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    Hello, Dear Friends

    L2Siren Team presents new interlude server x30.

    For nearly two years we have gathered the necessary information about the preferences players what the optimal settings for the game server We worked well and create good Games and Geodata files Now we would like to invite you to play on New Server, which will start soon Any information about your settings will be available on our website and our forum.

    RateXp = 30x
    RateSp = 30x
    RatePartyXp = 2x
    RateAdena = 50x
    RateDropItems = 20x
    RateSpoilItems = 15x
    RateRaidDropItems = 7x
    RateQuestDrop = 10x
    Safe Enchant = 3
    Safe Max Enchant = 4
    Enchant MaxWeapon = 16
    Enchant MaxArmor = 16
    Enchant MaxJewelry = 16
    Enchant Normal = 50%
    Blessed Enchant = 60% (No Break Item)

    Misc Shop
    Weapon Shop
    Armor Shop
    Event Manager
    Buffer Basic Buff
    Class Manager
    Gk Global With Town Zone and Tower 7s
    Merchant of Mammon in town
    Blacksmith of Mammon in town
    Olympiad System
    Olympiad Start 18:00 end 00:00
    Olympiad period : 2 weeks
    Olympiad min players: 4 (Non-Classed)
    Olympiad min players: 4 (Classed)
    You Need 9 Match And 1 Wins To Be Eligible To Hero.
    Class change free
    Subclass free
    Noblesse questable/buyable
    Buff time (2hr)
    NPC Buffer (without resist)
    Mana Potion
    Castle/Clan hall Working
    Olympiad heroe (2weeks)
    Dualbox allowed
    Auto learn skills
    Max buff 26 (+4) (Read Forum)
    Debuff bar working
    Vote Reward System : 1 FA every 5 votes
    Bugless geodata
    Autolearn skills
    TvT Event each (2hr)
    TvT Reward : 1 FA
    Friendly GM Staff
    Regular updates
    GM events
    Active staff
    Fair donations, no donation for weapons, armors or enchants unlike other servers
    Player's spawn protect: 60 sec
    Main City: Giran Town
    When a char is started will be received with 50k adena
    Gm Shop until B-grade
    A - S grade need craft
    Trading SealStones
    .allow_xp / Disabled and Enabled Xp-SP
    Offline shops
    PvP/PK announce
    Champions enabled
    Increased slots WH/shops/manufactures
    Zone Store.

    As I have heard many suggestions on buff slot I decided to create a new system over the slot, This suits everyone.
    The system that was created is this:
    The normal slot of buff now is 26 SLOT + 4 with all divine inspiration, TOTAL 30 SLOT.
    Divine inspiration is not auto learn, Now you can buy some books in the shop "New Shop" and learn it, You slot will increase, Depending of book you will be learn.

    Visit us and enjoy a unique experience!

    Our website - http://l2siren.net/
    Our forum - http://forum.l2siren.net/


    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/greek/40/advertisel2siren-interlude-30x-server-will-live-saturday-15-9-2012/9338/


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      FAIL server min paiksete... stin prwth mera epiasia gm na kanei respawn npc stis catacomves na petaei stous filous tou i stous dikos tou chars items... twra photos mlkies den postaro den goustarw na anoiksw thema.. pantos o server den einai sovares min spatalisete xrono adika


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        stin prwth mera epiasia gm na kanei respawn npc stis catacomves na petaei stous filous tou i stous dikos tou chars items

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