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« on: February 19, 2013, 12:54:00 AM »
Server opening on BETA test phase on 15.02.2013[18.00] CET, and closes at 24.02.2013.

Grand Opening on 25.02.2013 [18.00] CET!

www.L2BloodHand.com   HIGH FIVE 5  L2 FREE SERVER.

Server Features & Information


- Exp/SP: x25
- Party Exp: x2
- Adena: x35
- Drop/Spoil: x20
- Quest items: x5 (not all quests)
- Quest rewards: Items x1, Exp x5, adena x5 (not all quests)
- Event Medal Drop: 100%
- Event Glittering Medal Drop: 10%
- RB Drop: x5
- Grandboss Drop: Chance x1, am-beep-t x3, adena x4, jewels x1
- Rate Extract Fish: x5
- Manor: x3
- Knights Epaluette drop: x10
- Fame Rate: x2 (60 reputation every 10 minutes in Fortresses, 300 reputation every 10 minutes in Castle Sieges)
- Safe Enchant: 5
- Max Enchant: 25
- Normal Scroll Enchant Rate: 66.6%
- Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate: 80%
- Element Stone Rate: 50%
- Element Crystal Rate: 30%
- Hellbound level: 11

Features & Customs:

- Max Buff slots: 30 (+4 Divine Inspiration)
- Dances & Songs: 20
- Trigger Buffs: 16
- Buff time: 4h
- Mana Potions 2000mp restore, reuse 14s
- Shift click in mobs to see their droplist, Images included.
- Auto Loot: Enabled
- Auto Loot from Raids: Disabled
- Drop Protection: Enabled
- Spoil & Drop from blue mobs: Enabled
- Player Spawn Protection: 30 Seconds
- Max Subclasses: 3
- Max Subclass Level: 85
- Subclass Without Quest
- Nobless with retail Quest
- Olympiad Period is 2 Weeks, every 1 and 15 new heroes.
- Class Master Auto With ? popup
- Auto Learn Skills excluding FGS

Server NPCs

- Global Gatekeeper
With all Villages & Towns, Hellbound/Continent/SOD/SOA/SOI/Delusion/Primeval/Parnasus, TOI and Necropolis/Catacombs teleport areas.
- [Banks] Hellbound Teleporter
- [Radamanthy] General Merchant Shop
Up to S-Grade Weapons, Armors, Jewels, includes AA Covertor and Not allowed Bank, Clan Section with clan items for 3-4-5 clan level and clan skill eggs, also consumables/soulshots/spiritshots and low level Pets & Wolves section and also low grade Hair Accessories.
- [Rodanthy] Event Merchant
Event Reward NPC located in Giran-Aden-Goddard-Rune, you can trade on him Festival Adena acquired from TvT,Last Hero,GvG,CtF events, Vote Coins acquired from Vote Reward System, Event - Medals and Event - Glittering Medals acquired from monsters and also provides Not allowed Bank services as well.
- [Marcela] NPC Buffer
All buffs: PP,SE,EE,WH,WC,OL,BD,SWS,Cats with kamael, includes schemes adding/removing, full CP/HP/MP heal. All buffs are free
- Merchant of Mammon, Blacksmith of Mammon
Custom Mammons which allow you to use every function that normal Mammons have and you can use them in towns as well without seven signs period to finish.
- Shadai, Ishuma, Lahm Blacksmiths
Located in Giran-Aden towns, with unique and easy readable design that can service fast on your requests.
- Derek, Clan and Alliance Manager
NPC Derek located in Giran-Aden-Goddard and offers Clan & Alliance services and usefull info with unique design.
- Jack Sage
Event-NPC Jack Sage located in Giran-Aden-Goddard-Rune, you can get every 6 hours vitality from him.
- Master Yogi
Event-NPC Master Yogi located in Giran-Aden-Goddard-Rune.
- Strategist Lucien
Event-NPC Strategist Lucien located in Giran-Aden-Goddard-Rune and you can exchange your PC Bang points on him from the PC Bang event
- Item Broker
Item Auctions configured with balanced Items( Elegia/Vorpal)

Quests & Instances

- All High Five zones are working.
- All High Five quests are working including Seven Signs series.
- Seven Signs: Epic quests and instances working.
- Many High Five features are working.
- Resist formulas retail-like
- Territorial Wars
- Siegable Clanhalls
- Seed of Infinity
- Seed of Destruction
- Seed of Anihilation
- Chamber of Delusion
- Kamaloka instaces
- Pailaka instances
- Crystal Caverns
- Tower of Naia
- Steel Citadel
- Tully's Workshop
- Hellbound Town
- Dark Cloud Mansion
- Fortress/Castle
- Zaken easy and hard
- Freya easy and hard
- Frintezza

Active Events

- Team vs Team
- Gang vs Gang
- Capture the Flag
- Last Hero
- Master of Enchanting
- Medal Collection
- Gift of Vitality
- PC Bang Points
- Vote Reward System

full information about server events can be found here. www.L2BloodHand.com

Other information

- Moirai/Vesper/Vorpal items, recipes and parts drop x15, but still reasonable for the server's rates.
- All talismans work.
- PC Bang points system.
- Olympiad: New stadiums, match details, match spectation and olympiad quests are working retail like.
- Olympiad: Only 2 player per HWID can register. Class based minimum players to start: 9 / NonClass minimum players to start: 9 / Team-Games minimum players to start: 12.
- Olympiad Period: 2 weeks
- Crafting chances are retail
- ANTI BOT - Lameguard
- DDOS Protection

Server Commands

- .control | Character control panel.
- .changepwd | Changing your password from your Account.
- .repair | Use this command for issues logging your character, from another character from same account.
- .stats | Full information about statistic of your character
- .hellbound | Information about Hellbound currect level and your confidence.
- .online | Show the online players count.

Level 1 Clan halls offer Global Gatekeeper,General Merchant Shop, NPC Buffer
Level 2+3 Clan halls offer Global Gatekeeper,General Merchant Shop, NPC Buffer,Warehouse,Blacksmith

All Conquerable Clan halls offer Global Gatekeeper,General Merchant Shop, NPC Buffer x2, Warehouse,Blacksmith

All Fortresses offer Global Gatekeeper,General Merchant Shop, NPC Buffer,Warehouse,Blacksmith

Register in our forum http://www.l2bloodhand.com/index.php/forum, to read much more useful information for L2BloodHand and discuss with members.

Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=12242.0