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L2 adZone / [C6] Lineage II Revenge x75
« Last post by zoumhs on Yesterday at 03:18:21 PM »
Lineage II Revenge: Features:
Chronicle: Interlude C6
TYPE: MID/PVP and a little bit of low
Server: .::Revenge::. x75
Experience is setted to x75
SP is setted to x75
Adena rate is x100 but of course much zones are boosted ( more informations below)
Max :20 for weapon and 6 for armor and jewls
Normal= Retail Like
Blessed= Retail Like
Divine Scrolls (Custom Scroll Obtained by raid bosses or donation) they got 5% chance more than the retail blessed ones
Augmentation? Possible and rates retail like, no stucking
Starting Level = 20 at Giran Castle Town (The main town) with full D grade gear mana potions and such stuff
Misc Shop : Get Consumables
Armor Shop: Get Armors till S grade with adenas
Weapon Shop: Get weapons till S grade with Adenas (A/S Weapons are without S/A)
Elven Scrolls shop : Sells quest items for nobless with exhange of elven scrolls. Also you can make S/A your weapon there
Special Shop: Sells L2Revenge Weapons in exhange of 5 raid tokens
Unique Shop: Donation items that you can get from there (1 donate
ticket = 1 euro)(donations will be closed for the first 2 weeks of the
server) \
Honor Points exchange for items (Honor points feature will be explained bellow)
Vote Tickets exchange for items
Jewellery Shop: Get jewls till S grade
Augmentor: Augment your gear
Buffer: Get only basic buffs (Cov is 5 mins, Renewal champion Siren is 15mins and cat/pony 5 mins)
Clarrisa the gate keeper: Travel to the most important locations of the game
Leatherworker: Get titanium set or upgrade titanium set to Epic Set
Custom items:
Custom currencies for farming items (Also adenas are important for the PVE and farming)
Armor : Titanium, its the level 1 armor and its slittly better than S grade
Armor: Epic its the top armor of L2 The Revenge, its a little better than Titanium
Weapons: Revenge Weapons ( They are a little better from s grade but granded with double S/A)
Honor points system:
Each pvp is rewarded with random honor points exchangable at Unique shop for various items.

Subclass is without quest
It is with quest but you can start it from part too since quest items
are on the shops and are exchangable for votes or elven scrolls
Buffs: Buffs are 20 + 4 with divine and debuffs are 6 also all buffs are
1 hour and buffer produces only basic prophet buffs, basic songs and
basic dances.

Boosted Zones for newbies ( For Xp and Adena)
Death Pass, Ruins of Despair, Antharas Lair, Dragon Valley, Hot Springs, Valley of Saints
Elven fortress:
Elven fortress is a very important zone, you can level up only there if you wish not to travel from places to places
First rooms are clearly for xp rest rooms are for materials of armor sets (farm) combined with elven scrolls..
At the last room are located 2 mini bosses that are droping blessed scrolls and Raid Tokens ( for weapons)
Primeval Isle:
Is the second important zone of our server. There you will farm Epic
Armor Craft materials and Titanium Recipes (So you can build titanium
armor with them)
Note: Recipes can be farmed also from vote shop
The Siren Egg: The most powerfull currency of the game and it is
usefull for Epic Armor set is dropped from all T-Rex on Primeval Isle
Monastery of Silence (Easy):
And it this place is the last important one.. This zone is boosted and
each monster drops from 6-8 million adenas and raid tokens with chance
Monastery of Silence Deep (Hard):
This zone is boosted and each monster drops from 8-11 million adenas and raid tokens with chance 5%
Grand Bosses are retail like spawn and respawned but their droplist is a little bit changed:
All grand bosses drop their jewls but also they drop divine scrolls, blessed raid tokens and weapons
Some bosses are droping also raid tokens ( Check NPC Server Info: at the starting spawn)
Thats the features till now.. give me some feedback
Custom Augmentation system! System works as retail but skills are
disabled! You cant get skills and augment colour so augment is only for
some stats increase and keep your weapon safe from PKs
Mana Potions are like mana drugs ( they heal mana over time and got 15sec reuse like mana drug potion)
Olympiad Armors added (you can participate on oly and with A grade default armors, but olympiad weapons and jewls is a must)
Now olympiad is weekly Max Gear A grade, no custom items no nothing
Olympiad Armors:
Light/heavy same stats and visually as Tallum Set
Robe same stats and visually as Dark Crystal Robe
Olympiad Armors got +25 more p.def more from normal A grades, you can also join olympiad with normal A grades but.. you cant
without olympiad weapons and jewls!

Do you feel taste of victory? If not, it means you did not start to play on L2Blaze. It is not too late, you can still sharp your sword, take a cup of tea and join!
All our new and old player enjoy our updated WarFire x150 server! Because only here you will taste real Lineage2 with professional players!
X150 WarFire server is great project for players who do not want to grind whole day and night, this why we organize a lot of EVENTS, more Events information you can find in GAME!

Festival Adenas EVENT!
We will randomly choose 5 players who donated via PayPal from October 15th and every winner will get FREE 30 Festival Adenas. More times you buy, bigger chance to win. Event end October 21th!

Vote for server in and after VOTING you will get FREE 15 Medals!!! Do not miss your chance!

VIP and Raids EVENT!
There is 50% chance that Raid Boss Nakondas, Horus, Ember or Brakki will drop VIP COIN!

Offline SHOP EVENT in Goddard!
 Leave your offline shop in Goddard and everyday till October 22th we will randomly choose one player and he will get BEWS!

Active Clans EVENT!
Clans which have 15 or more active and online players everyday will get 3 Noblesse Letters 76lvl for clan members, 10 FA for Clan Leader and 5000 Clan Reputation Points! So, create clans and take your FREE reward! We ask clans leaders to contact with our support team for reward!

Big Clans EVENT!
Clans which have 40 or more players can get FREE Clan Hall. Your clan leader have to contact with our support with clan name, leader nick and clan hall name which you want.

L2 adZone / Tired of Servers That LIE About Their Features?
« Last post by L2Equanimity on Yesterday at 01:46:05 PM »
Facebook: L2 Equanimity on Facebook
YouTube: L2 Equanimity on YouTube
Twitter: L2 Equanimity on Twitter


- We are a High Five Server! (aka High Five CT2.6)
- XP Rate: x120
- SP Rate: x120
- Party XP Rate: x2
- Adena Rate: x250
- Enchant Rate: 70%
- Blessed Rate: 75%
- Safe Enchant: +7
- Max Enchant: +20
- Buffs: 3 hours

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

- Even though our server is highly modified, our server is based off L2J, so we thank them for their hard work!

Unique and Different!:
Stuff you have never seen before. Custom Cloaks, Custom Boss Jewels, Custom Talismans, PvP Assists (Healers and support classes get prizes in PvP too). Give us 30 minutes of your time, and your likely to say we have one of the best servers you have ever seen, if not the best. We have also been told we have the most organized server they have ever seen as well. 

PvP Assists:
PvP on our server is better! Its fair to all classes. All classes can get recognition in PvP, even Healers. Anytime a player contributes to PvP they can qualify for a PvP Assist. This means healing/buffing allies can get you Assists, or debuffing or damaging targets can give you assists too. Other servers only care about DDs (Damage Dealers), we care about everyone. PvP rewards are split between the person who gets the PvP , and the person who gets the PVP Assist.

PvP Streaks:
We have PvP Streaks on our server, but again, this is not just for DDs (Damage Dealers). An Assist counts the same as a PVP. This means support classes, even healers can get in on PVP Streaks as well. PvP Streaks grant prizes such as Custom PVP Cloaks you have never seen on any other server, non tradable versions of GCM, Top 84 LS, and more!

- New Player Benefits!
New players receive adena, items, and bonuses automatically when they reach certain levels to help them out. You receive bonuses at these levels: 10, 20, 40, 52, 61, 76, 80, 81, 82, 84, and 85. These bonuses were made to for a user friendly experience for new players. Brand new characters automatically have top NG gear. NG soulshots, MP potions, healing potions, and a vitality item that are automatically on your shortcut bar for easy access.

- Achievement System
Thats right, we have an Achievement system, players can complete special tasks such as completing a quest in a certain amount of time, doing exceptionally well in our custom instances, and more. They will be rewarded with items, and achievement points for completing those tasks, to see the full achievement list come check it out in game! Achievements also unlock new weapon glows, new title/name colors, fun weapons, and cloaks! We have 36 Acheivements and we continue to add more.

- Modified Classes
Some people may be skeptical of this idea, but aren't you tired of seeing all the same classes being played, for example TH, HE, SH, Tanks, and Bishop? Well here there is a reason to play just about every class. Commonly not played classes such as Summoners, Dwarfs, BD, SwS, EE, SE have been modified with extra skills and even servitors have added stat bonuses to make them better! A complete list of modified classes and exactly what was changed for them is available in game when typing our custom command (.info). Do not worry though, but normal and modified classes are subject to nerfing if they become too strong.

- Automated TvT, CTF, DM., DMS, RB, CTP, and KOTH Events through out the day
We have alternating maps for each event, so you wont be playing at the same area all the time. We have a unique approach to Events that gets rid of spawn killing issues. Random rewards for winning! You even get a small prize if you lose. A command to join these events from anywhere! (.jointvt, .joinctf, .joindm, joinrb). Very basic buffs are available. MP and CP potions are disabled. All of these Events can be spectated by other players. We have afk prevention in Events, anyone that goes afk in an Event will be punished with our .afk command.

- Rebirth System
At Level 85 players may rebirth, to obtain new skills or to get special items.

- Vote Reward System
You will be rewarded everyday that you vote!

- Crystal Scrolls Support
Crystal Scrolls are 100% enchant rate, but only drop from Valakas and Antharas so they are extremely RARE!

- Custom Instance Zones
Our Solo Instance Zone, is a solo mini adventure that you wont see anywhere else except right here on L2 Equanimity! Expect fun and prizes and wanting to come back to do it all over again. Our Group Instance Zone Event, is for 3 to 9 people in a party,, which is also a unique L2 Equanimity feature you wont see anywhere else, and you can bring you friends along for the ride!

- Custom Spoil System
Why not utilize a great game mechanic! All of our custom Farmzones monsters have special spoils that are used as a new currency for unique items not available anyway else other then spoiling.

- Custom Talismans
Talismans DO NOT disappear on our server, also we have custom made Talismans that give effects like extra HP, CP, or M def

- Offline Shops are enabled
If you create a shop in a peace zone, then log out, your shop will stay online.

- A special command (.info) that lets you perform actions from anywhere
Players may augment from anywhere with (.info) command. Players may Add/Remove Dyes from anywhere with (.info) command. Players may see if Epic Raids & Custom Raids are Alive from anywhere with (.info) command. You may see top PvP/PK of everyone on the server from anywhere with (.info) command. You may also check many other things with this command in game like, rules, rates, server news, Farming area info, Staff info, Donations, and Modified Class Information!

- Completely Custom and unique Farmzones
All Custom Farmzones contain Custom Raid Bosses. Custom Mobs have Custom skills and even player skills (mobs can even do things like lethal you or disarm you). We have a total of 5 Custom Farmzones, one for level 50-70, one for 70-80, two for 80-85 and one group Farmzone for multiple people over 80. Each of our 5 Farmzons have a Variety of completely different mobs! For more in depth info about our Farmzones check them out in game!

- NPC Information
All our custom NPCs layouts are very organized unlike most servers! Our NPC Buffer can buff you and also buff your pets! You may create custom buff schemes! We have a extremely organized GM Shop with a wide variety of contents. Our Gm Shop is also influenced by castle owners tax rates, so that players can make money by owning an castle, and have some power over the prices. We have a Global Gatekeeper with a clean organized layout that allows you to go almost anywhere easily. Also NPC functions that allow you to De-Level, change your name and title color, give reputation points for farmed items, and even have a NPC Function that allows you to directly enchant your items from +0 to +7 (our safe enchant), but 7 enchant scrolls are still required, this is a custom feature to save you time!

- PK protection for low level Characters
We have a buff that anyone can obtain at our buffer that makes it where a player cannot be attacked by another player that is 4 or more levels higher then them, and in vice versa.

- Customization
Players have the ability to change the textures of their armor to other armors by using the .dressme command.

- Development
Our server is always getting updates, we strive to make our server the best so you will see a constant flow of updates that can be viewed in the server news window in-game, or on our websites homepage that shows our complete list of updates for each month.

Other Features
-- Territory Wars
-- Fortresses
-- Olympiad
-- Subclass Certification System
-- Subs may be leveled up to 84
-- Full Geodata
-- Hero Weapons are Enchantable!
-- Players may enchant their 3rd Profession skills
-- Special Rewards for Fishing
-- and much much more!

- Hosting Information
CPU: 2x Intel Xeon E5645 2.4 GHZ (Which is a dual processor, each processor has 6 cores for a total of 12 cores)
100 Mbps Connection
Operating System: Windows 2008 R2

If you have any questions or problems feel free to email me at or on our forums

L2 adZone / DIVINE.LT 10 / 25 !
« Last post by DeadMouse on Yesterday at 09:59:31 AM »

Hello folks  :) So in this topic you will find all general server information.

Rates :

EXP - 500
SP - 500
Adena - Custom
Item Drop - Custom


Safe Enchant = +6
Max Enchant Weapon = +25
Max Enchant Armor AND Jewels = +25
Scroll Enchant = Chance of success varied enchantment!
Blessed Enchant = 90% chance of success


CTF - Reward 5 Event Medals
TVT - Reward 5 Event Medals, and 500 clan reputation score
DM - Reward 15 Event Medals
LH - Reward 15 Event Medals


Olympiad working 100%
Castle Siege working 100%
All skills working 100%
Duel System working 100%
Hero System working 100%
.menu = Command to custom server features!
Auto Events working 100%
6 Epic Boss
3 Simple Boss
3 Rebirth Boss
1 Event Boss
Item upgrade system
Rebirth System
All class have perfect class balance and we made a system that we can edit all class without server restarts on a real time.
Free class change
Free sub class change
Color manager
Clan manager
Instant level - 80

Custom Items:
Newbie Protection - For 3 Hours
Tattos LvL 1,2,3
Dusk / Monster Shield
Unique Accessoaries


Rebirth System:
First of all you need meet NPC Lorus in Aden Castle Town.

Lorus will give you 3 quests
The Light of New Birth - 1st Book.
The Light of New Birth - 2nd Book.
The Light of New Birth - 3rd Book.

You can take all quests at the same time and there is no difference with one you complete first, but rebirth you can take only from first to the last.
There are 3 rebirth. Each rebirth will give you passive skills like: Increases 7% Run Speed, Increases ~20% Critical damage and so on.
To complete quest you need to kill one of 3 raid boss

and go back to NPC Lorus take one of free rebirth books.


Item Upgrade System:

S Grade items can be upgraded to higher level. For example "Imperial Crusader Breastplate" can be upgraded to "Imperial Crusader Breastplate {PvP}"

S Grade Weapons for example "Draconic Bow - Focus" can be upgraded to "Draconic Bow - Focus {Foundation}"

S Grade Jewelery also can be upgraded to "{PvP}"

Same system and with Tattoo's. There are 3 level's of tattoo's, "Newbie", "Gamer" and "Professional"

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Have you played L2 Destiny long time ago and you miss these times when uncustomized server were fun to play?
PvP was just awesome , Sieging has its adrenaline surge , and killing raid wasnt just a simple task?
from the creators of L2 Order VS Chaos , we glad to announce the reborn of L2 Rival !
Note : We are still considering most of the features our server is going to have, so this topic will be updated often with new features or changes to existing ones, make sure to check it from time to time!

* Exp: 15x
* SP: 15x
* Party exp: 1.5x
* Party SP: 1x
* Adena: 30x (changing based on player's level)
* Drop: 10x
* Spoil: 15x
* Raid: 7x
* Manor: 7x
* Pet exp: 25x
* Quest: 1x (handled manually for each quest)

* Champion monsters enabled
* Buff duration 80 minutes
* Buff slots 20 + 4
* Retail noble quest
* Free subclass
* 10 seconds spawn protection
* Increased private store slots
* Increased inventory slots
* Increased crafting slots
* Weight limit x4
* Deep blue monsters rule disabled
* Dropping items on ground disabled
* Enchant rates 66%
* Safe enchant +3 (+4 for full body armors)
* Max enchant +16
* Augment skill chances decreased
* Auto learn skills (excluding divine inspiration)
* Auto loot (excluding raid bosses and herbs)
* Only HP/MP herbs are enabled
* Akumu commerical geodata
* Offline shops
* Mana potions (not useable during PvP)
* New players start with top no-grade equipment
* Unstuck 20seconds
* PvP/PK announce with locations
* 3 Castles active for more competition
* Special cancel system (buffs return after 5 seconds)

* AIO Scheme Buffer NPC (all buffs except cat/pony)
* Augmenter
* Skill enchanter
* Deleveler
* GM shop until C-Grade
* Global Gatekeeper
* Class changer (free 1st/2nd class change, 3rd cost 10kk)
* Mammons in town

* Daily cemption period is 4 hours
* Cycle: 2 weeks
* Rewards reduced by half
* Class-based matches disabled
* Minimum players needed to start a match: 5
* Time left announcement when player logs in

* TvT
* DM
* Zombies VS Humans
* Mutants VS Humans
* Treasure Hunt
* Lucky Chests
* Russian Roulette
* Battlefield
* Bomb Fight
* Domination
* Korean TvT
* Raid in the middle
* Simon Says
* When a golem attacks
* Global vote reward system
* Personal vote reward system
* Achievements
L2 adZone / Lineage 2 Impulse / IS LIVE / BEST CHOICE FOR PVP
« Last post by L2Styx on Yesterday at 07:35:42 AM »
Check this server is realy amazing need only people.
Stable - No Lag - DDOS Protected
Website :
Server Rates
XP Rates: x5000
SP Rates: x5000
Enchant Rates
Safe Enchant: +5
Max Enchant: +16
Normal Enchant: 75%
Blessed Enchant: 95%(In gm shop with Farm Items)
Crystal Enchant: 80%(Drop from custom RB and in gm shop with Vote Items)
Features & Customs
Auto-Learn Skills
Balanced Classes
Wedding System
Clan Hall System
No Clan Penalty
Castle Siege System
No Weight Penalty
No Grade Penalty
New character start with : 500kk adena
Sub-Class Without Quest
Hero System
Duel System
Balanced classes
Max Subclasses 10
Geodata, fully workingarrow-10x10.png
Npc Buffer: (9H buff time)50 Buff slotsarrow-10x10.png
D.Buff Sheald
PvP Informationarrow-10x10.png
PK Informationarrow-10x10.png
Top PK Announce Login
Top PVP Announce Login
Hero Announce Login
Raid Boss Announce
Global Chatarrow-10x10.png: 500 PvP
Trade Chat: 100 PvP
PvP Rewardarrow-10x10.png: 1 PvP Items
Augmentation System
All Noblesse Skills
All Hero Skills
All Augmentation Skills
All Raid Bosses
Fully DDoS Protection
Main Town in Giran
Custom Start Zone
Retail-Like Enchant Skills System
C4 / C5 / Interlude Skills
Interlude Skills 99% Working
All C4 / C5 / Interlude Monsters
All C4 / C5 / Interlude Locations
Auto Flag in PvP Zone
Auto Flag in Boss Zone
Custom Coins:
* Event Medals Rewardarrow-10x10.png
* Farm Coins Rewardarrow-10x10.png
* Vote Medals Rewardarrow-10x10.png
* Nobblesse Coin
* Hero Coin
* Recoments Coin
* Clan Coin
* Clan Items
Extra Edits:
* Absolute Tattoo - 10% HP
* Quake / Killing Spree System
Custom Npc's:
* Custom Buffer
* Global Gatekeeper
* GM Shop
* Class Managerarrow-10x10.png
* Weding Managerarrow-10x10.png
* Top Players List NPC Info
* About Server NPC Info * NPC Vote Rewardarrow-10x10.png Manager
* Siege Manager
* Skill Enchanter
* Boss Manager
* Custom Augumenter
* Siege Manager
* Skill Enchanter
* Symbol Maker
* Clan Manager
* Clan Hall Manager
* Whare House
* Password Manager
* Vote Manager
Server Custom Command's:
* .online
* .menu
* .repair
Custom Zones:
* Custom Farm Zones x5
* Custom PvP Zone x1
* Custom Boss Zone x6
Grand Olympiad:
* Olympiad System: Every Week
* Olympiad start 20:00
* Olympiad end 00:00
Hosting & Designing / Re: Host Pandas | Suited Pandas | Quality Hosts
« Last post by HostPandas on Yesterday at 06:42:41 AM »
Special prices on our domain names from 3,99/ Per Year.
.Eu - 3,99€/Per Year.
.Biz 3.99€/Per Year.
.Co 5.99€/Per Year.
.Me 4.99€/Per Year.
.In 3.99€/Per Year.
.Pw 3.99€/Per Year.
.Us 3.99€/Per Year.
Buy Your Own Domain Name NOW :
L2Trick Best Custom Interlude PvP
Grand Opening Today 24.10.14 | Time 19:00 GMT +2

- Chronicle - Interlude
- XP: x5000
- SP: x5000
- PartyXp: x1
- PartySp: x1
Custom Items:

- Dynasty Weapons
- Dynasty Armors
- Custom Tattoo
Enchant Rates:

- Safe Enchant +3
- Weapon Max Enchant: +10 - With Crystal +16
- Armor Max Enchant: +10 - With Crystal +16
- Jewels Max Enchant: +10 - With Crystal +16
Augmentations Rates:

- *Stuck Augment Skills*

- Mid Grade Life Stone 8%
- High Grade Life Stone 15%
- Top Grade Life Stone 20%
Custom Voice Commands:

- .online
- .panel
- .control

Website :
Topic :
« Last post by JacobX on October 23, 2014, 07:00:57 PM »
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