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L2 adZone / ///[High Five] Good Server L2SoE\\\
« Last post by seedofextermination on Today at 06:12:34 AM »
Lineage 2 Seed Of Extermination is a place where players can find a fascinating Server with only some special adaptations. It is designed for those who like to play this exciting MMORPG.

Added Clan Quest Items For Level 4 and 5

Website in Spanish:
Website in English:
Forum [ES & EN]:
FaceBook [ES & EN]:

Join Now!!!...

Rate EXP: x20. Rate SP: x20
Rate Party EXP: x30. Rate Party SP: x30
Party System Method: Type H5
Rate Drop Items: x20. Rate Drop Spoil: x20
Rate Drop Adena: x20
Rate Quest Reward XP: x10. Rate Quest Reward SP: x10
Rate Quest Reward: x5
Rate Quest Reward Potion: x5
Rate Quest Reward Scroll: x5
Rate Quest Reward Recipe: x5
Rate Quest Reward Material: x5
Rate Quest Drop: x10
Rate Quest Reward Adena: x10
Rate Raid Boss Drop Items: x5. Rate Grand Raid Boss Jewelry: x1
Rate Drop Manor: x5
Rate Pet XP: x5. Rate Sin Eater XP: x5. Rate Pet Food: x1
Rate Hellbound Trust Increase: x10. Rate Hellbound Trust Decrease: x10

Max Buff Amount: 24 (+ 4 with Divine Inspiration)
Max Dance Amount: 12. Max Chants Amount: 12
Duration of Buffs, Dances, Chants, Improved's and Party buffs: 1 hour
Safe Enchant Armor: +3, Safe Enchant (Full Armor): +4 Max Armor Enchant: +25
Safe Weapon Enchant: +3 Max Weapon Enchant: +25
Enchant Chance: 66,66%
Element Stone Chance: 50%. Element Stone Crystal Chance: 30%
Element Jewel Chance: 20%. Element Energy Chance: 10%
Auto Drop Loop for mobs: Enable. Auto Drop Loop for Raids: Disabled
Class Changes Automatic by Adena (at reach the necessary level) or doing Quest
Player's Spawn Protection: 60 seconds
Max Run Speed: 300 (Retail). Max PCrit Rate: 500 (Retail)
Max MCrit Rate: 200 (Retail). Max PAtk Speed: 1500 (Retail)
Max MAtk Speed: 1999 (Retail). Max Evasion: 250 (Retail)
Max Subclass: 3 (Retail). Max Subclass Level: 80 (Retail)
Subclass Without Quest Enabled
Subclass Change at any Village Master Not Enabled (Retail)
Subclass Certification Working Properly
Vitality System: Enabled
Automatic Learning Skills Enabled. Forgotten Skills and Divine Inspiration Not Enabled (Retail)
Delevel decrease skills level also!
OverWeight Limit: x3 (1x Retail). HP/MP/CP Multiplier: 1x (Retail)
Recipes Dwarf and Common limit: 50 (Retail)
Inventory Slots: 160 all players, Dwarves 200 Warehouse Slots: 200 all players, Dwarves 240
Shift + Click: Enable. Alt + Click: Enable
Giran Luxury with Armors, Weapons and Jewelry till A-Grade
Prime Shop: Available. Premium Services: Available
Initial Equipment when you create Character: Enabled
AntiBot System: Available. SubClass AntiCheat System: Available
Offline Trade: 10 days (Invulnerable). Offline Craft: 10 days (Invulnerable)
Mana Potion: 500 MP (Reuse Delay 0,5sec)
Class Balance: Available
Wedding System: Allowed Same Sex. Wedding Price: 250kk (Retail)
Party Matching Button

All Quests of High Five Part 5 Working
PC-Café Points (PC Bang Points) Working
All Seven Signs Series Quests
A.I. for Dragon Valley and Lair Of Antharas
Working New Zones and Areas up to Hi5
New Skills of High Five. New Items of High Five
EXP & SP Runes Working
Olympiad Quests Working
H5 Treasure Chests Working
Nevit's Blessing & Hunting Bonus Working
All GrandBosses of H5 Working

Hellbound Working up to Lvl 11
Freya Kegor Quest. Freya Meeting Quest. Freya Easy and Extreme Version. Freya Jinia Quest
Zaken Day 60 (daytime). Zaken Day 83 (daytime). Zaken Night (nightmare)
Imperial Tomb Full Quest (Frintezza)
Erosion Hall Attack. Erosion Hall Defence
Heart Infinity Attack (Ekimus). Heart Infinity Defence (Ekimus)
Suffering Hall Attack. Suffering Hall Defence
Secret Area
Seed of Destruction (Tiat & Fortress)
Crystal Caverns
Dark Cloud Mansion
Hellbound Town
Tower of Infinitum
Tower of Naia (Epidos)
Tully Workshop (Tully, Darion)
Beleth Chamber
Chamber of Delusion East. Chamber of Delusion North
Chamber of Delusion South. Chamber of Delusion West
Chamber of Delusion Square. Chamber of Delusion Tower
Nornils Garden
Pailaka 1st. Pailaka 2nd. Pailaka 3rd
All Seven Signs instances for Quests
Full Plains of Lizardmen with Seer Ugoros
Monastery of Silence
Swamp of Scream
Beast Farm
Sel Mahum Training Grouds
Bosses of Destruction
Isle of Player Working
Dragon Valley with buffs
Working Antharas Lair
New Instances and Dungeons Working (SoD, SoI, SoA, CoD, IT, CC, ToI...etc)
EasyChampions from level 15 to level 75. HardChampions from level 15 to level 75
Boosted Rates Feature Available. Protection Anti Over-Enchant Available
Protect Game Features Antibot System (captcha code), Subclass Restriction, Our Own protect System, Bot Report System with Punishments

Normal Buffer with schemas: Available
Gm Shop till A-Grade + Soul, Spirit and BlessedSpirit Shoots all grades
Gatekeeper Global: Available
Archievements Manager: Available
Event Manager: Available
VoteReward NPC: Select 3 or 4 possible Rewards

Olympiad Start: 18:00 (Retail)
Olympiad Ends: 24:00 (Retail)
Hero Changes: Every 15 days
Olympiad Classed Min Players: 11
Olympiad Non-Classed Min Players: 11
DualBox in Olympiad: Not's permitted

Gift of Vitality: Enabled
Heavy Medal: Enabled
The Valentine Event: Enabled
Freya Celebration Event: Enabled
Master of Enchanting: Enabled
Love Your Gatekeeper: Available from 20-01 until 27-01
Archievements: Enabled
Elpys Event: Enabled
Rabbit Event: Enabled
Race Event: Enabled
Level Up Reward Event: Enabled
April Fools: Available from 01-04 until 07-04
Christmas Is Here: Available from 01-12 until 31-12
Saving Santa: Available from 01-12 until 31-12
Hallowed You: Available from 01-11 until 30-11
Holly Cow: Available from 01-03 until 28-03
L2 Day: Available from 01-05 until 30-05
Ninja Adventures: Available from 08-09 until 28-09
School Days: Available from 01-06 until 30-06
Squash: Available from 01-10 until 28-10
Super Star: Available from 01-09 until 26-09
Trick or Transmutation: Available from 01-07 until 30-07
Town War: Enabled
Event Engine Team vs Team: Enabled
Event Engine Death Match: Enabled
Event Engine Last Man Standing: Enabled
Event Engine Capture The Flag: Enabled
Event Engine Domination: Enabled
Event Engine Bomb Fight: Enabled
Event Engine VIP Team Vs. Team: Enabled
Event Engine Lucky Chests: Enabled
Event Engine Zombie: Enabled
Event Engine Simon Says: Enabled
Event Engine Double Domination: Enabled
Event Engine Russian Roulette: Enabled
Event Engine Mutant: Enabled
Event Engine Battlefield: Enabled
Event Engine Team vs Team: Enabled
12 listing Help / problem add server
« Last post by spot88 on Today at 05:51:08 AM »
i use ip login server and ip game server  and Login IP is not in database / Game server IP is not in database error
what need ?
L2 adZone / Re: [L2J]Keos Custom PvP ONLINE!
« Last post by Freaka on Today at 05:43:07 AM »
About or project and the Openning!

Server Grand Open: 21.03.14 at 18:00 GMT+2
Client Server: Interlude c6
Rates: 1200x Custom PvP Server

Chronicle: Interlude c6
Opening Date: 21.03.14 at 18:00 (GMT+2)
Open Beta Testing: Start day 18 of march and finish 21 of march!

Experience : x1200
Skill Points: x1200
Adena: x15
Drop: x5
Spoil: x5
Quest Drop: x1-x3
Quest Reward: x1
Rate Extract Fish: x5
Manor: x5
Weight: x5

Startup system
Starting level: 1
Starting adena: 1kk

Basic Features
S-Grade items for Adena.
Custom items for Keos Coin, Keos Coin obtainable in custom zones.
Auto Loot: Enabled
Auto Loot Raid: Disabled
Auto Learn Skills: Enabled
Weight Limit: Disabled
Grade penalty: Enabled
Max Subclasses: 3 subclasses per character
Subclass Without Quest: Enabled
Increased movement speed on all classes and pets!
Augument High Rate : 20%
Augument Top Rate : 25%

Enchant Rates
Safe Enchant: 4
Max Enchant: 25
Normal Scrolls Rate: 55%
Blessed Scrolls Rate: 100%
Crystal Scrolls 100%
Note: From 20 to 25 you can enchant only with Crystal scrolls.
Cryscal scrolls can be obtained only from vote rewarder npc called RAUL in Giran

Buff & Mana Potion
No Buff Slot Limits
Debuff Slot: 3
Buff Time: about 2 hours
Mana Potion: 2s/delay

Low lvl Protectors
All the low lvl zones up to lvl 60 are protected by our low lvl zone guards.
These guards kill red players in order to give new and low lvl players a fair chance to train up to a decent lvl.

Noblesse System
You need to kill Anays Raid from Gatekeeper and collect Noblesse Coin For become nobles or collect 3 VoteCoin and Use Nobless Mannager NPC.


Our Game Master will make Events with great Reward minim 3days in the week.

Additional Information
Stackable enchant scrools, life stones, secret book of giants (Enchant scrolls, life stones, book of giants take 1 slot in inventory like in higher chronicles).
Bow is dissabled for Tanks, Titans, Tyrants.
No Heal and Buffs at Monsters and Raids.
Anti-Farm Protection for PvP(You don't get PvP points from Same IP).
Unique killing spree system.
Raid Boss announce.
Player spawn protection - 30 seconds
/unstuck - 15 seconds
Offline shop [add your shop and exit]
Offline Trade: Max 5 days
PVP Name Color Changes/PK Title Color Changes.
Player which have done the most damage to the monster will get the drop.

Fully working
Shift-click Mobs and view their Droplist.
Champion mobs system
Anti Heavy system
Retail Olympiad - One week period
Giran Siege system
Clan system
Offline Shop system

Additional player commands
/deposit - You can change 100kk Adena to Gold Coin.
/withdraw - You can change Gold Coin to 100kk Adena.
.menu - Personal character menu. - Image Preview
/getstats - Show your day stats [PVP, PK, DEATHS].
/time - Show server time.
/help - Show all voiced commands.

Custom Armor ( Ethernal Armor )
Custom Weapons ( Valakas Weapon's )
Custom Hats's ( Droped by Raid's with 30% Chance )

Custom NPCs
Custom Shop
Custom Scheme Bufer

Custom nobblesse NPC
Custom event NPC

Epic Bosses
Skylancer: 4hours/ Random + - 6 hour
Sailren: 4hours/ Random + - 6 hour
Lilith Ant: 4hours/ Random + - 6 hour
Anays Noblesse: 4hours/ Random + - 6 hour

Procesor Intel Xeon E3-1245
2x 1TB SATA 7200rpm
2x 120GB SSD

WebSite : WwW.L2Keos.Com
Forum :
FaceBook :
u have any kind of forum? to join people and make Applications? or its a randomly clan..

its not a clan , is a constant party we are full now .. we dont recruit ppl sorry :/

L2Packs & Files / [WTS] Interlude Custom Pack
« Last post by CorruptedEmperor on Today at 03:42:55 AM »
Xp: 4000x
Sp: 4000x
Party Xp = 1.5x
Party Sp = 1.5x
Adena: 4000x
Karma Drop Rate: 20%
Safe Enchant: +5
Max Enchant: +25
Normal Enchant Scroll: 90-85-80%
Crystal Enchant Scroll: 85-80-75%
Blessed Enchant Scroll: 100-95-90%
after +19 the rate is decreased
Life-Stone Skill Chance: 1%
Mid Life-Stone Skill Chance: 3%
High Life-Stone Skill Chance: 5%
Top Life-Stone Skill Chance: 7%
You can have only one passive or active skill
Augmented items are tradeable
Castle & Clan Hall:
Castle Sieges: Every Friday (16:00, 18:00)
Only Giran and Aden Castle
Allow Teleport To Siege Town
Siege Length: 2hours
Maximum Attackers: 20
Maximum Defenders: 2
Only the Clan Halls located in Giran are working
Olympiad Period: 1 week
18:00 - 24:00 (GMT+2)
Classed Participants: 5
Non-Classed Participants: 9
Dual Box: Disabled
Without Custom Items
Oly shows Points & Matches that you have played
Custom Oly Shop (with Gate Pass)
3 times hero in row: hero skills in ur subs
General Info:
Auto Loot
Auto Learn Skills
Unlimited Weight
Subclass without Quest (Max  8)
Maximum number of buffs: 40+4
Maximum number of Debuffs: 4
Only 2 Clans are allowed for each Ally
10 Members are needed for Clan War
Clan Penalty: Disabled
Death Penalty: Disabled
Grade Penalty: Disabled
Drop Items on the ground: Disabled
Inventory Space: 150
unstuck time: 20 second
Spawn Protection: 10 second
Geodata & Pathnode
Custom Info:
Killing Spree System
Announce castle lords on enter game
Announce GM's on enter game
Announce Raid Bosses spawn
Raid Bosses Respawn time 12h - 24h
Grand Bosses for RB Jewels drops
Raid Bosses for Clan items drops
Trade, Global, Hero chat with PvP's
PvP Colour Name & Title & Skills
Heal Monsters, Raid Bosses: Disabled
After 10 Pk you may drop up up 3Items
Vote Reward System hopzone and topzone
Aio System
Donate System
All Subclasses are in one NPC
Clan Reputation Item
Hero, Noble Item
Heroic Aura: 20 PvP in a row
Hero until restart: 45 PvP in a row
Scrolls, Bogs, Lifestones: Stuckable
Rebith System
Custom Items
Shops That you can Try our C.items
.deposit .withdraw command
.repair command
.tvtjoin .tvtleave .tvtinfo .ctfjoin .ctfleave .ctfinfo .dmjoin .dmleave .dminfo
SS/BSS consume is disabled
Private store system is with gold. not with adena.
System that tells you how many times u have killed or have been killed by x player.
Champion mobs
Antibuff Protection
Grand Bosses respawning time 2 with 4 days
Shift+Click html droplist
Shows 1-10% , 10-30%, 30-50%, 50-70% and 70-100% item rate drops
Dress up Stores Added (You can try Custom Items)
Bug Report NPC
NPC Clan Crest
PvP Colour name, title, skills now at 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 4000, 4500, 5000
50 Pvp for Trade Chat, 1000 Pvp for Global Chat, 5000 Pvp for Hero Chat (All chats have reuse)
Team VS Team (Automatic)
Capture the Flag (Automatic)
Death Match (Automatic)
Dual Box: Disabled
Top killer in TvT will not be rewarded with extra items. Jut his name in announce.(TvT)
If the TvT goes in tie both item will be rewarded.
The loser team will take a symbolic reward too
Players with 0 kills take nothing!
Every time that you score for your team you will be rewarded (CTF)
If the CTF goes in tie both item will be rewarded.
Loser team will take a symbolic reward too
Custom Changes:
You can see trade chat only in a region. example if u write from giran only the players that are in giran
"Private Store is based on Beleth's Gold Dragon"
Increased hex & power break chance
Pixy Guard makes Medusa for 30sec
Added War Cry in SWS
Rework on Dance of Protection (200pDef & mDef)
Rework on Song of Life (20% regHp & 10% maxHp)
Rework on Debuffs (Debuffs skills reuse is now bigger, have better chances to work & the time of the debuffs is now smaller)
Rework on Seeds (Fire,Water,Wind)
Rework on Skills that require Seeds (Aura Symphony, Inferno, Blizzard, Demon Wind, Elemental Assault, Elemental Symphony, Elemental Storm)
Rework on Aura Flash (Bigger reuse, bigger dmg & has bluffs effect)
Rework on Pets (Soultaker now can summon a his pets without killing a mob & pets reuse time now is bigger )
Added 2 new skills on Summoner Classes (Chameleon's Farm & Frenzied Servitor)
Added "Stand Bomb, Battle Roar, Dash, War Cry" on Dwarfs
Added "Dash" on Worload
Spectral Dancer & Sword Muse cant wear anymore Heavy Armor
Added "Rage, Triple Slash, Dodge" on Spectral Dancer
Added "Sonic Blaster, Armor Crush, Dodge" on Sword Muse
Added "Blessed Soul" in all classes except the Healer classes (Auto remove this skill in oly)
Rework Bishop Class (Mana consume is now bigger)
Solar Flare have now 200 range plus but a little decrease in reuse
Serenade of Eva does mass bluff & also has 150 power
Rework on poisons
Rework on "Poison Blade Dance" (High poison & also can Silence the enemy's)
Rework on "Sword Symphony" (Now decreases enemy's pDef & mDef)
Rework on "Warth" (Now decreases enemy's resistance to pole by 17 % for 10 sec)
Rework on "Ultimate Defense" (Lower pDef & mDef but you can move)
Rework Buffs (Pets & Char buffs)
Added reuse time in potions
Most of skills have been modified (reuse time, dmg, time)
Custom items:
Unique , Epic , Relic weapons (relic weapons have custom glows and skills that u never have seen in other server :) )
Unique, Epic, Relic armors
Nightmare tattoo relic
Herbs Custom
Custom items to join in Grand bosses Lairs
Clan Reuptation item
Noblesse Item
Hero Item
Custom farming coins
Farming Zones:
Giran Harbor safe farm zone (for unique items)
Archaic Labratory (for unique items)
Pagan Temple (for epic & relic items)
Cave of Trials (for epic & relic items)
Primeval Isle (Drops bogs, ls, blesseds with low rate)
Symbol Maker
Pvp Pk ranking Manager
Augmenter / Skill enchanter
Server Info Npc
Password Changer
Bug Reporter
Shops that you can try custom items (3 npcs)
Bosses Live Npc

FOR RPEVIEWS/TESTS/PRICES add me at skype xrhstos.vagenas

A few words about us! : Well, alright, let's start from a basic thing.. we've all been players once.. we all wanted to enjoy our gaming. Been in many dificult servers & easy servers. What we've just done here? We've made a simple and easy server to enjoy  PvP with other players, to conquer. and to feel how easy is to rule! All you have to do in this server is to enjoy! we've made something very simple, but enjoyfull. our basic target was Balance and bugs, there are no bugs in our server, and we've got great balance, so players won't bitch for any character! Why we didn't wanted to add customs? Customs, good looking items, but very messable.. They can mess your balance, and you're losing the taste of Original lineage 2! You may be looking for this server... So? what you've got to lose? Join us and have fun! we're doing our best for you guys!

L2 Posidon Features


Server Rates
EXP: 5000
SP: 5000
ADENA: 2000
Enchant Rates
SAFE : 6
Basic Features
Fully Balanced Classes
Fully Working Skills
No Custom Shits
Auto Learn of Skills
Fully Working Olympiad
Easy Farm
GM Shop
Skill Enchanter
Clan Manager
Classes Trader
Password Changer
Top 10's
Rebirth Manager
Karma Police


FORUMS: Coming Soon - Grand Opening Date!


*** You don't like the features? just don't join or don't even click anything.
L2Packs & Files / Re: [WTS] L2j Freya pack with event engine
« Last post by solniak on Today at 01:47:02 AM »
Trusted seller good pack
L2 adZone / Lineage 2 Aura [OFF] Int. x5 - 18/4/2014-
« Last post by azazel on Today at 01:40:58 AM »

This Project is a brand new low rate Lineage II Interlude [OFF] server that simulates a game environment similar to the game Lineage II
This server was prepared carefully, based on several years of research and experience with Lineage II, in order to provide an incredible experience that you will never have on any other server.

Server features

L][Aura in a nutt shell:
- 5x XP/SP/Adena
- Retail like gaming experience
- Dual Box
- Anti DDos protection

Everything works and you may not compare us with others, there is no other server like us.
My main goal is to deliver a balanced low rate server that will cater to your needs.
I vouch that we will ensure a stable, uninterrupted, fun and fair gaming experience.

Join us now and get ready for an epic adventure!
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