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    [L2J] L][WOB 20/04 18;00
    « on: April 19, 2012, 12:10:54 PM »

    http://l2wob.com/index.php >1= reg >2=patch ;d
    About server
    • PvP Interlude x7777 server with additions!
    • Safe grinding 7, maximum 45.
    • Blessed Scroll Enchant Armor / Weapon enchanted when an item does not break down and grind to dump 7.
    • Classic Olympics!
    • At the start you appear 80th level and 1kkk Not allowed (Aden).
    • Armor and weapons from the chronicles of GoD!
    • Weapons of Aion!
    • A new jewelry, Tutt, shields, helmets, wings!
    • On the server you do not have to insert the clock LSy, drugs are sold at the skills Npc!
    • Automatic opening event!
    • Unique currency server!
    • Results can be achieved through the game!
    • Buffs after death does not fall off!
    • New monsters, bosses, Npc!
    • Convenience stores, and Global Civil baffer with profiles!
    • Unique and entertaining quests!
    • There is a drop from your PC!
    •. Menu to protect your account.
    • Endless nipples arrows.
    • There are no penalties for the clan, etc.
    • When taking the subclass, the level of your character is 80th.
    • Occupation is taken in a couple of clicks from a special Npc.
    • Implementation of chronicles Interlude as close as possible to the official server.


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