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    Are you looking for something new? Something amazing which will actually keep you entertained?
    Then, you are on the right place.
    After 6 months of non-stop developement,reworking,editing e.t.c.. our server is finally ready to launch.
    I'm talking about a fully customized pvp server which will entertain you more than you can even imagine.
    Our staff is very Friendly, Active and Experienced, this means that we can support you in any situation.
    Enough with the words, let me show you what i'm talking about.

    -Client: Freya.
    -Starting Level: 80.
    -Max Level: 95.
    -Rates: x5000 xp/x5000 sp/x5000 drop.
    -Type: Custom.

    -Custom Gatekeeper.
    -Custom NPC Buffer.
    -GM Shop for items up to S-Grade.
    -Custom Items Shop.
    -Kamaloka Manager.
    -Top Players (This NPC Actually shows you who has the most PvPs/Pks).
    -Class Manager.
    -Vote Reward NPC.

    -Safe Enchant: 3.
    -Max Enchant: 16.
    -Normal Enchant Scroll Rates: The higher you enchant your item, the lower success rate you have. Failure penalty = Item Crystallize.
    -Crystal Enchant Scroll Rates: Same Success Rates on every enchant as Normal Scrolls. Failure Penalty = Item +3.
    -Blessed Enchant Scroll Rates: A little bit higher Success Rates than Crystal/Normal Scrolls. Same Method, the higher you enchant, the lower success rate you have. Failure Penalty = -1 Enchant on your item. (ex. If your item is +12 and you fail with Blessed scroll, your item goes back to +11).

    -3 Custom Armor Tiers. Each of them has an upgraded version (Main Part Only) which is obtainable Through PvPs.
    -4 Custom Weapon Tiers with cool effects and customized skills.
    -Around 50 Custom Accessories with Unique stats, which allows every user to have his very own setup.
    -3 Custom Jewel Sets.
    -4 Cloaks/Belts with Unique stats.
    -Custom Tattoos.
    -Custom Hero Coin. This coin makes you hero for 5 days. It is obtainable only by forum events which will be done once a month or so.

    -2 Hours of Olympiad matches per day.
    -Heroes are choosen every 2 weeks.
    -Custom Olympiad balance. This system actually edits character's stats inside the Olympiad without affecting the outside-Olympiad gameplay.
    -Only S grade items allowed.
    -Max Enchant +6.
    -No Forgotten Skills.
    -Some retail skills are disabled in order to better balance Olympiad.

    -Only 3 castles will be siegable in order to keep the competition on a very high level.
    -Custom Siege victory reward. Rewards the whole clan after succesfully obtaining or defending a castle.
    -Sieges every week.

    -Grade Penalty Disabled.
    -No need to search for Symbol Makers and Blacksmiths anymore. You can apply your Dyes/Lifestones simply by doubleclicking them.
    -Forgotten Skills enabled.
    -To get noblesse status you only have to slay Barakiel. The whole quest is NOT NEEDED.
    -High Balanced Classes (not saying perfectly because there's no PERFECT balance in lineage).
    -Custom skills to some classes Such as Bladedancers/Swordsingers Prophets e.t.c in order to make them able to PvP.
    -When you become Hero, you obtain the normal Hero skills + 9 Custom hero skills With EPIC animations and cool effects (Example: Baium's Thunder).
    -Enchant Bonus Stats when Armorsets reach a high enchant level (Depends on the Tier).
    -Nexus Event Engine. (The best event engine that ever existed for L2J servers).
    -Easy and Hard Kamaloka Instance implemented and fully working. (very cool drops ^^).
    -Your Name/Title Color changes on every 1000 PvPs you obtain.
    -Every 1000 PvPs you obtain a Custom PvP-Skill.
    -Killing Spree system: If you reach 30 kills without dying, you get hero status and a small reward for doing this. Same happens on 60 and 90 kills (rewards are higher depends on your killstreak).
    -XP on PvPs.
    -On every PvP kill you obtain, there's a chance of obtaining a PvP Token aswell. The pvp tokens are an extra currency which is needed to buy some items.
    -Support PvP System: When you go for pvps with your Clan/Ally/Part, then every time someone in your party takes a kill Temple Knight/Shilen Templar/Phoenix Knight/Hell Knight/Cardinal/Shilen Saint and Eva's Saint have a chance of obtaining the PvP Count/XP aswell for "Supporting" the party.
    -PvP Towns: Gludin is the main PvP town.
    -NEWBIE Deathmatch Zone: When you teleport to Hunter's Village, you automatically leave your party, your name changes to "Unknown",your Race Changes, your Clan/Ally tags get disabled, and ofcourse you are unable to chat in any way. This is our newbie farmzone. We did it like that in order to avoid Zergs in the newbie zones. Ofcourse there's an item restriction in this zone.
    -Once a day, a special monster appears in Newbie Deathmatch Zone. This monster is easy to kill and has pretty nice drops. (I guess this is for lucky people).
    -And ofcourse. Our Server has MANY edited raidbosses with cool drops.

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=9930.0

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