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    L2Khadia a midrate Interlude server based on official files.

    Basic Features

    45x Experience
    1x Party experience
    200x Adena
    70x Skill point

    Farming Features

    Three farming areas; where you can optain Special materials to create your equipment.
    1.Dragon valey cave: This Zone is designed to farm A grade items and level up, till you are strong enough to step into the next Area.
    Drops: Adena, A grade crystals, A grade gemstone, khadia armor and weapon coin.
    2.Elven Fortress: After gaining A grade Items and reacheing level 74+, you can start to farm for your S grade Items. This area is for single player.
    Drops: Adena, S grade crystals, S grade gemstones, Khadia armor and weapon coin.
    3.Giants Cave: Our party area, which has huge amounts of drops. We suggest single players to randomly party up, since this area has great benefits (~1000% more drops).
    Drops: Adena, S grade crystals, S grade gemstones, Khadia armor and weapon coin, a very low chance of dropping Blessed enchant scrolls.

    Skill Features

    All Interlude skills are working for 99%.
    All skills from the previous Chronicles are working as well.
    Hero skills are only usable at your main class.

    Npc Features

    In Giran center you will find the following Npcs: Classchanger, Gmshop, Subclass manager, Miscshop, Buffer npcs, Warehouse keeper/Freightman, Symbol maker and all the grand masters.
    Gm shop is up to S grade, however you need to farm Special materials to be able to buy S and A grade Items.
    Misc shop provides you with all the misc. you need, like potions, ss and scrolls.
    Class manager lets you change your class for a little amount of Adena.
    Subclass manager makes it easier to make subclass. No quest is needed just 750kk adena. For nobless you have to do full quest, but we sell basic quest items for adena.
    Buffer Npc helps you with second class buffs only, to make farmng a little bit easier.

    Raid boss features

    We picked 16 raid bosses lvl 76+ and gave them special drops respawn time 12h +/- 1h
    Barakiel respawn time 6hrs ( chaotic area )

    Epic raidboss areas are chaotic
    Ant Queen respawn time 24 hours +/- 2h
    Zaken respawn time 48 h +/- 4h
    Baium respawn time 72 h +/- 6h
    Antharas respawn time 96 h +/- 8h
    Valakas respawn time 120 +/- 10h

    Game features

    Buffs last 1 hour, but Cat and Unicorn buffs are retail like.
    We increased the weight of all charakters.
    Also changed the max. inventory slots to a higher amount of slots.
    Max enchant is 16.
    Enchant rate for Mages till +15 is 40%, then 20%
    Enchant rate for Fighter till +15 is 50%, then 25%
    Armor enchat is retail like 66%
    Auto-Learn Skills.
    Cursed Weapons Zariche and Akamanah.
    New chars start with a No grade Helpers pack.

    Olympiad features

    We have a 2 weeks Olympiad period.
    The only restriction we have in oly is raid jewels.
    Infinity weapons have the same p.atk and m.atk as a regular +8 s wespon.

    Siege features

    Every week we will hoste Castle Sieges for 2 castles.
    Maximum amount of castles siegeable are 4.
    Castle lords gain a passive bonus for their whole clan.

    Machine Features

    CPU: Intel Xeon Quad Core 4x3,5GHz
    RAM: 24 GB DDR3-RAM
    HDD: 2x300GB SAS-HDD
    100 Mbit connection
    Unlimitted Traffic

    This might get edited, so be sure to check it out again tonight.


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