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    Tired of one-day server? Long been in search of the project where you can stay for a long time?
    We invite you to relax a unique craft-server
    The main features of the server is stable, continuous implementation of the missing and necessary game elements.
    We can guarantee you:
    Strongest equipment.
    Guaranteed protection of DDos.
    Good build the server with those competent support and supervision.
    Years of experience with troubled moments.

    Description of server:

    Rates server:
    exp / sp / adena / items / spoil / quests
    20/20 / 10 / 5 / 5 / 2

    The beginning:

    The character appears in TopNG.
    Trading zone: Giran Castle Town.
    Things you can obtain by craft or farm.

    Currency server:

    MonsterHeart. Mined by pharmacists from the mobs. The higher your level the more chance of loot.
    CoinOfWinner. Mined by pharmaceutical Olympus. For each winning a battle on Olympus you get COW / Or by voting (l2top)
    CoinOfMajeure. Is obtained by donations to the server.

    Gm shop:

    D-Grade, C-Grade [Armor / Weapon / Jewellery] Sells for adena.
    B-Grade [Armor / Weapon / Jewellery] for sale Adena MH.
    A-Grade, S-Grade [Armor / Weapon / Jewellery] for sale COW MH / CoinOfMajeure.

    Proff manager:

    A profession. Free of charge.
    2 profession. Aden.
    3 profession. Farm / adena / quest


    The duration of buffs for 30 minutes.
    24 slots for buff.

    Sub-class Nobless

    Sub class simplifications.
    All the necessary items can be purchased in Gm Shop.
    Nobless spawn boss Barakiel is 8 hours.


    Easy bosses - the chance to drop ekvipa x2.
    Spawn bosses according to simple off the server.
    Epic bosses - the chance to drop epic costume jewelry under the server off.
    Epic bosses spawn off according to the server.


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