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L2 Zen has a great community and staff to ensure a fun, stable, lag free environment.

NEW Site! www.L2Zen.com
How to Connect:

(Requires Freya Client) http://www.gamepron.com/file/528/Lineage-II-The-Chaotic-Throne-Freya-Client/

1. Download our Patch here.
Mirror 1: http://www.No links to files/?7pmyb1rdgxedc8w

Mirror 2: http://l2zen.com/L2Zen_Patch_2_2.rar

2. Extract it to your Lineage II.

3. Start the game using the L2.exe inside your system folder and log in! *Auto account creation on log in

(Full feature list coming soon..)


SP    100X
Adena    500X
Item Drop    2X
Spoil Drop    2X
Enchant Rate    66%
Blessed Enchant    66%
Safe    +4
Max    +25
Party XP    2X
Party SP    2X

Event's are held every 2 hours.

Team Vs. Team (TvT) - Two teams battle for victory. The team with the most kills after 10 minutes wins.

Team Vs. Team Rounds (TvTR) Two Teams battle for victory. There are 3 rounds, the team that wins the majority 2/3 wins.

Last Hero - This is a 1 round deathmatch event. The winner will receive hero status until they log out or the server restarts.

Instances and Fame

Try out our custom instances and earn rewards and fame. Spend your fame points on stat enhancing cloaks!
Aerial Cleft

Bring your friends to the Aerial Cleft for some of the most challenging monsters and raid bosses on the server. These monsters yield high rewards.
Leveling Grounds

Parnassus (1-25) - Solo

Newbie Grounds (25-80) - Solo

Chromatic Highlands (80-85) Solo

Wild Beast Reserve (80-85) Solo

Valley of Saints (85+) Solo

Enchanted Valley (85+) Group/Solo

Cave of Trials (85+) Group/Solo

Nornil's Garden (85+) Group

Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=6224.0

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