary Auth protection
Class Balance system
Offline Shop system
Special Commands
L2 adZone / Lineage 2 Destruction Pvp Fixed
« Last post by lineage2destruction on Yesterday at 06:15:08 PM »


Event Drop x2 avalaible to 24.10.14

Destruction Server Information:

* It took us more than 6 months to develop this great server. Server files are based in latest l2j sources and 100% stable and buggless.
Fully functional Npc's: There are gm-shops,gatekeepers,and service managers in every town to manage all your needs!

* Full PvP Server: Dont need farm killing moobs , the server have new atractive and unique system of farm!

* Killing spree system: You will rewarded for killing ,5,10,15,20,25 and 30 players in row!

* PvP Zones: 2 custom Pvp Zones , Pvp Arena zone and Pvp Teams Zone ( Blue and Red)!

*Vote reward engine: Vote for our server and get special rewards!

*Scheme Buffer: Use our scheme buffer and gain gaming time , all buff +30 or +15!

*Olympiad period 1 week: Max enchant limit +6 , Protection antifeed System!

*BackCancel Buffs: after of 15 seconds you cancel buffs back!

*Epic Raid Boss Respawn:12 Hours!

Max Buff Amount: 32+4 - Dances & Songs: 16
Auto Loot: Enabled - Player Spawn Protection: 30 Seconds
Auto Certific: Enable - Max Subclasses: 3
Max Subclass Level: 85 - Subclass Without Quest: Enabled
Class Master: Enabled - Auto Learn Skills: Enabled
No Clan penality Full Geodata and Pathnode
AntiFeedDualbox = Active AnnouncePkPvP = Active
DualboxCheckMaxPlayers = 2 - PvpCoinsperKill = 3

~ Server Rates
-> Exp: x1000
-> Sp: x1000
-> Adena: x1000
-> Drop: x1
-> Raid Boss drop: Custom
~ Enchant Rates
-> Safe enchant: +14
-> Pvp Scroll: +16
-> Donator Scroll: +20
-> Rate enchant: 100%

~ Voice Comands

Server Events: We have implmented Nexus Event engine which is one of the best event engines in the world! There will be an automated event every 1 hour. You will found everything about automated events at "Favorite" tab.Some of our maain events are: Main Events
-> Raid Event Automatic
-> Team vs Team
-> Capture the Flag
-> Domination


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L2 adZone / [L2J] Edeneternal x1000 Interlude no custom arived
« Last post by DragoN. on Yesterday at 05:24:50 PM »

Hello dear reader, in the next couple minutes I will be describing to you Lineage ][ Edeneternal, an Interlude PvP Server if you continue to read this thread. If this is too long for you to read it, i challenge you to join and try the server.
The Lineage ][ Edeneternal has some core changes including rates, economy and a lot of inside systems! Now there is more PvP and raiding required to get geared up! Continue reading..
You won't regret it, I swear!

  • Experience, skill points and adena rates are set to x1000.
    You are starting level 1 and you have to lvl your way up. Also you can drop items while on high-karma with a lot of PKs, so be careful!

  • Our server introduces normal, blessed and crystal scrolls for enchanting.
    • Safe Enchant: 3
    • Normal Scrolls: 70% Rate, +10 Maximum Enchant - If it fails, it breaks!
    • Blessed Scrolls: 75% Rate, +10 Maximum Enchant - If it fails, it returns back to zero!
    • Crystal Scrolls: 50% Rate, +12 Maximum Enchant (WEAPONS ONLY) - If it fails, the enchant reduces by 1!

  • We have made a limit system so you won't be able to stuck an active with a passive skill. When you'll remove your augmented weapon, if you had an active buff with it, it will be removed.
    • Top Grade LS: 17% Rate
    • High Grade LS: 13% Rate
    • Mid Grade LS: 5% Rate

  • Here are some general information regarding the server.
    • Skills are auto-learn, grade/weight limit is lifted, death penalty doesn't exist.
    • Shout chat is regional and requires 300 PvPs, trade chat is global but disabled(can only be enabled by a gamemaster for a short amount of time).
    • Buffs are set to 3 hours, you can't buff from buffer while you're registered for olympiad and so on.
    • Buffs from our buffer will be automatically given to your summon(if any). There are also 4 buff sets available.
    • Buff limit is set to 50 including self-buffs and de-buffs.
    • You can't teleport while you're flagged.
    • Unstuck is 30 seconds.
    • We have a custom tattoo that will increase your maximum cp/hp/mp by 5%.
    • You'll need to farm your way up, to get gear and enchant them or to enchant your skills. You can get pretty much anything you need within mass vote reward & events.
    • Balance: A hard issue to deal with, we're taking care of it day by day.

  • Want to know how to get epic jewels or become noblesse? Read on!
    • We have 4 grand-bosses that you'll need quest item to teleport (obtained from our shop, no quest needed) and along with them we have a few more.
    • You can obtain epics through events but if you want a more sure way, you can gather your clan and start raiding! Raid-bosses drop epic jewels, one for each boss. Along with the epic drops, there are more like life stones and book of giants.
    • To become Noblesse, you'll need to double click on Caradine's Letter. You won't need a quest to obtain Caradine's Letter, you can get it through events or you can raid Barakiel. Barakiel drops 9 Caradine's Letters but if you already have one picked up, you can't pickup another one!

  • We have plenty of NPCs nicely spawned in our main town and a few spawned at the other lonely towns.
    • Global Gatekeeper
    • General Shop
    • Naughty Buffer
    • Services Manager
    • High Priest
    • Top Players
    • Siege Manager
    • Donation Princess
    • Wedding Manager
    • PvP Informer
    • Raidboss Informer
    • Casino Dealer
    • Server Informer
    • Class Master

  • We made a coin for each one of our needs, we kept adena as main currency as well.
    • Adena
    • Farm Coin
    • Vote Coin
    • Event Coin
    • Donation Coin

  • Not that easy to get full skills but not that hard to level up. Needs a bit of farm but a devoted clan will more than easily make it! Eggs are needed to get skills and you can get them through our shop. There are not clan penalties. Sieges are weekly. The maximum an alliance can accept is 3 clans.

  • Starting/Safe Farm Zone - Giran Harbor
  • Medium Farm Zone - Forbidden Gateway
  • Party Farm Zone - Pagan Temple
  • A zone with a few mini-raids - Primeval Isle
  • Once you start hitting a mini-raid, you'll get PvP flagged.
  • Besides farming zones there are raid-boss zones which all are auto PvP flag except Barakiel zone.

  • Team vs Team (TvT)
  • Capture The Flag (CTF)
  • Deathmatch (DM)
  • Gamemaster manual events
  • Pre-announced party-clan events within our forum
  • You can use .events at any time to see the automated TvT, CTF and DM schedule and register as-well.

  • Olympiad is a nice and competitive way of playing the game, isn't it? Besides the anti-feed we wanted to enhanced it a bit for you!
    • Total Damage & Opponent Class: When you'll be teleported inside olympiad you'll get a message regarding your opponent's class, when the match will end you'll see the total damage you dealt and the total damage your enemy dealt.
    • Skills Reuse: When you'll be teleported to the arena, all of your skills will be ready for use so you can fight the match to the fullest!
    • Ranking: Ranks are updated almost every 30 minutes and you can see when the ranking was last updated, besides the rank you can see the points of the people who are listed there.
    • Timing & Period: Period is weekly and olympiad runs 6 hours every day but Sunday which is the day that the period ends.

  • We wanted to make PvPs a bit interesting but without overwhelming the game-play with weird systems. We tried to make it fun and keep it simple.
    • Open-World: Lineage II is an open-world game, so why to limit PvP? You can PvP anywhere you want! But remember that massive PvP usually happens in the zones we already have!
    • Colors: Just to make it a bit more spicy there are some great colors for specific amount of PvPs that will make you look bad-ass!
    • Half Hour PvP: Every 30 minutes the player with the most PvPs within this time will be rewarded!
    • Time-spree: If you manage to get a double, triple, quadra, or pentakill within an interval of time you'll be rewarded with glory and recognition!
    • Killing-spree: An uncapped spree system without time limit, and triggered at specific spree-kills to reward you. But remember, you must not die in between!
    • Support rewards: Supports are nice, cute and we love them. Why not reward them for helping us stay alive?
    • Buff Cancellation: Cancelled buffs will return after a short period of time, of course this won't apply in Olympiad.
    • Killer Message: When you'll get killed by someone a timed message will appear on screen with the killer's name, CP and HP at the moment he/she killed you.

  • So okay with the PvP system but what about anything else?
    • Vote Reward: We like to gain more and more population so server and pvps will become more fun. We have a Mass Vote Reward system which will reward online players every 6 votes!  There is also a single vote reward which will reward you with 6 Vote Coins every 12 hours if you vote!
    • Language Chat: You're on vacations in a country that nobody speaks your language and suddenly you find someone from the same country as you, how awesome is this? Through language chat you can globally chat with players who can understand your mother language!
    • Shields: Has anyone ever bothered you hard with trades, invites or something? You can turn on shields to disable trading, inviting or even getting buffed from enemies (does not apply inside olympiad).
    • Menu & Stats: You can quickly access .menu to setup language chat, get vote reward or enable the shields described above. You can type .stats to see some stuff about your target, for more quick access you can shift+click your target!
    • Community Board & Online Command: We have customized a bit the community board to make it look more friendly. We've also implemented .online command for you to instantly check online players and gamemasters.
    • Raidboss Announcement: You'll get informed when one of our raid-bosses dies or spawns so you'll get in action! For the retail grand-bosses which have a delay of 10 minutes before the entrance is locked, you'll be informed as-well when someones wakes up a grand-boss, so you can make it to the entrance before its locked!
    • Anti-feed: We have developed a great anti-feed platform for PvPs and Olympiad, where the feed happens. Both are monitored by an expert AI system, everything is being logged and we'll spot the feeders! Also same-IP doesn't count and you can't register for olympiad as well.
    • Anti-corruption: Not really a system, but it can be really annoying to play against gm chars, gm friends and goes on. As a close family team (we're just 2), we can assure you that it won't ever happen in our server.
    • Geodata: We have included some geodata to make sure that there will be no wall bugs or so.

  • We have a good looking machine along with a shiny network to ensure stability in a lag-free environment.
    Our pack is based on aCis pack

I think I've covered most of the servers important information, see you online.

Facebook Page

Grand Opening: 31/10/2014
« Last post by Saycheesseanddie on Yesterday at 04:40:42 PM »
#Entering the Game Auto noblesse login 200kk Adena mp, healing, cp(lvl1 150 cp) pots and SS,BSS A Security Key untradeable, undroppable, undestroyable and unsellable. By using this key you can submit your security code(if u have one) so you can have full access on your player. You can create a code by using the command .security Summon CP Potion skill can give you up to 100 CP potions lvl 2 (300 cp recover). The reuse time is same for mages and fighters. The class manager is making you direct on the last class that you want. Entering in Aden(Main Town) level 80. Hero announce system(no matters if you re on sub. The system will announce u will ur base class). Clan leader announce system(All the clan leaders that own a Castle). Raid Bosses announce system(When a raid make his appear it will be announced). Forbidden names system. By entering the name in the config this name will be disabled to use it in game. #Experience Max level is 89 On Subclass add u start 80 level and max for it is 89 too. The experience gaining is getting reduced level by level. Until 85 is pretty easy. The Supporter Classes have 50% increased xp gain from pvp taking xp and 20% more in general. By leveling up you gain more cp/hp/mp and debuff restistance #Buffslots For mages is 24 buffs(not included Summoners and Prophet) max For Daggers is 25 buffs max For the Other classes is 28 buffs max For Summons is 8 buffs max For Pets Like "Strider" is 12 buffs max Only the Buffs that exist on the buffer count as a buff so don't be afraid of losing buffs. #Karma After 5 PKs you will start dropping up to 3 items if you die with high possibility of 40%. Weapons drop is 10%, Equip items 40% and others 50%. After deing you will be teleported out of the Goddard to walk in Ketra and erase it. #Wedding Once you get merried you will gain the Wedding Bow with 3 skills. Heart Shot(Recovers 1350hp to ur partner only), Double Heart Shot(Recovers 35% of your partner maximum Hp) and Wedding - Greater Shield(increased for 30 sec your partner's pDef by 200%) #Security System You have a choice to enable it or not once you join the game. If you enable it you can't disable the system again and you can't change the security code. So to enable it you use the command .security Once you enable it you have to submit it in every login whenever you want by pressing on the Security key that you took by entering ous. If you don't want to enter the code your char won't have full access. What do i mean? You will not be able to join into events, trades, changing titles, remove clan members, making damage to players(only mob can take dmg) etc. All the actions will be disabled until you submit the code. The only thing that you can do is to move, wear items from the current inventory and hitting mobs. This is a 4 to 10 numbers code and you must NOT forget it. #Enchant System Max for normal items is +20. Max for custom items is +10. All the normal items are automatic +4. Safe +0 Customs. The enchant rate for normal items starts from 95% and in every enchant loses -5%. The enchant rate for custom items starts from 75% for 3 enchants and in every enchant after 3 loses -10%. With normal enchant scrolls the normal items when it fails will be +4. With normal enchant scrolls the custom items when it fails will be vanished. With crystal enchant scrolls the normal items when it fails will be +10. Also are usable only after +10. With crystal enchant scrolls the custom items when it fails will be +0. With blessed enchant scrolls the normal items when it fails will take a penalty of -2 enchant level. Also are usable only after +15. With blessed enchant scrolls the custom items when it fails will take a penalty of -1 enchant level. Also are usable only after +7. Auto Pvp Enchanting with rate 2% for weapons 4% for the others. Can be enchanted until 18 for normal items and 8 for custom items. Augmentation Chances: Mid 5%, High 10%, Top 15%. Scrolls, Lifestones and Book of Giants are stackable When you are making doubleClick on a Lifestone the Augmention table will appears When you are making on the Gemstones C the Remove Augmetion table will appears Custom effect when you are making skill enchanting #PVP Taking pvps by supporting your party members(Config for the supp classes) is possible with a chance of 15%. You must be inside 1100 range and in combat. By holding a Cursed Weapon (Zariche,Mortis Ressa,Alhazzard,Akamanah) you have 40% chance to take pvps. PVP Skill system. Different skills for mage and fighters. Starting at 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6500, 7500, 8500, 9500, 12000. PVP color system. Changing title and name color. Starting at 250, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 8500, 10000 Taking Experience by the PVPS Killing Spree System Starting at 10, 15, 20 , 25(PVPHeroAura), 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 75, 100(Hero until RR). Killing Spree Stopper Name in announce Special Spree for Hunter Village Starting at 3, 5, 8, 10, 12. Changing the names on this spree Dominating, Rampage, Unstoppable, WickedSick, GodLike. The status will be back to normal if you die or if you leave Hunters. Hunter's Village PVP. You name and title is going to "Random ****" and "Hunter's Magic", party inside is forbidden, cursed weaps are forbidden, Buff keeping after die without noblesse, Limited items inside(Items that costs Blue Eva are disabled), the enchant colors are chaning in every click on the players, Experience gain is increased by 15% if your level is lower than 83. Rune High PVP. Everything is allowed there. The healing gain is decreased /2 if you are inside the town. Fame and Deaths points are counting only if you are inside Hunters or Rune. You can see the points by using ALT+T. Reputation points. Earning by pvping up to 30 from wars and losing up to 10 by dieing from a war with 40% chance. Rep points can take clans that are below level 8. If a clan is lvl 8 and kills some1 that his clan is lower level they don't lose Rep.Points. Trade Chat at 25 PVPs with 80 sec reuse chatting [ Region] Global Chat at 2500 PVPs with 50 sec reuse chatting [Global] Hero Chat without beeing a Hero at 10000 PVPs with 30 sec reuse chatting [Global] After deing if you have cubics won't be removed #Farming Alt+Click to see the Status,Drops. The Ancient Adena and the Adena are not included. Gludin as a safe farm for the newbies. Not a lot mobs but their respawn is low. Getting coins and bogs. Ruins of Despair is a normal farming zone without guards and all the mobs, one Raid Boss and a random spawn Mob that spawns almost every 3,5 hours there or in Abandonded Camp. Abandonded Camp is a normal farming zone without guards and all the mobs, one Raid Boss and a random spawn Mob that spawns almost every 3,5 hours there or in Ruins of Despair. A random mob with nice drops appears in Hunters Village or in Rune every 3,5 hours. 9 Raid Bosses in every single region. 1 for every region. They appears in the gatekeeper as "ZoneName(Rare)". Respawning time 6-12 hours 5 Grand Bosses that drops Jewels and items. 12-24 hour respawn. To enter you need event medal that you can earn it only by voting! Custom items. Titanium armor with 5 parts. Dynasty armor. Icarus weapons, dynasty weapons, Relic weapons and Accessories with custom stats. The armors are gaining ++ status by enchating them. Starting at +5, +8 and +10.The Dynasty Rapier works as a dagger and a swords. You can use Blows and every single skill that use sword. Relic weapons got unique aura enchanting. Different in every weapon. Also they can debuff you on critical hits. Like "Trick,Silence,Hex etc". Unique SS Effects on attacks by the Custom weapons. 0 to 3 the first effect 4-6 second effect 7-9 third effect and +10 the last effect. Rly Beautiful* Customs coins. Adena, Golden Apiga, Bloody Pa'agrio, Silver Shilen, Gold Einhasad, Blue Eva, Festival Adena, Event Medal, Glittering Medal. Creating Golden apiga by 1kkk adena. .deposit .withdraw commands Creating Silver Shilen by 50 Bloody Pa'agrio. Gold Einhasad are with low rates. Blue eva by 25 Gold Einhasad. Festival Adena by RB'S and Voting(after 20 votes the choice will appear). Event and Glittering Medals only by Voting. 3 New items that are used to Seed yourself with the Effect of Seed of Fire, Water and Wind. Usable only on urself. New potions Battle and War Pots. Increases pvpDamage or pvpDefense. in FameShop Herbs with different effects. in FameShop Different Healing Pots. in FameShop Reputation points #NPCs The npcs looks like normal players but with unique color names, items etc. Every single npc got really nice htmls. Simple and beautiful. Voting NPC (topzone, hopzone individual) Achievements NPC (Reaching the Achievements and get the reward. 12 Achievements) Top 10 Ranking by PVPs PKs Fame and Deaths Grand Bosses Online status Grand Olympiad Top 10 Ranking with matches played, points Item Store and Luxury Shop Buffer (Include Scheme) Gatekeeper with almost full tele places Symbol maker, WH, Auctionner, Priest, Class Manager, Wedding Manager, Pk Guard. #Grand Olympiad Games You need to be at least 85 level and have 250 pvp's to join the games. The games are totally annonymous. Your names will appear only in the end of the game. Crests, Titles, Hero Aura, Weap Colors are made in a way so you cant understand with the player that you are playing. Disabled everything that can show to your Challenger your identify. Oly is only with normal S grade items(not customs). Every 2 weeks the new heroes. 100 points as a reward to exchange em so you can buy items from the olympiad shop(custom edition). 2 Voodoo Doll weapons. 1 for Mage and 1 for Fighter. These weaps are in the Normal Items so they can't break with scrolls and their max enchant level is +20. They gives you buffs for the games. Buffs at +10,13,16,19 and 20. Recharge skills in every game. +1 Hero Skill for Damage. Unique skills from RB'S with nice effects. In every pack of classes the skills are chaning. Assassins, Healers, Warriors etc. Pressure Bomb on Titan, Striking of Thunderbolts on DreadNought, Dragon Thunder on Daggers, Thunderous Shot on Archers, Dragon Breath on Archmage, Meteor Storm on Orc Mages, Wind Force on Supporters, Fossilization on Dwarfs, Darkness Strike on Duelist and BD, Holy Light Burst on MysticMuse, Demonic Circle On StormScreamer, Fallen Magic on Soultaker, Lightning Eruption on Tyrant and Prophet, Death Trap on Tanks and Frozen Ring Storm on SwordMuse and Evas Templar. No hero skills on subs. Fixed reuses to be the same for mages and fighters also the timing and the rate of Heroic Dread and Heroic Grandeur. #Clan Increases ur clan level until 5 is completly free. After +5 you may need items, RP points and clan members. For level 6 you need 30 members and 10k RP points. For level 7 you need 45 members and 20k RP points. For level 8 you need 60 members and 40k RP points. To create guards the cost is 2000 RP and for knights is 5000 RP. Clan war at 10 members and max allies 3 Siege Period Every 1 Week .castle command to see the sieges #Skills and Classes The hitting time and the reuse time is made in a way to be a bit balanced. The debuffs times is reduced. 3sec to stuns, buffs, fears, 5sec to para, silence, sleep, root and 7 seconds to the others. There is a debuff protection system. Getting the same debuff every "x" time. Example getting Stun now and the next stun that will work will be after 15seconds. 10sec for tricks, 15sec for fears, sleep, root, para, silence, bluff and stun. 12sec for aggro. This system works only with the players. New skills added in some classes to make a better balance for a pvp server always*. DreadNought: Dash lvl 1, War Cry lvl 2. Shock blast is usable only if you have 250 distance from the enemy. Braveheart restores 30%CP, Battle roar now recovers 35% hp on lvl 6 and increases 10% your maximum HP. Wrath makes 30% damage on ur CP. 70% chance to work. Provoke decreases 10% restistance into pole weapon types. Phoenix Knight: Buffs Iron Will now gives 100mDef doesnt stuck with M.Barrier. Holy blade +10% pAtk to party members. Holy Armor +10%pDef and 10% resist to holy atks to party members. Aegis stance now gives also +200pDef. Ultimate defense is only for 10 secs and you are able to move with it. Vengeance gives you +500 range attack when you use it. Hell Knight: Added 3 Cubics. Phantom, Vampire and Binding Cubic. Shield of Revenge reflect 50% of the dmg back and have 50% chance to avoid blow atks. Archmage: Added Earth Vortex and Stone. Possibility of Half lethal with Stone 7% and 1100 range. Arcane Lord: Added Shadow spark lvl 3(Range 1100) and Frenzied Servitor(Usable when your pet's hp is lower or 30%). Cardinal: Added Holy armor lvl 2, Dark Vortex, Light Vortex. Dark Vortex power is increased and the Absorb part is decreased. Cleanse now removes the debuffs of all the party(bigger reuse), Purify works like cleanse but only in one. Hierophant: Added Fist Fury, Bear Spirit Totem, Puma Spirit Totem, Wolf Spirit Totem, Revival, Zealot lvl 3, Angelic Icon lvl1, Dodge, Burning Fist, Soul Breaker, Shadow Spark lvl3, Shadow Flare(Half Lethal possibility 7%) Evas Templar: Added summon Fang of Eva and Angelic Icon. SwordMuse: Added Sonic focus lvl7, Sonic Blaster, War Cry lvl2, Ultimate Evasion lvl1, Dodge and Armor Crush(New Debuff Effect). Sprint gives +5 runSpd and doesnt stuck with WindWalk buff. Spirit Barrier gives +100 mDef and doesnt stuck with M.Barrier. Song of Life gives +5% maxHp. MysticMuse: Solar Flare has chance of Half Lethal 7% and increased range to 1100. Elemental Master: Frenzied Servitor(Usable when your pet's hp is lower or 30%). Eva Saint: Balance Mana(Balance the party's mana and gives +20% pvpDef for 5seconds), Body of Avatar(Restores 35% mana to all the party members), Salvation, Cleanse, Celestial Shield, Mass Resurrection, Greater Battle Mana(Restores mana to one player), Group Major MP(Restores mana to party members), Ice Vortex and Light Vortex, Life Cubic and Storm Cubic. Arcane widsom now decreases only 100 cast speed. SpectralDancer: Added Rage, Duelist Spirit, Triple Slash, Counterattack, Dash and Ultimate Evasion. Dance of Protection now gives 200mDef and pDef. Dance of Medusa now turn the enemy into Stone but you can deal damage to him. Poison Blade Dance now making the enemy to start Dancing while is in Stun Effect. ShillienSaint: Added Life and Viper Cubics, Darkness Armor(+10%mDef and dark resist to party members), Darkness Blade(+10%mAtk to party members), Balance Combat Points(Balance CP to ur party members and gives for 5 sec pvpDam +20%), Body of Avatar(Restores 35% CP to ur party members), Restore CP(Restores 30% CP to one), Major CP(Recovers CP), Group Major CP(Recovers CP to party members), Cleanse, Salvation, Celestial Shield, Dark Vortex, Wind Vortex and Mass Resurrection. Titan: Frenzy is usable at 60% hp but the pAtk is decreased. DoomCryer: Added Holy Armor, Angelic Icon. Darkness Armor, True Brotherhood(Makes invul for 5sec all ur party members), Chant of Protection(Recovers CP and gives pDef and mDef for 3sec). Chant of Revenge now reflects 100% magical and physical debuffs for 10sec(Party Skill). Maestro: Added Dash, War Cry, Battle Roar, Ultimate Transfer(transfers 100% dmg to ur pet for 10sec), Golem's Recovery(Restores hp and gives 1k pDef,mDef and pAtk for 3sec) Summon Big Boom now is called "Summon Crazy Mechanic Golem". This Golem lives for 25 seconds with insane defense status. Make a combo with Ultimate Transfer and this Golem to be immune to damage for almost 20 seconds. Sweeper now makes root. FortuneSeeker: Added Rage, Dash, Stand Bomb(works like frenzy). Spoil now regen hp over 15 seconds. Spoil Festival recovers hp once by 20% but you need the effect of Spoil in order to use it. Spoil Crush now makes damage direct to hp with 35% Power. The Chance is 70% to work and u sucrifice 1k from ur own hp in order to use the skill. Others: Mana Burn skill is now making damage in percent of ur current Mana. Ultimate Evasion gives 40% chance to avoid Blow atks. Summoners pet buffs stuck with every buff and doesnt count as a buff. Lethals have 4% chance to work to 1hp and 7% to work to "half lethal" only Cp reduce to players and half Hp to mobs. Steal Essense mana is reduced by almost 40. Greating healing potion effect is increased also the chant of Life Effect. Heal gain is now getting reduced by /1.5 if you are flagged. Doesn't stuck with the Rune effect that is /2. All the Summon Pets have increased cast time and reuse. The Fighter classes when they use bow and their class isn't archer they gain accuracy penalty. The same exists with the tanks when they are using Dagger. Mana pots restores 5000 mp with 5 sec reuse time. For healers "Cardinals, Eva Saint and Shillien Saint" the restore is /5 so 1000 mana with 5sec reuse. Every debuff that is used in one player the power to succeed is 80% with 0 resists. For skills that are AIO the chance is 50%. By sitting the Regen on your CP,MP,HP is greatly increased by high%. Disable the heal on Monster and Raid Bosses. Inferno, Blizzard and Demon Wind can knockdown ur enemy. Dominator can use INT Dyes. New Stats: absorbCp, absorbMp, pvpPhysDef, pvpMagicalDef, pvpPhysSkillsDef, pAtk-human, pAtk-elf, pAtk-delf, pAtk-orc, pAtk-dwarf #TvT Joinable in Rune Lvl 83-89 to join 2 Teams [Yellow & Green] Price for the winner Team 4 Gold Einhasad Price for the losers 1 Gold Einhasad Additional 1 Gold Einhasad for the Top Killer You cant attack your teamates with hit or spells 10 minutes the registration 10 minutes the event TvT Every 3hours #CTF Joinable in Rune Lvl 83-89 to join 2 Teams [Yellow & Green] Price for the winner Team 4 Gold Einhasad Price for the losers 1 Gold Einhasad Additional 10 Silver Shilen for every time that you score You have 60 seconds to score when you have the flag else the flag will go back to the position You cant attack your teamates with hit or spells 10 minutes the registration 10 minutes the event CTF Every 3hours #DM Joinable in Rune Lvl 83-89 to join The 3 first top killers will take 2 Gold Einhasad as reward 10 minutes the registration 5 minutes the event DM Every 3hours
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