Author Topic: L2exInfernis PvP x2000 Grand Opening 19/9/2012  (Read 1755 times)

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    L2exInfernis PvP x2000 Grand Opening 19/9/2012
    « on: September 17, 2012, 07:28:40 AM »

    Grand Opening 19/9/2012 at 18:00 GMT +2 !!!

    • Interlude Client! (aka c6)
    • XP Rate: x2000
    • SP Rate: x2000
    • Party XP Rate: x2
    • Adena Rate: x3000
    • Enchant Rate: 85%
    • Blessed Rate: 100%
    • Safe Enchant: +5
    • Max Enchant: +16
    • Buffs: 3 hours
    • TOP LS Chance : 25%
    • High LS Chance(Farmable) : 12%
    • 1 Augment Skill active or passive

    • Anti-Heavy System - With this system, you are not allowed to wear another armor if is not in your abilities.
    • Custom Balance System(Create From Our Team, This system count your p.def m.def atk.speed matk.speed, with your stats depent the dmg which you will make.
    • All your custom options like .expoff, .buffsoff,More.
    • Auto Enchant NPC instantly enchant your gear from +0 to +16 (our safe enchant) to save time
    • Our events all have alternating maps, so things can stay fun and fresh.
    • All your Event Kills, Deaths, Points (Flags/Captures etc) are recorded and ranked.
    • Custom Killing Spree System,with a lot of rewards
    • A lot of others Custom Codes which coded from us.

    Even though our server is highly modified, our server is based on L2J, so we thank them for their hard work!

    Automated TvT (Team vs Team), CTF (Capture the Flag), DM (Death Match), DMS (Death Match Survival), RB (Raid Battle), CTP (Capture the Point), and KOTH (King of Hill) Events through out the day We have mutliple maps for each event, so you wont be playing at the same area all the time. We have a unique approach to Events that gets rid of spawn killing issues. Random rewards for winning! You even get a small prize if you lose. A command to join these events from anywhere! (.jointvt, .joinctf, .joindm, joinrb). Very basic buffs are available. MP and CP potions are disabled. All of these Events can be spectated by other players. We have afk prevention in Events.

    Olympiad Information
    • New Heroes Every Week, Oly Start Time: 19:00 | End Time 1:00 +2GTM, Waiting time 60 Seconts, Custom Anti-Feed Protection
    • All Skills Refresh after match, Balance class for olympiad.

    Vote Reward System
    • You will be rewarded everyday that you vote!

    Crystal Scrolls Support
    • Crystal Scrolls are 100% enchant rate, but only drop from some custom mobs in game.
    • With Crystal Scrolls you can enchant your (Wep Only) to +18.

    Custom Zones
    • Our Customs Zone are zones where you can start your adventure that you wont see anywhere else except right here on L2exInfernis! Expect fun and prizes and wanting to come back to do it all over again. Our Group Instance Zone Event, is for 3 to 9 people in a party, which is also a unique L2exInfernis feature you wont see anywhere else, and you can bring you friends along for the ride!

    Offline Shops
    • Offline Shops are enabled - if you create a shop in a peace zone, then log out, your shop will stay online

    Special Command
    • A special command (.info) that lets you perform actions from anywhere Players may augment from anywhere with (.info) command. Players may Add/Remove Dyes from anywhere with (.info) command. Players may see if Epic Raids & Custom Raids are Alive from anywhere with (.info) command. You may see top PvP/PK of everyone on the server from anywhere with (.info) command. You may also check many other things with this command in game like, rules, rates, server news, Farming area info, Staff info.

    Completely Custom and unique Farmzones
    • All Custom Farmzones contain Custom Raid Bosses. Custom Mobs have Custom skills and even player skills (mobs can even do things like lethal you or disarm you). We have a total of 2 Custom Farmzones Farmzone for multiple people over 80. Each of our 2 Farmzons have a Variety of completely different mobs! For more in depth info about our Farmzones check them out in game!

    NPC Information
    • All our custom NPCs layouts are very organized unlike most servers! Our NPC Buffer can buff you and also buff your pets! You may create custom buff schemes! We have a extremely organized GM Shop with a wide variety of contents. Our Gm Shop is also influenced by castle owners tax rates, so that players can make money by owning an castle, and have some power over the prices. We have a Global Gatekeeper with a clean organized layout that allows you to go almost anywhere easily. Also NPC functions that allow you to De-Level, change your name and title color, give reputation points for farmed items, and even have a NPC Function that allows you to directly enchant your items from +0 to +16 (our safe enchant), but 7 enchant scrolls are still required, this is a custom feature to save you time!

    • Our server is always getting updates, we strive to make our server the best so you will see a constant flow of updates that can be viewed in the server news window in-game, or on our websites homepage that shows our complete list of updates for each month.

    Other Features
    • Territory Wars
    • Fortresses
    • Olympiad
    • Subs may be leveled up to 80
    • Geodata in all Farmzones, Castles, and Event Areas
    • Hero Weapons Working retail like
    • Special Rewards for Fishing
    • ... and much much more!

    Dedicated Info
    • CPU: 2x Intel Xeon E5645 2.4 GHZ
    • RAM: 32 GB DDR3
    • 100 Mbs connection
    • Operating System: Windows 2008 R2

    Website: http://www.l2exinfernis.com
    Contact: [email protected]

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=9505.0