• Added: 2012-11-22 18:02:18
  • Owner: L2Aeron
  • Server Geolocation: FR
  • Server Language: DE
  • Chronicle: HighFive
  • Website:
Check Lineage 2 server
  • EXP Rate: 5000
  • SP Rate: 5000
  • Adena Rate: 5000
  • Drop Rate: 5000
  • Safe Enchant: 16
  • Max Enchant: 16
Good to know
  • GM Shop: No
  • NPC Buffer: No
  • Global GK: No
  • Custom Zone: No
  • Custom Weapon: No
  • Custom Armor: No
  • Offline Shop: No

Rates x5000
Start free with equipped Elegia items and Raid Jewels

GM Shop full, everything for adena

Enchants / Elements 100%
Safe / Max +16
Attribute max lvl 7

All buffs available (except kamael and class specific)
Npc Buffs enchanted +30/+15, 4 hour duration
32+4 buff slots, 16 dances
Mana potions available

Level up zone
Farm zone
Raid zone (clan skills)
PvP zones

PvP Reward

Custom PvP Balance

Heroes selected every week
Castle Siege every week
Territory Wars every week

Cancel and Steal Divinity return buffs
Overbuff protection
Olympiad anti-feed protection
PvP Items can be enchanted, augmented, and elemented

This server has no news added by its owner !
el2player says:
2014-01-28 03:25:55
The server is nice. The balance is decent, compared to all the other server I've ever played as highrates (And I'm playing since C1 - most of you don't know what that is, five chronicles before Interlude). In the Olympiad, I believe that the +6 only system cripples some classes, but overall it is one of the best servers available for pvp and else.

arena2013 says:
2013-03-29 11:14:16
Server are ok, but has unbalance class.

Darkside says:
2013-01-31 02:14:24
bad server,many many bug,

2013-01-12 10:49:53
sure kojo we all intrested what u say but its about srv not me, server sux all cancels op 10 sec reuse 5 buffs down,pvp u get them back but in oly dagger stay without buff vs hell knight, it deletes random buffs not the last ones

Sannitos says:
2013-01-09 10:34:17
Corrupted server, many people running around with over +20 items, and custom donated skills! Don't believe me, just check it: Dont waste ur time here!

kojogr says:
2013-01-05 15:48:17
if u notice... that guy maciekobar is rly weird here in topzone...he makes weird the beggining he is not satisfied with a server and then he says "sry i was mad".srlsy, wtf is wrong with u dude?

2012-12-25 11:40:27
I dont know how people play here, boring server no admin online many bugs unbalance and every facking noob gets barrier in oly, fight 4 luck..

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