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    Welcome to Lineage2 Majenta-Moon x15 High Five Server.

    Dear guests,
    We are happy to announce our server's development is finally ended.
    After 2 months collecting our ideas and working on it, we are going to release a brand new High Five server with 100% correspondance to official Server features and formulas.
    The development idea of Majenta-Moon is based l2-scripts.ru source which offers an 100% completed High Five Lineage 2 retail Gameplay.

    Forum: www.majenta-moon.com/forum (PRE-Game Forum Eventsstarted! register in our forums to participate)


    BETA Test Phase: 06.10.2012 19:00 CET, read more here:
    Doors Open at:     07.10.201219:00 CET!
    Our advantages are:
    • We have 3 powerful dedicated servers for all occasions.
    • Implemented the High Five changes.
    • Implemented the new epic quest chain Seven Signs High Five!
    • Implemented Dragon Valley / Lair of Antharas, Antharas, Watcher of Tomb and Valakas on HF
    • Olympics (High Five) - 100% implementation.
    • Fully working Seed of Infinity - all 5 stages, Seed of Destruction and Seed of Annihilation.
    • Territory Battles.
    • Implemented and work all custom skills.
    • Implemented mob eating things - Fortune Bug (Scarab).
    • Multilingual system (English / Russian).
    • Many different Events (TvT, GvG, CaptureTheFlag, LastHero, Gift of Vitality, Glittering Medals, The Fall Harvest, Master Of Enchanting and many others).
    • Working Pailaka, as well as solo and simple Kamaloka.
    • Implemented Frintezza, Sailren, Beleth , Freya (!) and the rest of the bosses.
    • Implemented all the siege (elite) clan hall.
    • Implemented offline trades & offline craft.
    • Full operation of the Seven Seals/Signs.
    • Fully correspondance to official HellBound, including fully Tower of Naia, Tully Workshop, Tower of Infinitum, Anomic Foundry, along with all the bosses and other mechanisms.
    • Full implemented certification, transformation and much more!
    • Kratei Cube
    • All data (NPCs, pets, characters, items, etc.) correspond to the official server.
    • Underground Coliseum.
    • Squad-skills clans.
    • Auction items.
    • Item-Mall  (100%).
    • Squad-skills clans.
    • Energy Agathion.
    • Siege of all elite clan halls (fully correspondance to official)

    • Experience : x15
    • Skill Points: x15
    • Adena: x12
    • Drop: x10
    • Spoil: x10
    • RaidBossDrop:x5
    • GrandRaidBossDrop: x2
    • Quest Drop: x5
    • Quest Reward: x4
    • Rate Extract Fish: x8
    • Vitality System: 1.25/1.5/1.75/2
    • Manor: x2
    • Safe Enchant: 4
    • Max Enchant: 16
    • Normal Scroll Enchant Rate: 52%
    • Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate: 66%
    • Element Stone Rate: 50%
    • Element Crystal Rate: 30%

    Features & Customs:

    • GM Shop: Armors, Weapons and Jewels up to A-Grade. Misc and consumables included.
    • Global Gatekeeper: With all the locations needed
    • Class Master: 1st class transfer Cost: 100,000 Adena. 2nd class transfer Cost: 1,000,000 Adena. 3rd class transfer Cost: 10,000,000 Adena & 5,000,000 Ancient Adena. Reward: Giant's Codex.
    • Buffer: Including Schemes  PP,SE,EE,WH,WC,OL,BD,SWS,Cats! (No Kamael)
    • Mammon: Custom Mammons which allow you to use every function that normal Mammons have.

    NOTE: The Features & Customs are not the final features of the server,more features & customs will be added and will be updated from 3-5 October with full information!

    Protection & Systems:
    • LameGuard - Antibot Protection
    • DDoS Protection for Gameserver & Website (starts from 3/Oct)
    • Vote Reward System
    • PC Bang Point System
    • Prime Shop
    and of course much more implemented features & dedicated configuration you can check on http://majenta-moon.com/features.html.
    There will be many kind of Events before the server starts that all people can participate and win prizes by the 1st Day, in some of them the faster will win!

    PRE-Game Forum Events STARTED! on Tuesday 25-September!

    More information about the PRE-Game Forum Events can be found here: http://majenta-moon.com/forum/index.php?/topic/4-info-pre-game-forum-events-launching-date/

    Will the firstcomers be the luckiest?

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=9633.0

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