Author Topic: [INTERLUDE] New interlude x2000 Few hours for Open!!  (Read 2447 times)

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    [INTERLUDE] New interlude x2000 Few hours for Open!!
    « on: September 28, 2012, 03:14:18 PM »

    Hello People
    After of over 5 months of work i create a really different Interlude server than all that you know!!!
    Please join us and test our features i promise you a different gameplay and not Over Powered
    Class , server will be in BETA for some days
    Join BETA and test our features!!

    -All skills have bigger re-use or Cast time because when you get TOP items that re-use become normal
    -Dont try to make bot for resist buffs you cannot get it all is self buffs(buffer havent resist buffs)
    -DeBuffs: Check ALL DeBuffs WORK 100% and have Really Good Chance here you can play PvP with all Class!!
    -Spoiler BladeDancer Summoners all can play pvp (except buffers) no1 class is overpowered
    -Search and discover our server
    -Items price are expencive for now untill Grand Open (Price depend online)

    -ReWork all Skills/Items & CLass Balance!!!
    -Class Balance for now Class balance is about 80-90%(we dont say lies with your help we will fix balance more than 90%)
    -Full ReWork of Fighters PvP system you can undestand what is that only inside!!!
    -No1 Class is OverPowered all is reworked 100% you can test it!!!
    -We have Unique Armor Mastery System!!!
    -Our server havent any custom item but full edit Official items!!!
    -Our PvP system is 100% unique no1 server have the same !!!
    -Skill Cacnellation dont remove buffs just decrease some stats for some seconds!!
    -Instand 79 LvL!!!
    -Much more Information & Features inside!!!


    -Our Farm System is based on PvP you killl an enemy & drop Grade/Normal PvP Coins!!
    -Normal PvP Coins chance is 100% for drop
    -Grade Coins chance is 65% for drop
    -When you kill an enemy and he wears S Grade armor drop S Grade Coin
    -When you kill an enemy and he wears A Grade armor drop A Grade Coin
    -When you kill an enemy and he wears B Grade armor drop B Grade Coin
    -When you kill an enemy and he wears C Grade armor drop C Grade Coin
    -With Grade Coin you can buy your Gear(really hard system)
    -With Normal PvP Coin you can Sell or Buy items from private stores


    -Our Enchant is really hard we dont have 100% rates or change enchant safe..
    -Max Enchant = +16 for all scrolls
    -Safe Enchant = +3 for all scrolls
    -Normal Scroll - If Enchant fails item broke
    -Crystal Scroll - If Enchant fails item up to +10 will return to +0 from +11 to +16 if fails item will broke
    -Blessed Scroll - If Enchant Fails items not broke
    -You Can see our Enchant rates while you use enchant scrolls and select an item*


    -Giran Town: Shop Zone
    -Gludin Town: You can play PvP with all items
    -Ruins Of Despair: You can play PvP up to B grade
    -Forest Of Dead: You can LvL-Up your sub-class and collect some adena
    -Soon i will add more zones


    -You can buy 4 slot for buffs with PvP coins
    -4 DeBuff slot all DeBuffs last 4-10 SEC (all de buffs work 100% )

    WEBSITE: Click here] L2-swain.com] Click here

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=9654.0

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