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    News for LIVE start ,Live server will start on Sunday 15.7.2012 18:00 GMT +1

    L2 Frozen Sky High Five Server


    Intel Xeon E3-1275 8-Core
    RAM 32 GB DDR3
    Hard disks 2x 500 GB
    Connection at 100 MBit.


    EXP: x25
    SP: x25
    Party XP: x2
    Party SP: x2
    Adena: x30
    RatePartyXp: x2
    RatePartySp: x2
    RateDropItems: x10
    RateRaidDropItems: x3
    RateRaidDropJewely: x1
    RateSpoil: x20


    Max Buffs: 30
    Max Dances/Songs: 12
    Buffs time: 2 hours

    NEXUS Event Engine

    Main events
    Team vs Team
    Advanced Team vs Team
    Capture the Flag
    Mass Domination
    Last Man Standing events
    Lucky Chests

    Mini events
    Single players fights
    Party fights

    Single players fights:
    1v1 event (classic 1v1 fights)
    3 players FFA event (free-for-all)
    5 players FFA event (free-for-all)

    Party fights:
    5vs5 ( party of 5 people and fight another party )
    2vs2 ( you only need one friend! )
    9vs9 ( full parties )
    2vs2vs2 ( same as 2vs2, there are 3 teams fighting each other )
    5vs5vs5 ( same as 5vs5, there are 3 teams fighting each other )

    More information:

    Scheme NPC Buffer
    Special Global Gate Keeper
    GM Shop max S-grade
    One Click Nobless - Nobless Item in GM Shop
    High Five Olympiad
    Hero period is every 14 days
    Every fifth day +15 olympiad points for all nobless players
    Every 6 hours Raid Boss Event
    Charging of crystals or Soul Crystals in GM Shop
    Solo Instance lvl 85
    Is created 4 special Raid Bosses with excelent drop
    Blacksmith Mammon spawned in Giran
    Merchant of Mammon spawned in Giran
    Others important NPC in Giran
    Auto Class Master
    DV and LoA work
    Announcement Hero every 14 days
    Olympiad rank NPC
    Offline trade
    Vitality system
    Auto Vote Reward system
    Manual Vote Reward system in game
    Craftable S80 Moirai + Foundation
    Craftable S84 Vesper + Foundation
    My Teleports
    Sub class without quest max 3
    Subclass max level 80
    All talismans work
    Auto learn skills
    Forgotten Scrolls Shop - Adena
    Special Mouse Coins shop


    Normal Enchant: 55%
    Blessed Enchant: 60%
    Safe enchant: +4
    Max enchant: +16

    Grand Boss

    Antharas and Valakas spawn every 5 - 6 days
    Valakas stats are adjusted and reduced
    Antharas stats are adjusted and reduced
    Baium lvl 80 - spawn is 5 days and random of Baium spawn is only 4 hours
    Instance - Zaken - reduced minimal count of players for enter to Zaken
    Instance - Frintezza - reduced minimal count of players for enter to Frintezza
    Instance - Tiat - reduced minimal count of players for enter to Tiat
    Instance - Freya - reduced minimal count of players for enter to Freya
    Instance - Beleth - reduced minimal count of players for enter to Beleth
    Instance - Baylor
    Is created 4 special Raid Bosses with excelent drop

    Working features:

    Territorial Wars
    Siegable Clanhalls
    Seven Signs Epic Quests
    Seed of Infinity
    Seed of Destruction
    Seed of Anihilation
    Kamaloka instaces
    Pailaka instances
    Fortress Siege
    Castle Siege

    For many informasion join us


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