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  • Added: 2010-04-30 19:35:13
  • Owner: l2gang
  • Server Geolocation:
  • Server Language: RO
  • Chronicle: HighFive
  • Website:
Check Lineage 2 server
  • EXP Rate: 1000
  • SP Rate: 1
  • Adena Rate: 1
  • Drop Rate: 1
  • Safe Enchant: 3
  • Max Enchant: 10
Good to know
  • GM Shop: Yes
  • NPC Buffer: Yes
  • Global GK: Yes
  • Custom Zone: Yes
  • Custom Weapon: No
  • Custom Armor: No
  • Offline Shop: Yes

* 1000x Rates
* +3 Safe Enchant
* +10 Max Enchant
* 33% Enchant Rates
* \"NPC Buffers\" & \"GM Shops\"
* Buff time 4 hours.
* 28 Buff Slots
* 12 Song&Dance Slots
* TvT Every Hour .
* Hero Every Week
* 3 Hours Olympiad every day
* Custom Economy.
* Custom Playground.
* Custom Events.
* All Grandboss Level 80, spawn 1 Week
* Highly secured server.
* Experienced Team.
* Stable. No lag.

A new beginning for everyone! Wipe and update to High Five on 01.12.2011. Unique chance to start from 0 with everyone else.
yscrisaty says:
2012-06-12 02:50:05
Char=PaiDegua Level = 85, 120 Gold Bars pra mim Please.

Refused says:
2012-05-03 05:18:43
fail server. gm friends server

Gries says:
2012-02-14 15:09:42
Nice SirJohnS got ban and char delete cause he offend admin and few mins later He did a reply here, also seems that He knows how to write bullshit verywell Good luck with your new server, maybe there you can offend server staff without get any punishment.

QQGF says:
2012-02-12 06:59:29
Admin Play in one Clan with his friends and they do w/e they want,if u see them on pvp u will get 5k dmg, they ban enemy clan leaders also. Zero balance clases are modified from admin (example dwarfs kill easy Tanks ect) Olympiad is like Freya no like hi5. There are no Hi5 arenas.and arenas are bug Epic Raids are First hit not max damage(lol)

xtremes says:
2012-01-09 18:01:52
if you no donate admin ban you

xtremes says:
2012-01-09 18:01:32
fail sv admin no help you if you lost account or if you forgot password admin ignore you wipe non-stop

Anonymous says:
2011-11-06 04:35:23
Best pvp server!It worth 10/10 in every sector! Very stable!no lag!everyone is very friendly and gm is helpfullness! NO op classes,low enchant so the pvp is fair and stable. Great sieges with lot of pvp! Is reccomended to every who want some action and balanced gameplay!Everyone is welcome!

Teach says:
2011-10-31 08:45:42
the server is not bad, but do not think GM ban me for no reason because I lost a year and the worst threat just because I asked him why? if looking for a server where GM do not think you want and make money but I recommend it godfather only because he wanted to ban me you do not have reasons or supporting evidence; or anything

BMaster says:
2011-09-17 07:19:18
i play at this server after wipe half year + normal balance. server without lags/crashes/rollback/bots donators dont get something extra for donate(can donate for normal items all player can get them with out donate). good GM always nice and make events. i suggest to join this server good online also siege/Hero every week and epics :p

2011-07-15 17:18:48
i cant vote in server

marcelito says:
2011-01-19 12:40:45
elisaldan cannot vote in this home page

1c0 says:
2010-09-13 20:00:46
Server is lag,stable,no rollbacks etc...perfect admins...all skills big enchant and insane dmg... NO donation for buffs,extra skills like some others server where i play before....and admins are very active....come and look !!!

pomek says:
2010-05-22 14:51:05
Very good server good gm and no lags. If you have free time common.

smshr says:
2010-05-06 08:34:44
nice sv, gm always online... nice community :ok:

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