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L2 LimboFreya 172

  • Date Added: 2011-11-25 04:24:45
  • Owner: limbo
  • Website:
  • Server Status:
  • Server Language: Argentina
  • Server Geolocation: United States
  • Server Platform / Type: L2J Normal
Server Rates
  • Exp: 75
  • Sp: 75
  • Drop: 75
  • Adena: 75
  • Safe Enchant: 4
  • Max Enchant: 18
Good to know
  • GM Shop:
  • NPC Buffer:
  • Global GK:
  • Custom Zone:
  • Custom Weapon:
  • Custom Armor:
  • Offline Shop:
Scocial share
Vitality System

Custom Global Gatekeeper

NPC Buffer (Incluye perfil)

Eventos cada una hora TvT/Round Event/CTF Events

Monster event situado en medium zone con especiales drop (spawn cada 2 hs)

System reward por voto

Zonas PvP/Farm custom

1 horas de Buff

Clases y skilles balanceados

Geodata & Pathnodes full 100%

Spawn Protection on

Items drop: Blue limbo

Reward: Silver limbo

Dualbox permitido


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