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L2 adZone / Lineage 2 Rampage - Ertheia - INSTANT 99! JUST LAUNCHED!
« Last post by Yawn on October 23, 2014, 10:15:15 AM »

Hunter is oriented toward PvP, but requires efforts to obtain the best of the best to ensure a long-term goal and fun.

General Information
- Server Rates: X1000
- Game Version: Ertheia
- Instant Level 99 (Free R/R95-Grade Weapon, Armors, Jewels using Newbie Tickets, Free Class Change & Awakening).
- Auto Learn Skills.
- Auto Loot.
- NPC Buffers.
- Global Merchant (selling everything you need with various currencies, such as Adena, Raid Heart and Raid Souls).
- Propulsed by ServerRain, hosted on a stable, DDoS Protected Network.

Hunting Grounds
Hunter will start off with 1 customized Hunting Ground, for the characters Level 99.

Raiders Crossroad

That will be the main zone to farm our custom currencies required to purchase items such as Elemental Stones, Crystals, Enchant Scrolls, Brooches, Codexes and everything else you may need.

Raider Crossroad monsters were modified to ensure characters Level 99 wearing R/R95-Grade equipments are capable to take on the challenge. They were also tweaked to ensure every class can do well.

The zone was also modified for solo, and party play.

Mini Raids
Mini raids are more challenging than other monsters and weaker than Raid Bosses. They require a party of at least a few players, and, are very rewarding.

More customized farming zone will be added when it appears to be necessary.

Our heroes will be selected once every two weeks instead of a month.

Our castles will be under attack once every week instead of two weeks.

Class Changes and Awakening
Perform your class changes and awaken at Roy the Cat, in Giran. For free!

Explode faces, skulls, bones and anuses on our Deathmatchs.


Visit our website now!
BUMP!  :)
Hosting & Designing / Re: Cheap Ddos Protected Linux/windows Vps, Web Hosting Rent
« Last post by zemaitis on October 23, 2014, 09:10:36 AM »
L2 adZone / Lineage 2 AEPvP Custom High Rate Interlude PvP Server
« Last post by Andrew Norman on October 23, 2014, 08:09:59 AM »


L2AEPvP is hosted on C6 Interlude client

Starting level 85, Max Level 95

Global Gatekeeper!

Item Store!

Mysterious merchant!

Password Changer!

Enchant Engine Preview:
Safe Enchant +5
Max Enchant +20


All buffs 3 hours, death doesn't remove your buffs
All buffs included on the buffer, except some which changed to costum
If you want to get rid of a buff, just choose it again from the buffer and it will be removed
Heal from buffer every 3 minutes, can't be used during pvp


The server's economy is based on Golds and Glits, to get them:
Farm Silver, 50 silver = 1 gold
Pure Silver low drop chance or events, 25 pure silver = 1 Glit
1kk adena = 1 True Gold
50 True Silver = 1 True Gold

Basically with gold you can buy anything among unique items, but to get to the Epic tier you need true gold, glits, star diamonds and star of destiny.


Every class is modified by a unique Formula balancer, debuff chances and rates are shown when u cast a skills and everything works to suit pvp balance.
(Including Sword Muse, Bladedancer, Prophet and so on, improved with some skills replacement\ add-ons to make them competitive in PvP)

Trade channels:

Trade chat (+): Can be used when you reach 50 pvps, after use it has a cooldown of 15 minutes, however the delay decreases up to 7 minutes according to your pvp amount
Hero shout(%): Can be used by heroes or at 5500 pvps, 3 minutes cooldown
Global Shout(!): Can be used at 10000 pvps, 6 minute cooldown

Farming zones:

Kamaloka Instance:

Custom Soulshot Effects (Enchant Depended):


Events every 2 Hours

Mini Siege

Gluding Warzone:
When you enter this zone you flag, the flag is removed 30 seconds after leaving the arena.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

The hero cycle is every 2 weeks
Heroes get an additional ultimate skill on their baseclass
Valor and Heroic berserker can stack together


When you login, the server checks your last login, if more than a hour had passed since then you will be teleported to town to avoid campers.
Skills don't have mp consumptions, but heals have.
Mp and Hp consumption over time from buffs/toggles have been removed.
Shift click on NPC and view it&#039;s drops.
Shift click on ur target to view all your target's basic stats heavily detailed.

The server is now using an experimental H5, GeoEngine and PathFinding engine, behaving 99% like l2off. Pathfinding locations are calculated on the fly making it possible for even very complex paths to be solved.
Theres no Interlude server/project atm with a better geoengine.
Worked hard on this the last few days, to make APCs playable even in very complex maps/locations with many obstacles.
Players will never stack or face geodata problems anymore.

Change Log
Deatailed Server Features
Facebook Page

L2 adZone / L2 Aria-World c6 start 23.10 17gmt+3
« Last post by Reakwon on October 23, 2014, 06:26:55 AM »

* Xp: x250
* Sp: x250
* Party Xp: x2
* Party Sp: x2
* Adena: x350
* Drop Item Karma: x15
* Raid bosses epic jewels: x1
* Starting level: 20
* Automated Vote Reward System with Vote Coins
* Automated Donation System
* Automated Character Services System
* All items on GM Shop
* Flawless Geodata
* No corruptions
* Auto Loot
* No Auto Loot on Raids
* Auto Learn all Skills
* Grade Penalty On
* Ingame Announcement when a Raid spawns
* Lag free
* 99% Uptime
* Active Staff
* Wedding System
* Unique Farm Zones
* International community
* Custom Mage & Fighter Tattoo
* 2 Custom Shields
* No weight limit
* TvT event every hour
* Death Match event every hour
* Capture the Flag event every hour
* Subclass without quest
* Subclass starting lvl = 40
* Max Subclasses = 4
* You can add any subclass in any NPC
* Max Clans in Alliance = 3
* All active/passive augments are fully working! 1 Active Or 1 Passive only
* All flood protections
* Newbie System
* Lifestone Skill Chance : 30%
* Custom red screen effect when a player dies
* Enchant Scrolls , Life Stones , Book of Giant = Stuckable
* Reworked all Skills / Items & Class Balance
* Heavy / Robe / Light System , players who don't have the mastery for it can't wear it
* C4/C5/Interlude features/skills tested and working 99.9%
* PvP / PK Announcer
* PvP Color System
* Anti - Feed System
* Castle Sieges
* Unique Economy System
* Custom Noblesse System - Caradine's Letter 65 level on GMShop
* Max Level 80
* Cursed weapons
* Weapon Augmentations
* Dueling System
* Offline Shop
* NoStore System in Giran (shops allowed only in center)
* Spawn Protection 30 secs , with custom effect
* Olympiad system fully working
* Heroes every 2 weeks
* Full GM Shop up to S grade with Consumables
* Global Gatekeeper
* Custom Buffer (with presets)
* Scheme Buffer
* Exchanger
* Top 20 PvP / PK / Clan etc.
* Class Changer (or change your class with the Pop-Up Window)
* Boss Manager
* Augmenter
* Skill Enchanter
* Vote Manager
* Castle Manager
* Password Changer
 * Max Enchant Armor & Jewels = +15
* Max Enchant Weapon = +16
* Safe Enchant = +4
* Normal enchant scroll rate = 70%
* Blessed enchant scroll rate = 80%
* Normal Scroll - If Enchant fails item broke
* Blessed Scroll - If Enchant Fails items not broke just retuns to +4
* Epic Bosses respawn time = 24 hours
* Barakiel respawn time = 6 hours
* Primeval Isle Bosses respawn time = 2 hours
* P.I. Bosses Drops = Golden apiga, Clan Eggs, Life Stones, Blessed Scrolls
* Main Town: Giran
* Safe Farm Zone: Gludin
* Imperial Tomb: Farm Zone PVP / PK
* Forbidden Gateway: Boss Farm Zone (Party) PVP / PK
* Cave of Trials: Farm Zone PVP / PK
* Primeval Isle: Boss (Party) Farm Zone PVP / PK
* Max buffs: 28+6
* Buffs Duration: 2 hours
* .pincode - Adds a pincode to protect your account
* .repair - Fixes your char (moved to Floran Village)
* .menu - Opens a menu with commands
* CPU: 2x Intel Quad-Core Xeon E5620
* RAM: 32 GB DDRIII 1666 ECC Memory
* HD: 500GBx4 SSD Hard Drive Crossfire 15000 rmp.
* BW: 1000 Mbps
* DDoS protected
* Host Location : France
L2 adZone / Lineage 2 Bort PvP Server
« Last post by b0rto on October 23, 2014, 06:18:46 AM »

Xp: 2000x
Sp: 2000x
Party Xp: x2
Party Sp: x2
Adena: 2000x
Drop: 10x


Safe Enchant: +6
Max Enchant: +12
Normal Scroll Enchant Chance: 66%
Blessed Scroll Enchant Chance: 80%
Ancient Scroll Enchant Chance: 100%(drop valakas,antharas, olympiads)


Instant LvL85
Character Control Panel ( .user )
Full GmShop
Dedicated 20+4 slots for Buffs and 14 dances/songs
Max subclass: 3
2 Hours Buffs
Scheme Buffer( with Buffs +15/+30)
Antibot System
Single Vote reward System ( through .user )
Nexus Event Engine main events
(tvt,dm,ctf,zombies,battlegrounds,domination,mass domintaion,treasure chests and more!!)
Nexus Event Engine mini events
( 1vs1,2vs2,2vs2vs2,mini tvt-10vs10 or 20vs20 and more!)
olympiads every 2 weeks
Custom rewards for Olympiads
olympiads Limit +6 ( no Custom Items)
Sieges every week(to give chance all players to get the castle edited items)
Custom Clan Advent Buff (through the castle Lord's Crown)
Pvp/pk color name/title system
Offline shop Enabled
Goddess of destruction items farming easy mantra
Goddess of destruction Cloaks And War Helmets
all raidbosses,events, olympiads, Angels in danger zone drop
blesseds armor/weapon
Elements max lvl 7
Killing Spree PvP System
Killing Spree hero System
Clan Reputation Farming Zone
2x All vs All Zones + raidboss(FlagZone , no Names, Random body, no partys, no clan just all vs all)

Items & Chars / WTS ADENA L2tales x20 empire
« Last post by mylovelyrogue on October 23, 2014, 04:48:30 AM »
skype: supl2ru
Report Section / Re: Hello, Changed My server site on topzone details
« Last post by seth on October 23, 2014, 04:39:04 AM »
Thanks you can lock it /delete w/e .  ;)
L2Packs & Files / selling Interlude L2Voice files
« Last post by L2-Voice on October 23, 2014, 04:30:11 AM »
sell files from l2 voice
pack source web,
skype la2voice
you can join live server and check
Report Section / Re: Hello, Changed My server site on topzone details
« Last post by xzone on October 23, 2014, 04:03:40 AM »
Hello, because website, description, name and news need admin approval the rest one do not need.
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