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    High Five BG L2 HOBBIT Mid x25 Start:25/02/2013
    « on: February 24, 2013, 04:46:11 PM »

    Hello dear Bulgarian  players!

    Come and join our new Mid Rate x25 server!

    I'm shure you will like this server because everything working perfect and Admin support is 24/7

    You will find new friends and maybe new love :)

    I wating you come register server web site:

    General Info:


    Server Version: Lineage2 High Five.

    Server Official Start : 25/02/2013


    Server rates:


    Exp: x25

    SP: x25

    Drop: x15

    Spoil: x15

    Adena: x25

    Quest Drop: 5

    Quest Reward: 4

    Quest Exp/SP: 10

    Quest Adena: x25

    RaidBoss Drop: x3

    GrandBoss Drop: x1

    Manor Drop: x4

    Extract Fish: x10

    Safe Enchant: +4

    Maximum Enchant: +16


    • Gameplay


    Max Buff Amount: 30 (+4 Divine Inspiration)

    Dances & Songs: 20 Trigger Buffs: 12

    Auto Loot: Enabled

    Drop Protection: Enabled

    Max Subclasses: 3

    Max Subclass Level: 85

    Subclass and Transformations Without Quest: Enabled

    Auto Class Master: Enabled

    Auto Learn Skills : Enabled

    Dual Box: Enabled


    • Main Features


    Gm Shop 

    Npc Buffer

    Mana Potions

    Global Chat: Enabled 

    Class Master: Auto and free for all on 20/40/76 level

    Gatekeeper Normal

    Color Menager



    • High Five Features


    New quests, items and skills are working.

    Dragon Valley: New quests, raids, mobs, drops and zone buffs are working.

    Seven Signs: Epic quests and instances working till the very last.

    Olympiad: New stadiums, match details, match spectation and olympiad quests are working. Practically, every High Five feature is working, those are just a small example.


    • Instances


    Chamber of Delusion Seed of Destruction Seed of Infinity Kamaloka instaces Pailaka instances Crystal Caverns Tower of Naia Steel Citadel Tully's Workshop Hellbound Town Dark Cloud Mansion 7s Epic Quests Zaken Normal and Hard Freya Easy and Hard Frintezza

    • Automatic Events

    We have many events where our players can spend time and get nice rewards.

    The Event Engine is powered by Phonix Event Engine. Mini Events Single Players fights Party fights Korean Party fights Mini TvT event Main Events Team vs Team Capture the Flag Domination Mass Domination Deathmatch Last Man Standing Advanced Team vs Team Lucky Chests


    • Other Info


     All talismans working as they should.

    Mammons Global Announcement

    Many Passive Events.

    Live Admin Events.


    Server Location: EU

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