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L ][ FC New lineage 2 PvP server Interlude
« on: October 28, 2011, 08:06:37 AM »
Site : http://www.l2fightclub.tk/
Forum : http://l2fc.forum.com.bz/
Chronicle : Interlude / C6
Experience Rate : 2000x
Adena Rate : 4000x
Buff System
- Buffs 3 hours.
- Dances and Songs 3 hours.
- Prophecies' and COV 3 hour.
- Summoners' Buffs 3 hour.
- 5 Debuff slot.
- Clan Npc
- Full Balance
- Noblesse Npc

Enchant System
Safe enchant with normal scrolls for weapons and armors: +3. Max enchant for weapons and armors: +16
Enchant Rate
%80 for Normal scrolls.
%100 for Blessed scrolls.
Special Edits
-Spawn Protection.
*You will be protected for 30 seconds after you teleport. During the 30 seconds you might get hit however you won't take any damage. If you use a skill or move this effect will be gone.
-Auto-Learn Skill.
-Npc Buffers.(all buffs, packet buffs)
-Global Gk.
-Gm Shop.
-Bugless Geodata.
-Active Staff.
-Auto Pickup
-Offline Shop could be used by using the Offline Shop Mekanism Item (Can be purchased from Misc Shop).
Sub Class and Nobless System
-Non quest need for subclass.
-Npc at giran to become a nobles by paying some coins
Olympiad System
-And We have a special olympiad system which we hope you like it. All classes must use armors with their passives(heavy, light, robe) or they will get grade penalty.
-Olympiad is from 18:00 to 00:00 GMT+2 everyday.


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