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L2 adZone / [L2OFF]Interlude Destiny II
« Last post by Megadreams on August 22, 2014, 07:12:37 AM »

Lineage][Destiny is aiming for full retail gameplay experience with slighlty boosted rates. There are no custom items or zones added nor will be added in future. Everything is set up, like it should be. If you are looking for the real Lineage 2 Chronicle 6 feeling, you came to the right place !

Basic rates

- 3x EXP/SP (Party exp retail)
- 3x Adena
- 3x Quest chance (amount 1x)
- 2x Drops
- 1x Raid drops
- 1x Epic raid drops
- 3x Spoil rate chance (amount 1x)

Basic features

- Offlineshop for free
- Pure retail feeling

There will be no Global Gatekeepers or any other custom modifications like armors, weapons and zones .

Server Specifications

CPU: Intel E5-1620v2
HD: 1TB SATA 3 + 120 GB SSD
NIC: 1Gbit OnBoard

Protections on machine

The machine itself is pürotected with 130 Gib/s + a remote Ddos protection of another 130 Gib/s with unlimited clean bandwidth in and out.

Protections on gameplay

Nemo Protection
Nemo Protect can be described very plainly – protection from cheaters. It is simple, reliable and almost invisible nevertheless able to protect you from any kind of trouble regarding illicit software. Nemo Protect is as necessary for any good server as a web-site or a forum.

Nemo has only one function – protection and it copes with it perfectly!

- Blocks every kind of known bots (including l2tower, zranger, any kind of OOG bot)
- Blocks any kind of program that tries to capture the client-server connection
- Encrypts the traffic between a server and a client thus eliminating a possibility of its modification with programs like l2phx (packet hacks)

More updates added daily. Check out the forum !

Again 600+ expected

L2 Requests / Re: Looking for Interlude Pvp Server
« Last post by MissElfou on August 22, 2014, 06:34:30 AM »

• Dear L2Live players , after many suggestions from our players we decide to wipe server.

• All charaters will be deleted and game starts from zero. This wipe will bring important fixs and update for server and players , all updates players will se in update list in game.

• It's great chance for new players to start and for old, who got bored. We promise you a good and stable game! Come In!

Server Start 2014-08-16 16:00 (GMT+3)

What's new in L2Live

• New design NPCs.
• Fixed major buggs, such as issues with Castle engraving, RB/Mob drops.
• Completely stable platform.
• Friendly staff.

And mutch more...



Players which will be in 1st and 2nd places in PVP list at August 18th will be awarded by 15 Donate Medal! Do not miss your chance! All players who will try to box their PVP points will be kicked from event and jailed for 12hours!

Lucky Hours Event

At August 16th from 20:00 till 23:00 GMT+2 we organize Lucky Hours EVENT!
Our players like this event because you do not need to do anything, main rule is to be online at those hours.
We will choose players randomly and give them VIP Coins, Life stones, and etc.

Lucky Offline Shop Event

August 16 Lucky Offline Shop EVENT! Today we will randomly choose one offline SHOP in Town Of Giran and winner will get 50 Donate Medal!
L2 adZone / Re: [L2J-Interlude] L2Requiem NOW X35 New Server OPENING TODAY!!!
« Last post by hpelaezp on August 22, 2014, 04:41:31 AM »
Server now online Join us!!!
L2 adZone / Re: L2Vesta
« Last post by Orbital on August 22, 2014, 04:33:11 AM »
info about buffs - and +15/+30 ? resist ?
L2 adZone / L2Vesta
« Last post by Hags on August 22, 2014, 03:16:20 AM »
Hello folks these are the  great features this new server has check em
L2Vesta is a new highly customized Freya PvP Server with many unique features to provide a smooth and intriguing gameplay experience.

Balancing classes is something you hear being done on every server, however here you will find that not only are the classes balanced they are edited in a way that promotes a more active PvP style. Instead of playing with only one or two skills and the rest being near useless, you will find that all the skills do something unique and special and with the right combo can be very powerful. All skills have been closely looked at and edited accordingly in terms of chance and duration. Some classes which were less attractive in general have been carefully edited to be more interesting to play. For example Sword Muse, Hierophant and Spectral Dancer have been significantly changed: Sword Muse is mostly a heavy fighter however you can use light and gain an extra AOE target as well as some evasion, Hierophant is a version of the Grand Khavatari that plays with fists and heavy armor but has a very different play style regarding skills and Spectral Dancer is a dual sword wielding evasion based character. Don’t forget about skill certifications they are very important.

From the hundreds of weapons to select from you will find that each tier provides a noticeable difference in character strength. While enchanting is always necessary to obtain the highest character stats, buying a new weapon from a higher tier will immediately make you stronger even at low enchants. Jewels are individual and set based, you can buy individual jewels with stats however you cannot receive the bonuses from two of the same jewels, once you have a full jewel set additional stats will be applied. Armors and cloaks can not only make your character look amazing but also they provide stats that will definitely set you apart from other players. Shirts, talismans and bracelets are among the items that while seemingly insignificant can have a great impact on your gameplay. Accessories are unique and are another source of stats to improve your character. All items are tradable except the epic raid boss essences which can only be dropped from the epic raids. Max enchant on armors, jewelry and weapons is 16, and max enchant on shirts is 10. Enchant rates and penalties differ as you enchant, the rate is displayed in the chat window before you enchant. No gemstones are needed for augmentation anything will work in that slot.

By running the Nexus Event Engine 3.0, this server provides the most updated and smoothly running automated events that you have ever seen. Main events including Team vs. Team (simple team versus team PvP event), Capture the Flag (PvP event however to win you must capture the other team’s flag and return to your own base), Domination (teams must defend a monument to score), Mass Domination (similar to the simple domination however multiple monuments must be defended), Deathmatch (free for all there are no friends), Last Man Standing (similar to deathmatch however you don’t respawn until there is only one person remaining), Advanced Team vs. Team (similar to the simple TvT, however a random player gets additional stats to make them a stronger team fighter), Lucky Chests (destroying small chests with surprises inside was never this fun), Zombies (attack of the zombies kill them before they kill you), Mutant (one player is given advanced stats and the other players must defeat that player) , Treasure Hunt (find the treasure boxes and the treasures within), Hunting Grounds (hunt other players and gain PvP points). Mini events include 1v1 event, 2v2 event, Party vs. Party, Korean Party vs. Party.

-------Farm Zones-------
Currently there are 3 farming zones, two are situated in the crypts of disgrace area however they are on different sides and for different styles of farming. There is one solo farming area placed in a mostly open area with mobs spread out, the second area is based on camps inside each camp you will find a mini boss and mobs spread out around it designed for small parties. The third and largest farming zone located on the annihilation airstrip is designed for advanced party and clan farming, you will need to have a full party to farm there the mobs are very strong but have increased drops. An additional newbie zone is being created to have a smoother transition between farm zones as you gain better equipment.

There are many unique and custom raids implemented. All with various skills to keep your raid fight interesting. Additionally all grand raid bosses such as Antharas/Valakas/Lindvior/Baium and more are implemented and working. And no you won't have to do the quest to fight them, the quest items are available in the GM shop.

-------PvP, Sieges and Territory Wars-------
PvP is very unique on L2Vesta, not only will you gain PvP’s but you also have a small chance to gain different types of medals that can be exchanged in the shop for farmable materials, so while your PvPing you can also be farming. In addition as you gain PvP’s your name and title color will change and you will gain custom PvP skills. If you can kill 30 players in a row without dying you will go into spree mode gaining temporary hero, there are different levels to the spree mode which give different skills in addition to the hero ones. Sieges are on Saturday’s and Sunday’s and the two siege able castles currently are Aden and Rune. Gaining a castle will be important in increasing your clan level as well as providing additional stats that will make you and your clan members even stronger. In addition to castle sieges there are territory wars a new and unique PvP component introduced in the Freya client. In addition to all these new components there is an anti-feeding system to prevent illegal PvP farming.

-------Server Information & Miscellaneous-------
* Custom NPC Shops in every town the NPC appearance changes to better fit with the theme of the environment.
* Balanced Olympiad (Will be opened in some weeks after the server opens)
* Daily updates and continuous server development.
*AIO Item that makes your life easier by providing tons of options at your fingertips, account management, augmentation, teleportation, character dyes and server information.
*Re-designed community board that displays top PvP and much more.
*Server Box Information:
CPU: Intel Xeon E5-1620 4c/8t 3,6 GHz+/3,8 GHz+
RAM: 64 GB DDR3 ECC 1333MHz
Disks: 2x2 120 GB SSD RAID Setup
Bandwidth: 1Gbps
Traffic: Unlimited

here is the forum also:
L2 adZone / Interlude PvP Server Fresh Oppening
« Last post by Ikarus on August 22, 2014, 02:19:55 AM »
To Day Fresh opening 14:00 o'clock GM+2


EXP 2000x
SP 2000x
ADEN 2000x
Starting/Subclass level - 1


Safe +6
Max +21
Normal Scroll 66%
Blessed Scroll 85%


Rebirth system
Sieges every week
Unique Economy System
Stable Platform
Balanced Buffs/Skills/Classes
Full interlude geodata / pathnode


Dynasty Armor's
Dynasty Weapon's
Special Tattoos With levels 1/2/3


Mid Rate 15%
High Rate 20%
Top Rate 25%
11 Active + 1 Passive




Retail Olympiad Game
Competition period [1] Week
Olympiad start time [18:00] end [00:00]
L2 Requests / Re: Looking for Interlude Pvp Server
« Last post by Delthot on August 21, 2014, 06:41:02 PM »
L2 adZone / Re: Lineage 2 Emptiness (C6) XPx50 AdenaX200 Open 23.08.2014
« Last post by Seth505 on August 21, 2014, 04:40:29 PM »
nice one :)
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