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L2 adZone / [Open Soon 13/09] L2 OvC - 100% PVP 100% FUN ! [High Rated Server]
« Last post by L2OvC on September 12, 2014, 05:53:51 PM »

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Dear players,
The server is currently under development to season 4and will be Opened at 13/09/14.
Stay turned, this is going to be the best experience you have ever had playing L2, Guaranteed!

Main events
:: Battlefield -
:: Domination (KOTH) -
:: Escort -
:: Siege -
:: TvT -
:: CTF -

Faction events
:: Faction God -
:: Faction Castle -
:: Wisdom Test -
:: Rescue the Princess -

Mini events
:: Deathmatch -
:: Last Man Standing -
:: Lucky Chests -
:: Simon Says -
:: Zombies VS Humans -
:: Russian Roulette -
:: Korean TvT -
:: Raid in the Middle -
:: Mutant -
:: Bomb Fight -

:: Aden Castle Siege -
:: Theifs -
:: Farming Zones -
:: Temporary Faction Change -
:: Newbie Zone -
:: Rebirth System -
:: Tournaments System -
:: Achievements System -
:: Personal Vote System -
:: Gear Dependent Reward System -
:: Chaos Blacksmith -

Voiced commands
:: .info - used in main events to show the top 3 players, the score of each team, the goal of the current map and to see own score
:: .register / .unregister - used to participate or leave a mini event
:: .msgon / .msgoff - show/hide killing spree messages on screen
:: .timeleft - shows how much time left until next map / faction event / mini event
:: .radaron / .radaroff - show/hide the arrow and the points in the radar during a main event
:: .scoreon / .scoreoff - show/hide the scorebar during an event
:: .playalone / .playinparty - turn on/off random parties while joining events
:: .menu / .commands - shows the list of available voiced commands ingame
:: .joinparty - auto join a party during a main event
:: .sb-tr, .sb-tc, .sb-tl, .sb-bc, .sb-br - change the position of the scorebar on the screen

:: 5 Members maximum in main events
:: Only one healer allowed in a party
:: 3 Parties maximum in a command channel
:: Advanced exp / adena sharing system

:: No clan penalties
:: 15 Members maximum in main clan
:: 5 Extra members for every royal guard/royal knight the clan has
:: 2 Clans maximum in an alliance
:: Free leveling up to level 2
:: Levels 3, 4 and 5 requires quest items (buyable from GM shop)
:: Levels 6, 7 and 8 requires reputation points

:: Start everyday at 18:00 GMT +2 until 22:00 GMT +2
:: Fights regardless of player's faction
:: 5 Players required to start olympaid
:: 1 Week cycle - 1/4 hero reward
:: Hero skills not useable during events

:: The Chaos Machine -
:: Rate 60% (65% for B-grade items)
:: Safe +3 (+4 for full armor)
:: Max +16

:: Server based on aCis latest revision
:: Commerical geodata
:: Lameguard anti bot protection
:: Team balancing system
:: Anti AFK protection
:: Anti farm protection
:: Balanced classes
:: Hyperfilter DDoS protection
:: Maps voting system
:: Events voting system

Custom items
:: Wind of Change - use to change faction pernamently
:: Noble Coin - use to become noble
:: Box of Luck - use to get a random reward
:: Proof of Valor - use to gain 500 reputation points
:: Tattoo of Factions - use to gain a small pdef/mdef/speed bonus - not useable in olympiad.
:: Book of Names - use to pernamently change your name
:: Book of Rebirth - used to learn a rebirth skill
:: Skull of the Forgotten - used to reset rebirth skills

Custom skills
:: Bladedancers have been given dances level 2 as self buffs with better stats.
:: Swordsingers have been given songs level 2 as self buffs with better stats.
:: Elven Elders have been given Clan MP Heal and Clan HP Heal skills.
:: Shillen Elders have been given CP Battle Heal and Party CP Heal skills.

:: AIO scheme buffer NPC (all buffs except summons)
:: Buff slots 24 + 4
:: 4 Hours bufftime
:: Cubics casted on self stay after death
:: Buffs kept when dying
:: Canceled buffs are returned after 7 seconds
:: Summons keep their buffs upon resummoning
:: Anti buff skill
:: Necro summons can only receive speed buffs
:: Self buffs doesn't count in buff slots

Core features
:: All grandbosses enabled
:: Starting level 74
:: Free 3rd class change
:: Subclass free at level 76
:: Subclass starting level 75
:: /unstuck 20 seconds
:: Small chance of getting enchant scrolls when killing enemies
:: Special farming zone for spoilers
:: Players can be spoiled
:: 10 Seconds spawn protection
:: No death penalties
:: Increased weight
:: Increased inventory slots
:: Noble buyable at GM shop
:: Auto learn skills (excluding divine insipration)
:: Auto loot (excluding bosses)
:: Global vote reward (hopzone / topzone)
:: Olympiad time left until period ends announce on login
:: Announcements appears when raidbosses/grandbosses spawn or die
:: Trade chat is faction chat
:: Shout chat is region chat and will show player's faction
:: Only players with level 3 title or above can open and close doors
:: Mana potions 5 seconds reuse - 200 MP recovery
:: Blessings will be given to the losing team during main events when ratio is 30% : 70%
:: Players can use up to 7 items at once in a macro without getting blocked by flood protector
:: Dueling enabled
:: Armor expertise penalty
:: Special titles system - better titles when making progress ingame
:: Special killing spree system
:: Clan wars enabled - can declare a war againts clans of enemy faction
:: Dualboxing disabled by HWID

:: Augmenter
:: AIO Buffer
:: Skill enchanter
:: GM Shop
:: Teleporters
:: Class Manager
:: Faction Manager
:: Event Manager
:: High Priest
:: Warehouse
:: Symbol Maker
:: Wedding Preist
:: Siege Manager
:: Olympiad Manager
:: Tablet of Information
:: Rebirth Manager
:: Blacksmith of Mammon

Private stores
:: Increased slots
:: Offline shops enabled
:: Auto disconnect after 2 days
:: Stores restored after server restarts
:: Dedicated store zones

:: Requires: 1,000 Adena and Formal Wear
:: Rewards: teleport to partner

Some screenshots from previous L2 OvC server:

L2 Staff Recruitment / Re: We are looking for partners.
« Last post by L2Ghost on September 12, 2014, 05:40:47 PM »
Still looking for Partner

Skype: live:lineageghost

L2 adZone / L2J L2 High Five EMPIRE x15 Fresh
« Last post by l2highfive on September 12, 2014, 04:30:30 PM »

Lineage 2 High Five
Join now -bonus for new players seek GM


Info Server:
Protect server

DDoS Protection
Experience (EXP)15x
Skill Points (SP)15x
RatePartyXp 1.5x
RatePartySp 1,5x
Adena 20x
Spoil 15x
Sealstone drop 15x
Quest Experience(EXP) 10x
Quest Skill Points (SP) 10x
Quest Adena 10x
Quest Drop Items 10x
Weight Limit 10x
Manor 4x
Fishing 5x
Safe Enchant 4
Max. Enchant 20
Normal Scroll chance 57%
Blessed Scroll chance 65%
Elemental Max. Level 7
Elemental Stone chance 45%
Elemental Crystal chance 30%
Elemental Jewel 10%
Scheme buffer
2 hours buff time.
Buffs slot 24+4
Dance/Song slots 12
Olympiad: 2 week
periods ends at 1 and 15 of all months.
Master items work
Auto loot on
Auto loot for raidbosses off
Auto learn skills on
Vitality system on
Subclass 3
Free subclass quest
Subclass max level 83
Offline shops
PvP Color System
Aio System
Global GK
GM Shop
Up to S-Grade Weapons, Armors and Jewels only
All blacksmiths in giran, MAMMON too
Special Shop
Exchange your event currency for useful items.
Vote Reward System
Event Team vs Team -Classis
TVT Event
Achievements Event
Every Friday Event exp/sp 30x

Custom NPC:
Global Gatekeepr
GM Shop
Castle Control Npc
Achievements Npc
Event Npc
TVT Event Npc
Bug Report Npc
Scheme Buffer Npc
Premium Scheme Buffer Npc
Devel Npc
Vote Reward Npc
Event shop
Test shop Npc
Teleporter Npc

Custom Feature:
Premium Acc x2
Community bord Work- ALT+b--> (GMshop,BUFF,GLOBALGK,Service,Classes,Statistics,R ANG PVP)
pvp color and Reward system
Rang PVP System
Olympiad Anti-Feed system
Daily Event System
FakePcs System
Pc Bangs System
Champions Mobs
Auto Restart GameServer
Anti Botting system
Secondary Auth protection
Class Balance system
Offline Shop system
Special Commands
plsss dont waste your time on this server!!!!
« Last post by L2neo on September 12, 2014, 02:50:10 PM »


Server security from bots (L2Walker, L2Net, L2Tower, etc) provides LameGuard.
Security from all kinds of ddos attacks provides HyperFilter.COM

Server rates:

Xp / Sp - 75x
Aden - 45x
Drop - 20x
Spoil - 20x
Quest Reward - 10x (Not for all)
Quest Drop - 5x (Not for all)
Raidboss Drop - 7x
Rate party XP - 1.3x
Zero our Reward - 2x


Olympiad Starts 18:00 (+3 GMT)
Olympiad Ends: 24:00 (+3 GMT)
Hero Changes: Every Sunday 24:00 (+3 GMT)
Olympiad points have to be exchanged on Sunday
Hero Status can be retrieved from Monument of Heroes

Enchantment Rates:

Max Enchant (Weapon / Armor): +16
Max Enchant (Jewelery): +8
Safe Enchant: +4
Simple Scroll: 50%
Blessed Scroll: 55%

Augmentation chance:

NG Skill Chance: 0%
Mid Skill Chance: 5%
Hight Skill Chance: 10%
Top Skill Chance 15%

Grand Boss Respawn Time:

Valakas: 192 +4
Antharas: 168 +2
Baium: 120 +2
Frintezza: 72 +2
Zaken: 48 +2
Queen Ant: 36 +2
Core: 36 +2
Orfen: 24 +2
Barakiel: 6 +1
Simple Raidboss: 18 +2
Additional Information:

22 Buff Slots + 4 buff + 4 debuff
Buff Time 2 hours
Class Change 1- Free | 2- Free | 3- Free
Free SubClass Change
Fully working RaidBosses/GrandBosses
Noblesse with Caradine letter lvl 65 in GM Shop.
Global Olympiad
Auto Learn Skills
Scheme buffer
Ideally balanced classes (accomplished in Olympiad environment)
Pvp Zone: Antharas, Baium, Valakas.
Near Frintezza NPC - PVP zone.
Added newest geodata.
Twitch stream 24/7

L2 adZone / True PVP Server Gracia Final
« Last post by L2Enliven on September 12, 2014, 02:41:59 PM »
L2 Enliven is a truly custom server, it would be too difficult to describe is as a high rate or low rate all I can offer you is the informations in our website/forum, and decide for yourself.

One things for certain, you've never seen a server like ours!
L2 adZone / [L2OFF] L2MxC Servers X5 and X70 JUST STARTED, FRESH SERVER
« Last post by LOW RATE on September 12, 2014, 01:47:07 PM »
Lineage 2 Official Files Server L2MxC IS JUST STARTED, FRESH SERVER JOIN NOW!
L2 adZone / [L2JL2Outlaw Fully Customized PvP Server[Fresh Start,Just Wiped]
« Last post by CorruptedEmperor on September 12, 2014, 01:27:27 PM »


L2Outlaw is a truly custom server, it would be too difficult to describe is as a high rate or a low rate all I can offer you is the information below, and decide for yourself.

One things for certain, you’ve never seen a server like ours!

Server features:

Automatic Updater
Makes life so much easier, Instead of messing around with your hosts, all you need to do its download our updater and place it in your Lineage II folder and run it, and your on the server. Dav creates new patches constantly and actively adds them into the update server, making it much easier to distribute them to players, so it’s recommended you run your updater at least every time there’s a new change log.

Wondrous Cubic
The Wondrous Cubic is an all in one item that offers basic functions such as a Global Gatekeeper, GM Shop, Skill Enchantment, Augmentation, Symbol Maker, and Class Upgrades. The Cubic also provides some more advanced features like our In-Game Password Changer, and allows you to view detailed stats of your character, such as Critical Damage Multiplier, Vamp Absorb %, Healing Power, Skill Reuse, and much more.

Community Board
Much like other L2j servers, our community board shows who is online, but what really makes it special is that you can click on anyone’s name and it will bring you to that character’s Equipment Viewer, which displays all of the player’s equipped items, level, and class. It also keeps a Top 20 List that can be sorted by either PvP’s, PK’s, and Fame. The list is updated every 5 minutes.

Mysterious Merchant & Other NPCs
The Mysterious Merchant is L2Outlaw’s choice custom trader that holds almost all of the equipment you need other than S Grade items, which are purchased through the GM Shop in the Wondrous Cubic. You can find the Mysterious Merchant in all towns. The L2Outlaw Blacksmith’s main function is to craft the Bars and Ingots your need to create higher tier equipment, for a small fee of course. He can also exchange element stones for element crystals and gemstones, and trade Top-Grade lifestones for glittering medals. The Cat Prophet is L2Outlaw’s default NPC Buffer and can be found in every town. The PvP Merchant is where you trade the Fame and PvP Tokens you get for items and consumables, she can be found in Gludin and Giran. L2Outlaw has a fully automated Donation NPC, where you input your Paypal transaction ID and receive L2Outlaw Tokens, which can be traded for special consumables only available to donators such as name change, race change, subclass/mainclass swap, sex change, PvP increaser, +15 skill enchanter, and much more.

Items & Equipment
L2Outlaw has many custom items to offer such as custom armor, weapons, accessories and consumables. Diverse armor sets and weapons along with over 100 accessories, all having unique properties to customize your character any way you want, although some are more difficult to obtain. Dynasty and Vesper Jewelry are augmentable with normal lifestones, as are Leather Belts (normal jewelry requires Accessory Life Stones.) . The top tier weapons like Titanium and Dread offer special skills, Titanium weapons grant the active skill ‘Sudden Flash’, which gives you 4 seconds of 100% critical chance, skill critical chance, and +100 attack speed/casting speed. Dread weapons do not give you an active skill, but rather an on-crit chance debuff skill. The skills are different weapon to weapon, some of them include; Hex Absolute, Rigor Mortis, Departed Soul, Soma Ataxia, Life Void, Septic Bloodia, Morbid Soul, and Grave Anemia. Each having their own nasty effect. But of course I cannot list all of L2Outlaw’s custom items, come see them for yourself.

Farming Zones
The current farming areas are Ruins of Despair, Cemetery, and Cave of Trials. Cave of Trails is an S80 only zone, meaning only S80 equipment and below can be worn, this makes COT a friendly area for new players. Ruins of Despair is a Non-KS solo zone, meaning unless someone is in your party or clan, if you hit a mob first no one else can attack it so long as you keep it targeted. Cemetery is a party/solo zone, with some of the more difficult mobs that drop the materials needed to create the higher end equipment.

Castle Sieges
The number of siegeable castles have been reduced to 4. Sieges are held every weekend, Giran and Aden take place on Saturday and Goddard and Rune take place on Sunday. Ancient Cloaks are rewarded to all clan members as long as they hold a castle, Castle Lord Cloaks are rewarded to the clan leader and the clan leader’s spouse. The Castle Lord Cloak’s bonus vary depending on which castle they own. The clan is rewarded with items such as consumables that spawn in the Castle Vault periodically over the course of ownership.

Nobless & Olympiad & Heroes
You can receive Nobless status 1 of 2 ways, you can either purchase Caradine’s Letter out of the Mysterious Merchant, or you can Raid Flame of Splendor Barakiel (the Nobless quest is not required for this.) All you need to do is hit Barakiel before she dies, and you will automatically gain Nobless status. However, just being Nobless dose not qualify you to join the Grand Olympiad games, you must be level 86 or higher and have more than 600 PvP’s to be able to participate. The Grand Olympiad games run for 2 weeks, at the of of which heroes will be chosen on the 2nd Saturday of the period. The times at which the Grand Olympiad games run are different everyday, the times are staggered throughout the week so each day as a different start time to accommodate people from all time zones. Heroes receive 2 custom hero skills depending on race, a mage skill and a fighter skill, except Kamaels and Dwarves, who only get 1 skill.

PvP Towns
Gludin and Orc Village are the only towns that are not safe zones. But at the same time they are not combat zones, meaning you still PK. Orc Village, like Cave of Trails is an S80 only zone creating a o.O friendly environment for beginner PvP without having to worry about top geared players ruining your fun. Unlike Cave of Trials however you cannot have a party in Orc Village. Gludin is where all event NPC’s appear and is a non-gear-restricted area. After you reach 3000 PvPs in Orc Village you will no longer obtain PvP’s while inside Orc Village. Gludin also has a restriction on PvPs but different, there is no PvP limit in Gludin but after 3000 pvps if you kill a player with under 50% of your current PvP score, you will not gain a PvP Point, Fame, or Clan Reputation.

There are many Customized Raid Bosses with improved AI that will give you a much more difficult time than your average Boss. They also use an array of skills and debuffs that increase their difficulty to give you a unique raiding experience. These Bosses have a variable respawn time that ranges from 3 days or up to a week, which makes them hard to camp, and very hard to kill, but worth it, so bring your friends!

Custom Classes & Skills
Classes like Spectral Dancer, Sword Muse, Doomcryer, Shillen Saint, Eva’s Saint, and Hierophant have been given skills to change their play style and over all make them more enjoyable classes to play. There are many skills that have been customized to give different, better or more stats than retail, there are even some completely new ones, but none are as impressive as the Forbidden Skills, not to be confused with Forgotten Skills. The complete list of Forbidden Skills can be viewed at the NPC, Hakenstern in Giran. PvP skills are obtained by increasing your PvP count, once you get it, it’s yours to use whenever. PvP Skills include Bless the Body (heals and increases max HP) Might/Empower, Bless the Soul (heals target for 3k MP) Focus, Increase Weight, Death Whisper, Wind Walk, Breserker’s Spirit, and many more.

There are 3 Instances as of yet, all ranging in entry requirements, difficulty, and re-entry times. Kamaloka has been reworked and customized, the entry NPC Sabriel can be found in Gludin, a special instance of Dragon Valley Cave has been created with mini bosses to accompany all the way to the Heart, the entry NPC Malkion can be found in Giran. There is also a Raid Boss instance that offers you the choice of 1 Raid Boss to kill, after you kill the boss you have chosen the instance will end automatically, the entry NPC Cahira can be found in Aden. As per usual each instance is timed, in the event you do not complete any instances in time the instance will break and you will be sent to the nearest town.

Events have been automated every 4 hours, the server will randomly pick an event between Team vs Team, Capture the Flag, Death Match, Castle Siege, and VIP Events. All participants are rewarded with Event Medals which can be saved up and exchanged for Glittering Event Medals. Losers will be rewarded 1/3 of the total reward. In addition to Event Medals, the winning team will receive a Medal of Victory. There is Anti-AFK protection so don’t even think about joining and walking away, you will get kicked from the event!

L2Outlaw is an ever changing server.. Dav, our Owner/Developer strives for perfection by constantly releasing almost daily patches. Patch Notes can be found in the Change Log. With Dav’s talented abilities you can expect much more fun and interesting content in the near future.

Come try it, you won’t be disappointed!

L2 adZone / [L2OFF] L2Cryptonite x100 Interlude Server
« Last post by L2Cryptonite on September 12, 2014, 12:57:46 PM »

The server's features.

The world of Cryptonite, 100x will contain nearly all features of the first Interlude Cryptonite we launched. We want to bring Cryptonite back the way you used to enjoy it and try our best to make it even better.
Next to all of this we find it important to introduce some new stuff that will keep players amused and entertained. We would like to give you the feeling that there's always something to do and/or achieve - without harming the gameplay so that it will result into an excessive amount of things that are to be farmed.

    Chronicle: Interlude
    Cryptonite will be a Lineage II: Interlude server. It will be 95% similar to the old L2Gold Server. We will remove/tweak features we think are poorly thought of and add features to make it a pleasant server to play on.
    EXP: xp100x / sp100x / adena50x (all adena is divided by 100/all shops prices
    The server will be 100x. There are occasions/areas where your experience is increased or decreased.
    Auto-learn: All class-skills
    All class-skills are auto-learned as you level up.
    Max Armor Enchant: Unlimited
    The maximum enchant on armory is Unlimited.
    Max Weapon Enchant: Unlimited
    The maximum enchant on weaponry is Unlimited. The enchant-rate success-rate is increased.
    GM Shops: Available
    The GM Shops will assist you in the world of Cryptonite.

    Misc. Shop
    Armor Shop
    Weapon Shop
    Aug. Blacksmith Balanced System
    Occupation Manager
    Once you have completed 3 rebirths you need to collect various items from the following raid bosses in order to become a Noblesse! You need 4 crowns which can be dropped from: Available - Death Lord Hallate (Black Crown)
    - Kernon (Gold Crown)
    - Longhorn Golkonda (Red Crown)
    - Shilen's Messenger Cabrio (Silver Crown)
    Now, once you have collected those 4 Crowns and you are 3 rebirthed and level 78. You go to Aden Castle Town, and walk up the stairs, toward the church and talk to our Noblesse Manager named Eddy Wally. Global Gatekeepers are available to centralize the population, create more PvP and ease your gameplay.
    AIO NPC Buffers
    Most buffs will be provided through the NPC Buffer. This is done to balance PvP and to create ease for players.1h Buffs +Buff presets (24Buffs Slots + anti-buffs)

    Castle Sieges: 2 week-cycle
    The Aden, Giran and Innadril Castle Sieges are once every two weeks. Clan leaders of winners receive Captain Badges that they can exchange for various clan rewards.
    The Grand Olympiad: 1-week cycle
    The Grand Olympiad to see who excells in strategic, slower-paced PvP.
    Elven Fortress: Hunting Area
    The Elven Fortress solo-hunting area.
    Apella Armory: S-Grade
    The powerful Apella Armory, increases your character's general stats. Obtained by craft. NOT REFINING SYSTEM! We have disable it because takes to mutch time!
    +Advanced Phoenix Armory
    Phoenix Weaponry: S-Grade
    The powerful L2Gold Weaponry, You can get them from Raid Bosses.
    Chaotic zones: Enforced PvP areas
    Some areas are designed to enforce/stimulate PvP by making them Chaotic Zones. In Chaotic Zones, the PvP flag status is not needed to initiate on your enemies. Note that in these zones you can get karma if you PK a person but you cannot drop items.
    Improved AOE System...
    This system disallows players to be (i.e) mass-resurrected through walls, or (i.e) being able to receive heals through walls.
    Other Features
    Globally increased c.speed / a.speed
    Full clan system
    24 Buff slots
    Offline shop

VOTING EVENT at September 12th-14th!
What you have to do? You just need to vote for server and after voting you will get 30 medals, 15 more than always! Event end September 14th 23:59 GMT+3!

Olympiad Points EVENT!
Player with biggest count of Olympiad Points will win 10 TOP Life Stones and 2 BEWS! Winner we will announce at September 13th!

PVP Points Event!
Two players with biggest count of PVP Points at September 15th will be awarded 15 TOP 76 LvL Life Stones and VIP COIN for each!

Lucky Offline Shop EVENT in ADEN!
Everyday from September 12th till 21th one of Aden offline shops will be awarded by VIP COIN! Leave your offline shop and you can be lucky one!


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