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    L2Canyon Custom PvP Server.
    « on: September 09, 2012, 08:56:29 PM »
    Client: Freya | Type: Custom PvP server | Rates: x5000 | Starting Level: 80 | Max Level: 90

    Webpage: http://www.l2canyon.com

    Welcome to L2Canyon – a unique Player versus Player roleplay Lineage 2 server. After a lot of dedications and hours spend working on the project we are finally able to present to you a new exclusive Lineage 2 server that will certainly blow your mind. Firstly in order to connect to the server you will need the latest Freya Lineage II client. So, Starting off with the features. Watch below:

    -> Customized Global Gatekeeper, item shop up to normal S grade, deluxe NPC Buffer (instant group buffs), and Luxury Trader.
    -> Custom weapons and armor sets (including all Kamael armors and weapons) and many weapons that also add custom skills to your char when you equip them.
    -> 5 new custom raidboss jewels.
    -> Customized 99 hair accessories that give a variety of bonuses.
    -> Customized Tattoos each giving a different bonus. (including one Relic tattoo).
    -> Balanced and painstakingly tweaked classes (yes, even that shilien elder and arcana lord is fun and useful to play).
    -> Many skills edited including 90% Interlude skills. About 95% Interlude skills work.
    -> Custom skills like new summons and raidboss skills. TK has a new pet. Many gimp classes get new skills to make them fun to play.
    -> For every 1000 PvPs you gain a custom skill, and your name color changes to a different color.
    -> Heroes gain an additional 9 custom skills.
    -> No Grade Penalty, free teleports, fast SOE. Start with S grade weapons/armors and in edited leveling zones..
    -> Custom balanced olympiad.
    -> Safe enchant +3 and max +16.
    -> Edited Raidbosses gives players on this high rate challenges and rewards.
    -> 12 subclasses per char, sub any char like overlords or warsmith or have 3 dagger subs.
    -> Kamaels can subclass to everything from now on. (same @ other classes to kamaels.) For example You can have a spellsinger as main and subclass to Trickster.
    -> Events have been automated every some hours, the server will randomly pick an event, all participants are rewarded with Pure Silvers which can be exchanged for Glittering medals or Golds. Losers will be rewarded too. Team vs Team, Capture the Flag, Domination, Mass Domination, Deathmatch, Last Man Standing events, Single players fights, Party fights, Korean Party fights, and Mini TvT events.
    -> Hunter Village and Gludin Village are PVP Zones. Hunter Village is for newbie, all custom items are restricted.
    -> Customized farm zones: Cave of Trials, The Forbidden Gateway and Primeval Island.
    -> And of course, all the rest of the features of L2 work, such as Noblesse: Only way to be Noblesse: Kill Barakiel. (No Quest at all), Heros, Olympiad, Clan skills, Enchant Skills, clan halls, work 100%. Those, are only few of the features we have on our server.

    After the latest update, you can obtain everything, even top gear by pvping aswell,so if you dont like farming, you can pvp,obtain PvP Tokens and buy your gear in this way!

    P.S. Most of the server features are done by Setekh.

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=9397.0

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