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Grand Reopning: 1-March-2015 at 17.00 GMT +2

>>>Clan reward, clan level 8 and 20.000 Rep points, Sign up now!<<<

Are you tired of the same old thing over and over again? Give us a try you won't be disappointed.

We are powered by Acis. A Rock Solid Interlude java emulator, which offers you only the best gameplay.

Rates: XP 75x / SP 75x / Adena 75x / Spoil 5x / Drops 5x / Quest 7x.

Special Zones:
Talking Island / Land of Giants - Party Zone.
The Four Sepulchers - Solo Zone (Medium).  - *NEW*
Elven Fortress - level 76+ / Main Solo Farming (Easy).
Alligator Beach - level 74+.
Elven Forest / Starting zone (Top No Grade gear, at start) up to level 74 - Really Fast LVL / No PK zone.

Special Zone Features:
Custom Drop.
Fun farming & really fast lvl.
Custom Raid Bosses (Wealthy Rewards), 24h Respawn time.
Drop & Spoil Enchant S grade.
Bronze / Silver / Gold Coin Drop.
S grade Weapon, Armor and Jewelry custom Blades & Parts (drop & spoil).
Elven Fortress - S Grade Enchants (drop & spoil).
Boosted Adena.
Wealthy drop reward.
You can play without a spoiler, just it would be quicker.

Talking Island - Land of Giants: - *UNIQUE*
Complete makeover.
Party zone / No safe zones.
Drop & Spoil Blessed S Grade enchant.
Drop & Spoil Normal S Grade enchant.
Topgrade Lifestone Drop & Spoil.
Crystals of Giants Drop & Spoil.
Custom S Grade farming system & C/S/G coins drop.
Codex of Giants Drop & Spoil (low chance).
Custom Raid Boss - Obelisk of Victory.
Talking Island Village - Demon Raid Boss (No safe zone).

Custom Features:
Fun & Easy Special S grade farming system.
Bronze / Silver / Gold Coins.
GMShop & Blacksmith up to S Grade.
Scheme NPC buffer - All buffs / Pet buffer / all buffs 2h duration.
Class Manager (1st, 2nd, 3rd) - Nobless quest items (Caradine).
Free Subclass.
Global Gatekeeper.
Barakiel 4h Respawn - Level 80.
Balanced economy.
Valakas / Baium / Antharas quest items in GMShop.

Custom Items:
Custom Tattoo's (Balanced) - *UNIQUE*.
Forgotten Scrolls (Buff Scrolls) -*UNIQUE*.
Farming items: Custom S grade blades, fragments, parts, coins, crystals, liquids, etc,... -*UNIQUE*
No custom Weapons, a custom Armor may be added later on after opening.
Major Arcana Robe Set improved(balanced)

Custom Tattos *UNIQUE*

Forgotten Scrolls *UNIQUE*

S Grade Farming System: - *UNIQUE*
Fun & Fast & Easy.
Exchange blades / fragments / parts at the Blacksmith.
Special Zone Specific farming system.
S Grade Enchants drop & spoil inside Custom Zones (Normal & Blessed).

Epic Bosses:
Costum Spawn time, listed on Global GK.
All Grand Bosses are level 80 with 100% drop chance / No useless drops.
All Grand Boss jewelry is S grade.

Other Features:
20 +4 in total 24 Buff slots.
Spawn protection.
No clan penalty.
Autolearn skills.
Clan Hall weekly fee 500kk adena.
100% working Interlude & Geodata.
Balanced Gameplay.

Enchant Rate:
Safe Enchant +4.
Max Weapon +16.
Max Armor +10.
Normal enchant rate 50%.
Blessed enchant rate 55%.

Offline Shops & Vote Reward:
Offline Shops Simply create a shop and logout, up to 10 days.
Automated vote reward system, wealthy prizes.
L2 adZone / [L2OFF] L2TheGold Interlude x90 400++ online
« Last post by on Today at 07:11:26 AM »

The Best PvP/PVE Server with the most Balanced Classes that you ever Seen before!
Chronicle: Interlude
L2TheGold will be a Lineage II: Interlude server. It will be 85% similar to the old Gold Server. We will remove/tweak features we think are poorly thought of and add features to make it a pleasant server to play on.

If you need something fresh and ORIGINAL game play TheGold is here
This page explains about the basic L2TheGold features and gives some information for the people who are not really familiar with C6.
Rates: xp 90x / sp 90x / adena 90x (all adena is divided by 100/all shops prices too).
Server: Full Official C6 server (retail server) with custom modifications.
Gameplay: No weight limit, Buffs 1 hour, rebirth, Subclass, No class change quests, increased movement speed on all classes.

Globally increased c.speed / a.speed
Full clan system
24 Buff slots
10 Debuff slots
Statisically improved Hero Weapons
Augmentations System
Offline shop[/size]

L2 adZone / [L2OFF] Refresh 06.03.2015
« Last post by refreshlineage on Today at 04:51:26 AM »

L2OFF Interlude PvP setup wich guarantees an unique pvp experience.

Official Grand Opening
(06.03.2015 19:00 GMT +1)

- Level 40-79: 250x
- Level 79-80: 75x
- Adena: 100x
- Party Exp: x2
- Weapons Enchant Rate: 70% (lowering by 4% after each enchant)
- Armors Enchant Rate: 60%(lowering by 4% after each enchant)
- Max Weapon Enchant: +16
- Max Armor Enchant: +12
- Auto-Learn Skills
- Main Town: Aden Castle Town
- SoE skill on every character wich leads to Main Town

New Characters
Every newly created character starts at lvl 40 with the following items in his inventory:
- C-grade armor/weapon/jewel coupon that can be exchanged for gear at our Npc's
- 50x Hp/Mp pots / 1x Infinity C-grade Shot
- A mask that gives passive nobless for 3h

- All 2nd and most 3rd class buffs to be 2H in NPC Buffer
- Scheme buffs
- Player self buffs to remain completly retail, untouched time duration
- Cat and Pony buffs to be left retail
- Cancel buff removes 1-5 random buffs for 10 seconds
- The Npc Buffers are set in all towns

- Global Gatekeeper - that contains only the most needed locations
- Misc Shop - with all needed consumables
- Armor Shop - where you can buy C B A S armors/jewelery
- Weapon Shop where you can buy C B A S weapons
- Delevel Npc - where you can delevel if you wish
- Symbol Maker - where you can draw dyes
- Warehouse Manager - where you can deposit/withdraw your items
- Class Manager - where you can change 1st, 2nd and 3rd class by a certain itembr> - Sell Npc - where you can sell and get rid of useless materials
- Black Judge Npc - where you can do your PK quest
- Donation Npc - where you can purchase services and goods
- Npc Buffer, Global Gatekeeper and Warehouse are set in all clan halls
- Augment Npc - where you can augment your weapons
- Etc Shop - where you can trade raid tokens and pvp coins for items/goods, also you can purchase accesories
- RB Status Npc - where you can see the status of the raid bosses
- Pvp & Pk Status Npc - where you can see the pvp/pk ranking list

New systems
- Infinity shots to reduce SS lag
- Day and Night system, boosted drops on in-game night time by 50%
- Toogle skill that prevents grief buffing
+ Certain exceptions : pony / cat / avatar / noble / ol m def / ol p def / ol ww / prayer /valor
- VIP system on 3 levels : LvL 1 Vip Rune : 50% boosted exp/drops/adena etc , LvL 2 Vip Rune : 75% boosted stats , LvL 3 Vip Rune : 100% boost
- Empower potion
- Remote buff coin system, a special coin where you can buff yourself without a npc also includes resist buffs ( no hp restore )
- Special functions : .menu with special functions and .goldbar buy/sell command
- Special mobs near Floran to remove pk's
- Rebirth Certification system, you will rebirth at level 40 with a rebirth list and a rebirth book which allows you to learn the certificate skills

- Available Siegeble Castles : Aden / Giran
- Crown of Lord gives special stats
- Normal User Crown gives extra stats
- Every castle is being sieged every week

Heroes and Olympiad
- Hero skills will be : Miracle / Berserker + Valor
- A New skill to summon Hero Potions
- Hero weapons will be equal to +8 S grade weapons
- Olympiad Town : Talking Island
- Olympiad cycle is 10 days

- First, Second and Third class are obtained from our Class Manager in the Main Town and are all free
- Subclass status is free
- Noblesse can be bought by 3x Gold Stacks or it can be obtained by obtaining the retail quest directly to VOS jewels part + Barakiel

- All skills are set on "autolearn" untill and including level 79
- All skills from level 80 will require spellbooks in order to get your fusion skills
- All 80 level spellbooks can be found by hunting the raids aswell by hunting in the Party Zone
- All 80 level fusion skills can be used without forces
- All characters buffs are retail - duration wise

- TvT with 1x Event Token as reward

Epic Raids
- Queen Ant and Zaken boosted to level 80
+ All mobs from the close vecinity are removed
+ Queen Ant Ring is S-grade
- Core and Orfen are boosted to level 80
+ Almost all mobs from the close vecinity are removed
+ Core and Orfen are S-grade
+ Core Ring and Orfen Earring will be slightly boosted to be worth fighting for
- Baium / Valakas / Antharas / Frintezza / Queen Ant / Zaken
+ Will have the same defensive and offensive stats, the same goes for HP
+ Valakas, Antharas and Frintezza have the fear skills disabled, also nerfed HP
+ Frintezza Necklace is S-grade
- Spawn window for all the epics is 1 Hour
- All epics are set under PVP zone
- All epics are set under PVP zone
- When you hit an Epic Raid your name becomes purple

- Raids from Ketra and Varka have custom drops, also giving 2500 CRP - respawn 12 hours -/+ 30 minutes
- 3 new raids in farm areas, are under PVP zone with boosted drops, also giving 1000 CRP - respawn 2 hours -/+ 60 minutes
- Retail Barakiel PvP Zone with the respawn of 3h -/+ 60 minutes

Leveling Zones
- Death Pass -> 40-47 Level Zone
- The Cemetery -> 40-50 Level Zone
- Cruma Tower 2nd Floor -> 46-50 Level Zone
- Dragon Valley -> 46-52 Level Zone
- Forbidden Gateway -> 50-56 Level Zone
- Dragon Valey Cave -> 56+ Level Zone
- Wall of Argos -> 61+ Level Zone
- Valey of Saints - Middle -> 61+ Level Zone
- Blazing Swamp -> 61-70 Level Zone
- Ketra Orc Outpost -> 70+ Level Zone
- Varka Silenos Outpost -> 70+ Level Zone
- Hot Springs -> 70+ Level Zone
- Dragon Valey Cave - Middle -> 72+ Level Zone
- Monastary of Silence -> 76+ Level Zone

Farming Zone
- Pagan temple fully reworked
- Solo and party farming area in one spot
- The deeper you go, the harder the mobs

- Server restart takes a few seconds
- Towns and useless NPC's are removed
- Some misc items will have a new look

We have plenty of incoming updates for you wich will guarantee a never ending gameplay.

Join our community and stay up to date !

Join with your Clan/CP and get rewarded
Every Clan/CP wich will join L2Refresh gets rewarded.
For more information on this, please check out the event topic inside our forum.

L2Packs & Files / Re: [WTS]L2J H5 compiled pack+geodata+source
« Last post by maximus303 on Today at 12:52:59 AM »
L2 adZone / [H5 Faction] Niden - Heaven vs Inferno! (Starts on March 7th
« Last post by sangas on Yesterday at 07:01:15 PM »

Project website

General Info:
Server version: Lineage2 High Five.
Server start date: 2015 March 7th.
Server style: Faction.
There are two factions: Heaven and Inferno. Players can change their faction but there are few conditions.
Detailed statistics can be seen in Community Board (ALT+B).
New players automatically receives Moirai Armors(+6 with attribute bonus), Icarus weapon(+6) and Morai Jewels(+6).

Two types of maps:
Standard - both factions are fighting between each other. Every map has some ownable crystals which can be taken by standing nearby. Occupied crystal gives some advantages for whole faction. There are plenty of maps which changes every 30 minutes.
CHAOS - a short time map where all players are fighting between each other.
Maps are choosen by players online count.

Advanced reward system:
Players are rewarded for every kill. Reward amount and chance depends on killer and victim gear. For example if newbie player with low gear kills other player with top gear, the reward amount and chance will be much higher.

PVP rewards list:
Fame points
Clan Reputation points
High and Top grade Life Stone.
Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (S)
Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (S)
Atrribute stones and crystals.
Giant's Codex - Mastery
Heroic Coin
Talismans Box

Additional rewards:
Players nearby owned crystal are rewarded with some adena.
Special reward for faction leaders and winning faction members.
Adena reward for ended victim's killing-spree.

Enchant Information:
Safe Enchant: +3
Maximum Enchant: +10 (+14 for Masterwork items)
Enchant Chance: 50%
Blessed Enchant Chance: 60%
Crystal Scroll Enchant Chance: 100%
Element Stones Enchant Chance: 50%
Element Crystals Enchant Chance: 40%

Olympiad Games:
Olympiad Battles time - from 20:00 to 02:00(GMT +2).
Olympiad Period - 1 week.
New heroes appears on every Sunday 12:00(GMT+2).
Maximum enchant in olympiad: +6.

This server uses Nexus Event engine which brings an awesome events and mini games with many nice features. Current working automatic events:
Team vs Team
Capture the Flag
Hunting Grounds
Lucky Chests

First 5 players registered for the event and player who makes first kill will receive additional rewards when event ends.

Death Bonus:
When player dies 2 or more times times in a row, a special bonus buff appears on him. It will increase player's PVP attack and defence. Bonus power depends on deaths in a row - it can be from 10% to 50%. Buff is automatically removed when player kills someone.

There are 6 categories of achievements and 20+ achievements in total. Also you will be notified how many enemies you killed & how many are left to kill until you reach next level. For every completed achievement level you will be rewarded with various items and passive skills.

Shift+Click system:
If you want to know more info about other player, just click on it while pressing Shift button. When clicking on player you will see him detailed stats: pvp, pk, killed raids, voting info, etc.

DressMe system:
Our unique feature which can change your character's visual look. System is updated with Lineage2 Goddess of Destruction armor sets and weapons.

Raid Boss Tower:
A special raid bosses area where players can fight between each other. Your party has to defeat 4 bosses which drops 4 different quest items. After all 4 items is collected you can teleport to the main server boss - Baium.

Scryde Mammon:
A special NPC that spawns twice per day. Here you can purchase a Masterwork weapons, change the type of armor and buy other useful items.

Community Board:
There are re-designed and fully functional Community Board (ALT + B), which will provide all information about the server, the raid boss map with their respawn times, the various players' ratings, etc.

Other Info:
Free S80 +6 Moirai and Icarus items.
Auto Learn Skills (including Forgotten).
After death buffs are not disappearing. Also your CP/HP/MP will be fully restored.
5 Different PVP nick colors.
Working Offline Trading.
No Grade Penalty.
Max. Sub-Class: 3.
Custom Cancellation System - When you get cancel, cancelled buffs will be restored after 10 seconds. So you don't need rebuff. Remember that this feature does not working in Olympiad Games.
Killing Spree system with a lot of unique sounds.
Unique Scheme Buffer.
Implemented Fishing.
« Last post by l2blaze on Yesterday at 06:00:26 PM »
Dear L2Blaze fans, WE HAVE GREAT NEWS FOR YOU! After many suggestions from our players we decided to WIPE your favourite WarFire X150 server at 2015 February 28th 16:00 GMT+2!
All characters will be deleted and game starts from zero. This wipe will bring important fixes and updates for server and players, all updates players will see in update list and game.
It`s great chance for new players to start and for old, who got bored. We promise you a good and stable game in this winter season!
All our new and old players will enjoy our updated WarFiire X150 server! Because only here you will taste real Lineage2 game with professional players and support team!

X150 WarFire server is great project for players who do not want to grind whole day and night, this why we organize a lot of EVENTS, more Events information you can find in GAME! All old bans wll be removed!!!

SPECIAL Voting EVENT March 1-4th!
Vote for server in and after VOTING you will get FREE 25 Medals, 5 more than always!!! Do not miss your chance!
From now you can VOTE EVERY 12 HOURS!

Special Clans EVENT!
Clans which have 20 or more active and online players everyday, 5th clan level will get 2 Noblesse Letters 76lvl for clan members and 10 000 Clan Reputation Points! So, create clans and take your FREE reward! We ask clans leaders to contact with our support team for reward!

Huge Clans EVENT!
Clans which have 50 or more players can get FREE Clan Hall. Your clan leader have to contact with our support with clan name, leader nick and clan hall name which you want.

Before server start we decided to make ADVERTISEMENT EVENT!
Event Rewards:
First Place: 100 Festival Adenas.
Second Place: 60 Festival Adenas.
Third Place: 30 Festival Adenas.

1. You have to advertise our server START DATE whatever you want. For example in forums, social networks, skype, even in public it depends on you.
2. In advertisment text must be our website: www.L2Blaze.NET and information about server START DATE.
3. After you make advertisments you have to post evidence (links to advertisment, screenshots or other, it depends how you advertise server) in our special forum board called Advertisement Event (Link: http://L2Blaze.NET/forum ).

Take your friends, create clans and see you in game at 2015 February 28th 16:00 GMT+2!

Server Rates:
All new players spawn in town of Gludio!
All players start from 21 LvL with some adenas and equipment!
XP: x150
SP: x150
Party XP and SP: x2.50
Adena Drop rate: x100
Drop Items rate: x50
Drop SealStones rate: x2
Spoil rate: x50
Drop Manor rate: x1
Drop Quest rate: x15
Quests Reward rate: x15(not for all)
DropRaidBoss: x20

Facebook: L2 Equanimity on Facebook
YouTube: L2 Equanimity on YouTube
Twitter: L2 Equanimity on Twitter


- We are a High Five Server! (aka High Five CT2.6)
- XP Rate: x120
- SP Rate: x120
- Party XP Rate: x2
- Adena Rate: x250
- Enchant Rate: 70%
- Blessed Rate: 75%
- Safe Enchant: +7
- Max Enchant: +20
- Buffs: 3 hours

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

- Even though our server is highly modified, our server is based off L2J, so we thank them for their hard work!

Unique and Different!:
Stuff you have never seen before. Custom Cloaks, Custom Boss Jewels, Custom Talismans, PvP Assists (Healers and support classes get prizes in PvP too). Give us 30 minutes of your time, and your likely to say we have one of the best servers you have ever seen, if not the best. We have also been told we have the most organized server they have ever seen as well. 

PvP Assists:
PvP on our server is better! Its fair to all classes. All classes can get recognition in PvP, even Healers. Anytime a player contributes to PvP they can qualify for a PvP Assist. This means healing/buffing allies can get you Assists, or debuffing or damaging targets can give you assists too. Other servers only care about DDs (Damage Dealers), we care about everyone. PvP rewards are split between the person who gets the PvP , and the person who gets the PVP Assist.

PvP Streaks:
We have PvP Streaks on our server, but again, this is not just for DDs (Damage Dealers). An Assist counts the same as a PVP. This means support classes, even healers can get in on PVP Streaks as well. PvP Streaks grant prizes such as Custom PVP Cloaks you have never seen on any other server, non tradable versions of GCM, Top 84 LS, and more!

- New Player Benefits!
New players receive adena, items, and bonuses automatically when they reach certain levels to help them out. You receive bonuses at these levels: 10, 20, 40, 52, 61, 76, 80, 81, 82, 84, and 85. These bonuses were made to for a user friendly experience for new players. Brand new characters automatically have top NG gear. NG soulshots, MP potions, healing potions, and a vitality item that are automatically on your shortcut bar for easy access.

- Achievement System
Thats right, we have an Achievement system, players can complete special tasks such as completing a quest in a certain amount of time, doing exceptionally well in our custom instances, and more. They will be rewarded with items, and achievement points for completing those tasks, to see the full achievement list come check it out in game! Achievements also unlock new weapon glows, new title/name colors, fun weapons, and cloaks! We have 36 Acheivements and we continue to add more.

- Modified Classes
Some people may be skeptical of this idea, but aren't you tired of seeing all the same classes being played, for example TH, HE, SH, Tanks, and Bishop? Well here there is a reason to play just about every class. Commonly not played classes such as Summoners, Dwarfs, BD, SwS, EE, SE have been modified with extra skills and even servitors have added stat bonuses to make them better! A complete list of modified classes and exactly what was changed for them is available in game when typing our custom command (.info). Do not worry though, but normal and modified classes are subject to nerfing if they become too strong.

- Automated TvT, CTF, DM., DMS, RB, CTP, and KOTH Events through out the day
We have alternating maps for each event, so you wont be playing at the same area all the time. We have a unique approach to Events that gets rid of spawn killing issues. Random rewards for winning! You even get a small prize if you lose. A command to join these events from anywhere! (.jointvt, .joinctf, .joindm, joinrb). Very basic buffs are available. MP and CP potions are disabled. All of these Events can be spectated by other players. We have afk prevention in Events, anyone that goes afk in an Event will be punished with our .afk command.

- Rebirth System
At Level 85 players may rebirth, to obtain new skills or to get special items.

- Vote Reward System
You will be rewarded everyday that you vote!

- Crystal Scrolls Support
Crystal Scrolls are 100% enchant rate, but only drop from Valakas and Antharas so they are extremely RARE!

- Custom Instance Zones
Our Solo Instance Zone, is a solo mini adventure that you wont see anywhere else except right here on L2 Equanimity! Expect fun and prizes and wanting to come back to do it all over again. Our Group Instance Zone Event, is for 3 to 9 people in a party,, which is also a unique L2 Equanimity feature you wont see anywhere else, and you can bring you friends along for the ride!

- Custom Spoil System
Why not utilize a great game mechanic! All of our custom Farmzones monsters have special spoils that are used as a new currency for unique items not available anyway else other then spoiling.

- Custom Talismans
Talismans DO NOT disappear on our server, also we have custom made Talismans that give effects like extra HP, CP, or M def

- Offline Shops are enabled
If you create a shop in a peace zone, then log out, your shop will stay online.

- A special command (.info) that lets you perform actions from anywhere
Players may augment from anywhere with (.info) command. Players may Add/Remove Dyes from anywhere with (.info) command. Players may see if Epic Raids & Custom Raids are Alive from anywhere with (.info) command. You may see top PvP/PK of everyone on the server from anywhere with (.info) command. You may also check many other things with this command in game like, rules, rates, server news, Farming area info, Staff info, Donations, and Modified Class Information!

- Completely Custom and unique Farmzones
All Custom Farmzones contain Custom Raid Bosses. Custom Mobs have Custom skills and even player skills (mobs can even do things like lethal you or disarm you). We have a total of 5 Custom Farmzones, one for level 50-70, one for 70-80, two for 80-85 and one group Farmzone for multiple people over 80. Each of our 5 Farmzons have a Variety of completely different mobs! For more in depth info about our Farmzones check them out in game!

- NPC Information
All our custom NPCs layouts are very organized unlike most servers! Our NPC Buffer can buff you and also buff your pets! You may create custom buff schemes! We have a extremely organized GM Shop with a wide variety of contents. Our Gm Shop is also influenced by castle owners tax rates, so that players can make money by owning an castle, and have some power over the prices. We have a Global Gatekeeper with a clean organized layout that allows you to go almost anywhere easily. Also NPC functions that allow you to De-Level, change your name and title color, give reputation points for farmed items, and even have a NPC Function that allows you to directly enchant your items from +0 to +7 (our safe enchant), but 7 enchant scrolls are still required, this is a custom feature to save you time!

- PK protection for low level Characters
We have a buff that anyone can obtain at our buffer that makes it where a player cannot be attacked by another player that is 4 or more levels higher then them, and in vice versa.

- Customization
Players have the ability to change the textures of their armor to other armors by using the .dressme command.

- Development
Our server is always getting updates, we strive to make our server the best so you will see a constant flow of updates that can be viewed in the server news window in-game, or on our websites homepage that shows our complete list of updates for each month.

Other Features
-- Territory Wars
-- Fortresses
-- Olympiad
-- Subclass Certification System
-- Subs may be leveled up to 84
-- Full Geodata
-- Hero Weapons are Enchantable!
-- Players may enchant their 3rd Profession skills
-- Special Rewards for Fishing
-- and much much more!

- Hosting Information
CPU: 2x Intel Xeon E5645 2.4 GHZ (Which is a dual processor, each processor has 6 cores for a total of 12 cores)
100 Mbps Connection
Operating System: Windows 2008 R2

If you have any questions or problems feel free to email me at or on our forums

« Last post by b0rto on Yesterday at 02:45:55 PM »
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>


Xp:    2000x
Sp:    2000x
Party Xp: x2
Party Sp: x2
Adena: 2000x
Drop:    10x
spoil:   10x


Safe Enchant: +6
Max Enchant: +16
Normal Scroll Enchant Chance: 66%
Blessed Scroll Enchant Chance: 80%
Divine Scroll Enchant Chance: 100%(limit+12, Through Vote System)
Ancient Scroll Enchant Chance: 100%(Limit +16, drop valakas,antharas, olympiads, primeval isle spoil,clan zone spoil, events)


Instant LvL85
Character Control Panel ( .user )
Full GmShop.
Dedicated 30+4 slots for Buffs and 18 dances/songs.
Max subclass: 3
2 Hours Buffs.
Scheme Buffer with all buffs +15/+30
Antibot System.
Single Vote reward System ( through .user ).
massive vote reward system.
custom community board.
changed currency private stores buy/sell for festival adena.
Nexus Event Engine main events
(tvt,dm,ctf,zombies,battlegrounds,domination,mass domintaion,treasure chests and more!!)
Nexus Event Engine mini events
( 1vs1,2vs2,2vs2vs2,mini tvt-10vs10 or 20vs20 and more!)
olympiads every 2 weeks
hero weapons augmentable, attributable, enchantable.
Custom rewards for Olympiads
cancel skills give back buffs after 10 seconds.
olympiads Limit +6 ( no Custom Items)
Custom Clan Advent Buff (through the castle Lord's Crown)
Pvp/pk color name/title system
Offline shop Enabled
Goddess of destruction items farming easy mantra
Goddess of destruction Cloaks And War Helmets
all raidbosses,events, olympiads, Angels in danger zone drop
blesseds armor/weapon
Elements max lvl 7
Killing Spree PvP System
TownWar Event in aden every 2 hours , aden castle town become flagzone during 20 minutes to fight all vs all with awesome rewards!
L2 adZone / [l2j] New Interlude x25 Join Now! (open 13:00 gmt+2)
« Last post by l2craft on Yesterday at 12:02:32 PM »
L2olddays Interlude x25 GRAND OPEN 1.3.15 !!!!!

If you are looking for something more than standard L2 gameplay, for features that you will not find anywhere else, looking for a completely new game of that kind..

.. then you can stop reading right now. It's not a server for you.

Our project does not have the nothing you have not seen before. However, the refinement of the known elements of the game and providing the stable, comfortable gameplay are in our top priority. Sometimes, unfortunately, often happens that the creator of private servers try to invent and introduce stuff like tattoos, extra custom hyper-super-duper sets and different, in our opinion, crap. Instead focus on the optimization of what has already been invented.

And here enters our private server of Lineage 2. It's - as we can see in the title - Interlude chronicle based. Why is this chronicle? According to us - as well as hundreds of other players - this is the last, the real scene of L2. That is, able to muster the good old memories.

Let's begin with the numbers and dry facts then:


Exp: x25
SP: x50
Adena: x20
Seal Stones: x10
Drop: x10
Raid Drop: x1
Spoil: x15
Manor: x1
Quest Drop: x5 (is not x5 for all quest)
Quest Reward x5 (is not x5 for all quest)
Quest Adena Reward x5 (is not x5 for all quest)
No Need Book to learn skills (is not autolearn)

Enchant System

Safe for weapon and armor: +3;
Max enchant for armor: +20
Max enchant for weapon: +20

Buff System:

Max buff amount: 22 (+4 from Divine Inspiration)
Buff Time - 2h for prophecies/songs/dances/pp/se/ee buffs


Npc Buffer
Offline shop/craft is Auto (Just make shop and log out)
XpOn or XpOff (use .xpoff or .xpon)
Shift +Click on mob to check stat/drop
Anti-buff shield
Region Shout/Trade Chat
NPC class changer (1-50.000/2-100.000/3-10.000.000 & 20.00000 AA)
Dual - boxing is allowed.
GMshop up to B grade
Free Global Teleport*
Mana potion
Event Medal
Fang Of Stakato tradable (drop min 3 max 5)
Decent geodata
Cursed Weapons
Double weight limit
GM Shop trading SealStones
Full Community Board
AutoLoot (no for raid drops)
Player spawn protection system: 20 seconds
Frequent updates
Helpful and friendly GM Staff
GM events
Bosses Rates :
Grand Boss
AdenaBoss = x5.00
ItemsBoss = x1.00
Raid Boss
AdenaRaid = x5.00
ItemsRaid = x1.00
Raid Minions
AdenaMinon = x3.00
ItemsMinon = x1.00

Game Account is Auto.
Download the system,and Have Fun !!!

L2 adZone / [L2J-Hi5]L2 Age of war x5 High five
« Last post by Memnoe on Yesterday at 11:59:45 AM »

Welcome to L2 Age of War
Server Will Get Live On (2015/2/21) at 14:00 GM Time +2
Server Info (mostly like original with following changes)
Full Hight Five Chronicle with last updates Subclass max lvl 85 (3x)
Mana Drug (added)
Possibility for Auto Pick Up
No GM Shop
No Buffer NPC
No Custom Weapons
Antibot Guard System
Not Donation type Server, except some custom accessories such
as head items and wings to keep server alive and updated.
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