Author Topic: L2 Cecrops NEW 1.9.2012 High Five  (Read 2610 times)

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L2 Cecrops NEW 1.9.2012 High Five
« on: September 05, 2012, 07:58:51 PM »


XP Rate: 200x
SP Rate: 500x
Adena Rate: 1000x
Drop Rate: 1x
Drop Spoil: 1x
RB Drop Rate: 5x
RB Jewels: 1x

Enchants Info:

Safe Enchant for Weapons 6 Max 16
Safe Enchant for Armors/Jewels/Shields 6 Max 16
Scroll Enchant Normal: 66%
Scroll Enchant Blessed: 100%
Enchant Chance Element Stone: 50%
Enchant Chance Element Crystal: 30%
Enchant Chance Element Jewel: 20%

Server Features:

Auto Noblesse (85 Level)
Auto pick up
Offline Shop
2 box allowed
High five skills working.
Free Class Change
Spawn Protection
FREE items until S (Dynasty)
All Enchants Skills Routes
Auto Learn Skills 81 + 83
Buff Slots: 24 slots 12 slots dance/song
Buffs have 2 hours of duration
All Zaken Instances
Frintezza Instance
Epidos Beleth Boss working
Freya Boss working(Normal & Extreme)
Subclass max level 85 and max subclass is 3 for every player
Subclass Certification Skills(no need transformation quest)
Hellbound working up to lvl 11(no need quest for enter)
Chamber of Delusion
Seed of Destruction
Seed of Infinity
Seed of Annihilation
Rim Kamaloka
All Pailakas
Castle & Fortress Sieges
Territory War with max 3 wards per clan
Seven Signs Retail
Seven Signs Epic Quests
Full Boats & Clan AirShips
Custom Olympiad(2 weeks)
Custom Farming Areas
Custom Unique Events
In game rankings for all events
Dynamic Geodata Pathfinding
Premium Scheme Buffer
Premium Anti-Bot/Anti-Hack

clan with 10 ppl active (no bots) will be rewarded with full clan skills...
so call your friends because we believe that server is worth it

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