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    Welcome to Lineage II Glory.


    Lineage II Glory open beta will start on 17th october 18:00 (GTM +2)
    and it will end 20th october 16:00 (GTM + 2).

    The grand opening will be on 20th october 19:00 (GTM +2)!

    With Lineage II Glory we expect to give you guys quality gameplay, and most of all having unlimited fun.

    This is a mid-rate server.

    EXP = 25x
    SP = 25x
    Adena = 20x
    Drop = 15x
    Spoil = 15x
    Quest Drop = 4x
    Quest Reward = 4x
    Quest EXP/SP = 4x
    Quest Adena = 4x
    Raid Boss = 4x
    Grand Boss = 2x

    Enchant rates:
    Safe = +4
    Maximum = +16
    Normal Scrolls = 66%
    Blessed Scrolls = 66%

    Buffs = 24+4
    Songs/Dances = 14
    Auto Loot = Enabled
    Weight Limit = 5x
    Subclasses = 3
    Subclass level = 85
    Subclass without quest = Enabled
    Nobles quest = Enabled (with little help in GM Shop)
    All instances = Working and Enabled.

    Lineage II Glory is a full high five featured server. There is no feature missing, and its mostly retail like.

    GM Shop
    NPC Buffer
    Nexus Event engine
    Community Board (tons of features)
    - Global Gatekeeper
    - Services
    - Statistics
    - Misc.
    - Account Manager
    - Premium Account
    - Control Panel

    Team vs Team
    Advanced Team vs Team
    Capture the Flag
    Mass Domination
    Last Man Standing events
    Lucky Chests (extremely advanced version)

    DDoS protection
    Bot protection
    Account protection
    Enchant protection
    Spawn protection

    We have chosen for a monthly olympiad. Starting time is 20:00 gmt+2 until 00:00 gmt+2

    Lineage II Glory has 100% working geodata.

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=9938.0

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