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Lindvior L2Media

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  • EXP Rate: 1000
  • SP Rate: 1000
  • Adena Rate: 1000
  • Drop Rate: 1
  • Safe Enchant: 3
  • Max Enchant: 25
Good to know
  • GM Shop: Yes
  • NPC Buffer: Yes
  • Global GK: Yes
  • Custom Zone: Yes
  • Custom Weapon: No
  • Custom Armor: No
  • Offline Shop: Yes

NEW RETAIL LIKE GOD PVP Server Lindvior, DRAGON weapons , lindvior dragon armors, contents added, ANTIBOT / GEODATA , all skills working, constant updates, no corruption, NO WIPE EVER!

NO LAG, 1000+ ONLINE! Join NOW!

2014-06-04 09:58 AM
Lindvior RAID instance added,
Tons of updates made in last months, classes balanced all skills working retail like, new zones, new instances and more events!
Chaos festival and more!

2013-06-07 12:32 PM
All Lindvior Dragon weapons and skills added, all soul epics added, necessery items to upgrade jewels drop from epics retail like and lots of other things added

2013-05-16 01:49 PM
EPEISODION client support added, DUAL CLASS SKILLS ADDED, and lots of new things, read more on our forum

2013-04-11 10:55 AM
Type your newAdded cast effect option for Awakening Toggles.
-Fix Stack Sigel Auras (Rage Aura, Challenge Aura, Etc). They stacking with "Sigel Aura" skill.
-Fix Brillant Purge Skill, now clean all debuff of party members.
-Added "Survival Movement" feature for Yul Archer. This effect has been removed if the caster has been hitted four times (Skill or Physical Attack, miss hits don't counted)
-Added Reflect Physical and Magical Debuff effect por "Mind Resistance" Passive for Yul Archer. 10% of chance (need to check)
-Added Skill Power Reduction for "Rapid Fire Stance".
-Added Skill Power Increase to "Siege Fire Stance".
-Modified Critical Rate Static points add for multiplied points on "Sniper Stance". I.E. Previously add 20 points on level 1, now add 20% corresponding to retail description
-Modified Critical Rate Static points add for multiplied points on "Superior Critical Mastery" for Yul Archer.
-Added Critical Chance to skill "Tornado Shot", "Bow Strike", "Quick Shot", "Pinpoint Shot", "Recoil Shot", "Multiple Arrow", "Heavy Arrow Rain",
-Changed on Final Ultimate Escape #mEvas Table with same name to avoid confusion. Change mDef add to Magic Resist add (like Pre Awakened passives of tank and mage class, who gives mdef and resist to magic), changed substract debuff resist to correct add Cancel Buff Resist. Added Wind Walk and Chance Shock Enchant Route.
-Added Weapon restriction to Atk Speed Multiplier for "Quick Fire". Previously the Yul Archer can use any weapon and reach top Atk Speed without limitation. Added Enchant Shock and Hold Route. Need to check Enchant route 9 issue. Modified generic stack type "buff" to "QuickFire" to avoid problems
-Added Enchant Routes to "Slow Shot".
-On Yul Archer added missing skill power for Enchant routes : "Heavy Arrow Rain", "Slow Shot", "Multiple Arrow", "Recoil Shot", "Impact Shot", "Bow Strike", "Tornado Shot"
-Added Enchant routes to "Mind's Eye"
-Removed PvP Damage from "Phoenix Arrow". On client side don't have powerPvP enchant route.
-Added Enchant distance Route to "Flare". To implement feature.
-Added Trigger "Blessing of Protection" to "Superior Magic Resistance" of Yul Archer.s in here !

2013-03-22 08:49 AM
ANTIBOT ADDED - NO botting possible in lineage 2 media, best antibot added.

2013-03-14 01:23 PM
Type your news in here !small fix Day of Destiny: Human's Fate quest
small fix Not to be forgotten quest
fixed twilight heavy set
fixed kamael male and female cast speed
updated garden of genesis monsters spawns
Cubic Protection fixed
Hawk Cleanse skill added
Hawk Sharp Claw skill added
Superior Magic Resistance small fix
thunder hawk updated retail like stats
tree of life updated
Added new daily quest Plain Mission
Glance says:
2015-01-29 03:14:29
L2 Media is ERTHEIA SERVER now! They have 2 active FB group main and L2Tutorial group for total newbie players in L2!(If you never play l2 it's for you). Many custom Rb with good drop added. Many good team back for pvp on server. And of course nice party area + MOS and GOG done.

Nikito says:
2014-12-18 05:44:42
L2Media looks much better now. You can easily make a +16 weapon. And the server gives you a choice of three options for acquiring the required Currency: called there "gold coins" (gc). You can do instance Spezion Dropped GC 30-55k + 1-8 scrul destruction (needed to enchant items to +20) - instance limit for enter 3 people! You can go to the "party farm" where mobs drop much more GC! You could farm solo: Seed Hellfire, Orbis, Land of chaos, Garden of eva, Gillotine. Media is best for tyrants with full Eq you can farm by mages. Or if u are realy realy new use wyn sumoner he no need any eq. As a player I rate epics fairly easy to come by. If you have a team of 7 persons of which half (3 persons) are able to fire up 1 dual box), you can do Tauti (9-10people to enter) and each one more instance. After a week max 2 have 60-75% equipment: Tauti, Earth wyrm, bless zaken, Frintezza Neckl or Istina / octavis( of course u can camp baium, antharas,valakas). Only bless bless Antharas and Valakas is harder to get! -You can farm many gc and buy it - evrything you can buy for GC! If you have a good team, selling Tauti, earth Wyrms or enchant sets + 16 + 18 GC will come very fast. Also you can sell destruction scruls by 6-7k gc ( ths from spezion or istina). AHHH: Tauti = 1 day reuse, trasken+ teodor ( also drop earth wyrm 50% chance) have 2 days reuse, zaken like on off 3 day per week. Istina is everyday like octavis. Frintezza 2 day in week. Giant scruls that enchant from 1 to 3 allow punching weapons within 2-3 minutes to 16 if you are unlucky it just 10 minutes. Server since September has a new powerful machine without lag's. Bugs are everywhere but the administration is focused on the test Ertheia server. L2Media have 2 very active facebook groups: L2Media profile and second PvP time group with PvP events - clan leders can sey when clan will go for pvp etc. The server is not WIPA 6 years !!!! I will never have it an advantage !!! Players are waiting there for new chronicle and enjoy her news. THE MOST Active clans now: SemperFidelis (POLAND), Illusions (GRECE), 300SPARTANS (BRAZIL), UITED BROTHERS (international), EXILES (International), and many new!

SonOFpain says:
2014-05-13 13:24:58
Bad server, high price on evrything, u must pay in Gold Coins+Eclyum+Dragon Claws, Ej: 75k GC+10k DrCl+5k Eclyum for a weap, drops are 20,2,1 per mob, only way to get epics is donate cos, drop on raid are low that retail, enchant rate sux, Tyrr and dagger OP, Tanks are paper, older chars are bugued inmortals, GM dont care newbis, 0 pvp, L2 Farm.

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