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    [INTERLUDE] New interlude x2000 join us!!!
    « on: September 23, 2012, 07:49:41 PM »

    Hello People
    After of over 5 months of work i create a really different Interlude server than all that you know!!!
    Please join us and test our features i promise you a different gameplay and not Over Powered
    Class , server will be in BETA for some days
    Join BETA and test our features!!

    -All skills have bigger re-use or Cast time because when you get TOP items that re-use become normal
    -Dont try to make bot for resist buffs you cannot get it all is self buffs(buffer havent resist buffs)
    -DeBuffs: Check ALL DeBuffs WORK 100% and have Really Good Chance here you can play PvP with all Class!!
    -Spoiler BladeDancer Summoners all can play pvp (except buffers) no1 class is overpowered
    -Search and discover our server
    -Items price are expencive for now untill Grand Open (Price depend online)

    -ReWork all Skills/Items & CLass Balance!!!
    -Class Balance for now Class balance is about 80-90%(we dont say lies with your help we will fix balance more than 90%)
    -Full ReWork of Fighters PvP system you can undestand what is that only inside!!!
    -No1 Class is OverPowered all is reworked 100% you can test it!!!
    -We have Unique Armor Mastery System!!!
    -Our server havent any custom item but full edit Official items!!!
    -Our PvP system is 100% unique no1 server have the same !!!
    -Skill Cacnellation dont remove buffs just decrease some stats for some seconds!!
    -Instand 79 LvL!!!
    -Much more Information & Features inside!!!


    -Our Farm System is based on PvP you killl an enemy & drop Grade/Normal PvP Coins!!
    -Normal PvP Coins chance is 100% for drop
    -Grade Coins chance is 65% for drop
    -When you kill an enemy and he wears S Grade armor drop S Grade Coin
    -When you kill an enemy and he wears A Grade armor drop A Grade Coin
    -When you kill an enemy and he wears B Grade armor drop B Grade Coin
    -When you kill an enemy and he wears C Grade armor drop C Grade Coin
    -With Grade Coin you can buy your Gear(really hard system)
    -With Normal PvP Coin you can Sell or Buy items from private stores


    -Our Enchant is really hard we dont have 100% rates or change enchant safe..
    -Max Enchant = +16 for all scrolls
    -Safe Enchant = +3 for all scrolls
    -Normal Scroll - If Enchant fails item broke
    -Crystal Scroll - If Enchant fails item up to +10 will return to +0 from +11 to +16 if fails item will broke
    -Blessed Scroll - If Enchant Fails items not broke
    -You Can see our Enchant rates while you use enchant scrolls and select an item*


    -Giran Town: Shop Zone
    -Gludin Town: You can play PvP with all items
    -Ruins Of Despair: You can play PvP up to B grade
    -Forest Of Dead: You can LvL-Up your sub-class and collect some adena
    -Soon i will add more zones


    -You can buy 4 slot for buffs with PvP coins
    -4 DeBuff slot all DeBuffs last 4-10 SEC (all de buffs work 100% )

    WEBSITE: Click here] L2-swain.com] Click here

    Elate Magkes k eksereuniste ton server!!!
    Tipota den einai idio ola exoun alaksei se auton ton server
    Exei diki tou Isoropia anamesa sta Class
    Ta skills exei kapoia exoun megalo Re-use alla agorazontas ta top items mionete
    Edw mporite na mathete na pezete l2 ksana apo tin arxi
    Ola ta skill douleuoun k tha sas parei kairo mexri na mathete na pezete se auton server
    se kapious isws aresei se kapoious allous isws oxi einai enas diskolos server
    Sas perimenw mesa magkes!!

    Kai min ksexnate L2=LIFE

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