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L2 adZone / Re: L2Draconian x105 Interlude live soon
« Last post by silviu111 on July 25, 2014, 07:34:49 AM »
Bravo. In sfarsit un om inteligent.
L2 adZone / Re: [L2J]Trinity PvpSErver beta mode is on!
« Last post by l2trinity on July 25, 2014, 07:26:19 AM »

website is under construction!
Spanish / Nuevo Server (L2Requiem) Interlude x45 con las catarteristicas L2Elite
« Last post by hpelaezp on July 25, 2014, 07:17:48 AM »
El 10 de Agosto comienza uno de los servidores mas divertidos y serios de la cronica Interlude. Pensado y disenhado para quedarse on por lo menos unos 4 anhos. Ubicado en Alemania.

Las carasteristicas del servidor fueron isperadas en el grandioso server L2Elite C4 que dejo muchos recuerdos.
El servidor se comienza oficialmente el 10 de Agosto, pero esta ya habilitado para jugar desde hace 10 dias sin fallas ni problemas. Las personas que comienzen antes van a tenes la ventaja de nivel y van a encontrar todos los Raid Bosses especiales vivos.

Mas informacion sobre como jugar en:

Precios básicos
La experiencia (EXP) x45
Puntos de habilidad (SP) x50
adena x100
X2 Búsqueda gota
Seguras Encantar Armas 3
Encantar Seguras Armaduras y Joyas 4
Max Enchant Armas 25
Max Enchant Armaduras y Joyas 16
Congifurations básicos
Buffs, bailes y canciones duración 1h Buff Slots 20 + 4 Divine Inspiration
Max. Clientes por PC 3
Anti-Bot Sí
Geodata y Pathnodes Sí
Subclase acumulativa No
Subclase de Quest Sí
Noblesse de Quest Sí
Master Class Sí
Modo Off-line Shop Sí
Auto Learn Skill Sí
Auto Loot Sí
Sistema Wedding Sí
Gm-Shop Grado B, A y S
Buffer Sí
Recompensa Voto sí

Los esperamos...
L2 adZone / [L2J] L2 Rapidus High Five x5000 - 27 July 2014
« Last post by Rapidus on July 25, 2014, 07:12:20 AM »
Hello dear readers, Im glad to announce that we decided to make a fresh new start with more and improved features! Our server's Grand Opening will take place the day 27 of July 2014. We have all ready for this great step, after long months of hard work and development we will launch this server containing best geodata, best balance for this type of server and best enviroment. Try us and u will stay in the best pvp server around!

- High Five

- Exp/Sp: x5000
- Adena: x1000
- Drop: x1
- Starting level: 85
- Instant PvP Server, there is no farm

- Normal Scrolls: 100% up to +14
- Divine Scrolls: 100% up to +16 (can be obtained by raids and pvps)
- Safe enchant: +14 (Instant with 1 Scroll)
- Max enchant: +16 (With Divine Scrolls)
- Element: 100% rate. One stone instant lvl 7

- Premium geodata fully working withour errors & wallshoots
- We have done nice balance, of course not 100% but we will improve it if is necessary
- Cancel system. Buffs return after 10 seconds. Not in olympiad.
- Territory war every two weeks
- Offline shops
- Mana Potions
- Certifications No Quest Required
- Spree system with supporter reward
- God, H5, Heroic Cloaks implemented
- PvP Title color
- Auto Create accounts
- Max. Sub-Class Number: 3
- Custom Raids with awesome drops
- PvP Items can be enchanted, elemented and augmented.
- Good community board, with info of the server, events, top pvp/pk
- Nice and helpfull staff

- Olympiad Period: 1 week
- Starting Points: 18
- Max Olympiad Enchant: +8
- Enemy Informer System
- Counter Time System
- Olympiad Call time: 60 seconds

- We have 4 custom Raid Bosses which drop some really awesome Cloaks that you have never seen before and much more!
- Raidboss Announcement: You'll get informed when one of our raid-bosses dies or spawns so you'll get in action!

- There is  a single vote reward which will reward you with a Vote Bracelet that increases ur status by 5% every 12 hours if you vote!

- Clan & Ally Penalty removed
- Sieges every 2 weeks
- TW every 2 weeks
- TW wards reset once TW starts

- General Merchant: everything can be found here such as God Cloaks, Equipment, RB jewels and more
- Gatekeeper: here you can travel to any zone for free.
- Scheme Buffer with enchanted buffs +30/+15. Slots: 40/18. Time: 2 hours.
- Service Manager: you can find here usefull functions like subclass manager, certifications, augment, noble, etc...
- Party Instance: On that instance you can get a hat that gives +1 STR/INT, limited for 6 hours and some more rewards
- Raid Boss Manager: Allows you to teleport to our custom raid bosses

- Each 30 minutes, the 3 TOP players on rank with the most PvPs will get rewarded

- Team vs Team
- Custom Events by GM staff
- Pre-announced party-clan events within our forum
- Awesome rewards

.menu (with language system and many other options)

- We have powerfull machine with ddos protection. We can handle over 1000 players online without any problem/lag/delay

L2 Screenshots & Media / Re: L2Neo Screenshots & Media
« Last post by L2Nova on July 25, 2014, 05:57:26 AM »
L2 adZone / Custom İnterlude Start 25/07/19:40
« Last post by crymore2746 on July 25, 2014, 05:17:40 AM »
New inderlude PvP Server 100% balance comming in 2 days!! Check us and i'm sure you will stay pleased lets go now at our server features !!

Server Rates :

Xp rate : x1000

Sp rate : x1000

Drop Rate: 1

Adena rate : x1000

Enchant rates :

Safe : +3

Max with blessed : 25

Max with crystal scrolls :25

Normal enchant rate : 77%

Blessed enchant rate : 100%

Crystal enchant rate : 60%

Other features :

Starting zone : Giran Tawn

Startup System (All items you need with one click)

Auto loot

Auto learn skills

Sub classes =3 (Without quest)

Max clans in ally =3

Max buffs = 65

Server is full ressist

No clan penalty

No grade penalty

Wedding system

Unstuck time 30 seconds

Spawn protection : 10 sec

Noblesse Item

Vote reward system

No heal Raid Boss

PvP color system

Announce castle lords

Killing spree system

Top grade life stone level 76: 15%

Mid grade life stone level 76: 8%

Heroes every 2 weeks

Oly start at 18:00 and ends at 00:00

Olympiad Zone ( Heine)

100 Balance classes

One passive and one Active

Custom Npcs:


Custom Shop


Vote Manager

Wedding Manager

Global gatekeeper

Password Manager

Castle Manager

Raid Boss informer

Raid Boss Gatekeeper

Skill enchanter


Class Manager

Server Informer

Top 10 npc

Olympiad Manager

Events :



Trivia Event


Web site : (Our website need work yet but we will change it )

Thx for read
L2 adZone / Re: [L2jRussian] L2 Evo INTERLUDE Grand Opening 27.07.2014 !!!!
« Last post by Ev0 Owner on July 25, 2014, 05:07:22 AM »
2 days left guys !!!! ;)
L2 adZone / Re: [L2J]Trinity PvpSErver beta mode is on!
« Last post by Raion on July 25, 2014, 04:53:58 AM »
L2Packs & Files / Re: [WTS] Professional Lineage 2 Updaters 3.10Euro
« Last post by nightwolf on July 25, 2014, 03:40:42 AM »
L2 adZone / L2Draconian x105 Interlude live soon
« Last post by L2Draconian on July 25, 2014, 03:33:22 AM »
Get ready for the ultimate gaming experience at our server ( interlude)!
Our server provides you a balanced gameplay, and its supervized by an international staff.

Starting Beta on 30.07.2014 19:00 GMT+2


Server chronic: Lineage II The Chaotic Throne: Interlude

Server rates:

XP x105, SP x105, Adena x105, Drop Items x85, Drop Spoil x85, Drop RaidBoss x25, Drop RaidBoss Jewelery x1, Drop Quests x20, Quest Reward x25, Manor x2, Seal Stone x3.

Max. Enchant amount 16
Enchant Scroll rate 66%
Bless Enchant Scroll rate 75%

*Rates shown on quests mostly, it does not mean that all quests will be on such Rate (must be good for the economy on the server)!

Profession prices (subclass free):
1 profession free*
2 profession free*
3 profession free*

*Prices are optimal for Rates x105, in early game adena hevo some importance.

Server features:

][ Full working skill, on the global balance.
][ Full working all quests.
][ GM shop up to B grade(including mats rcp)
][ Full NPC Buffer(scheme too).
][ RWorking Fortress, Clan Hall.
][ Castle Siege.
][ Mammonai without 7signs period.
][ Global gk.(catas+necros included)
][ Commercial Geodata.
][ Full fixed all Raid / Grand Boss (Frinteza, Sepulchers, Ice Queen, etc.)
][ Working cursed weapons.
][ Auto Events: TvT, DM, CTF.
][ 1h Buff time(cat & unicorn retail like).
][ Caradine letter in shop.
][ offline shop/crafting

][ custom commands : .repair
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