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    Features of L2ExtremeWorld.

    *XP/SP x5000.
    *Adena Drop x6000.
    *Ancient Adena[AA] x45-Easy to get AA.
    *Start Adena 150kk,500k[AA].
    *Epic Jewels only from Epics Raids-Easy to kill,100% drop for epic Jewel.
    *Epics Raids drops special drop , like Gold Bars.
    *Enchant rate: Safe 3 , Max 20.
    *Normal Scrolls: 65%.
    *Bless Scroll chance: 80%.
    *Bless Scrolls drop rate: 10%[ Drop only in Custom Zones-Imperial Tomb,Monstery of Silence].
    *Farm-Zones,PvP-Zone [ Primeval Isle] , Safe Farm-Zone [ Gludin,Hunter-Village].
    *Custom Gatekeeper,Custom GM SHOP,Custom Buffer-Scheme Buffer [ Buffs 2 Hours-60 Buffs Slots].
    *Easy Farm , U farm only or adena , ancient adena.
    *Hero Period 1 Week.
    *Siege fully works.
    *Balanced Classes,Skills work on 99% retail like.
    *Augment Skill Chance: 15%.
    *Special Shop with special items, like TOP-Grade LifeStones,and more.
    *Fun Events and more.
    *PvP Color System - 500,1000,1500,2500,5000.
    *PvP System with reward.
    *Announce Castle Lords/PvP/Pk.
    *Special zones where u farm Bless Scrolls B,A,S.
    *DDoS packet protections system.
    *Flood protection.
    *Bot/L2Walker protection avaible.

    For more information visit our site: http://l2extremeworld.weebly.com
    Have fun, we hope to see you there. :)

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      i cant see what u say :)

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