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    [L2J] ~ L2Rasmus ~ (No Customs)
    « on: November 10, 2010, 02:01:54 PM »

    EXP Rate: x2500
    SP Rate: x2500
    Adena Rate: x4000
    Drop: x1

    Safe Enchant: 4
    Max Enchant: 15
    Max Enchant (Donators): 16
    Normal Rate: 75%
    Crystal Rate: 100%

    Gracia Style Olympiad
    Cheat Protection to avoid illegal actions
    Custom Farm Areas
    Voting Announcements. Every 30 mins the players get notified about the server's votes in Topzone.
    Vote Reward System.(.votereward)
    Castle Reward System.(If your clan has a castle and you are member of it you get an passive skill)
    No Weight,Death Penalty
    Pvp/Pk Color System

    TvT (Reworked With Addons)
    Last Man Stand
    Double Domination
    Lucky Chest
    More Comming Soon

    Scroll of Information
    By clicking this item an HTML window pops up and the player is able to read any information about the server(Rates,Enchant Rates,General Infos About Server,Feutures etc)

    Book Of Teleport
    By clicking this item an HTML window pops up and the player is able to Teleport On Main Town And On Custom Zones...Don't
    worry about PvP... you can't use it when you are on pvp..

    Farm Areas
    Farm 1 You can collect Achen Coins (20 per mob).
    Farm 2 You can collect Achen Coins (20 per mob) And Crystal Scrolls (A,B,S grades).
    Farm 3 (safe) You can collect Rasmus Coins In Peace Zone Dion.
    Farm Adena Easily you farming adena.

    Leveling System
    When you creat a new char you start from Custom Leveling Area.There You can level up very easy and take all item that you
    need to start server.

    Raid Boss
    Every 1 Houer one custom raidboss spawned at farm 2 zone. This boss drops crystall scrolls and boss jewells (random).

    ViP Members
    If you have in game 3.000 PvP, 1.500 Pk, 255 reccomends you can go at the Npc With Name
      (Vip NPC) and press the button and automaticaly you will be server vip member.
    ViP Members have another Nick color and never loose their buff after death.
    Have her own custom public chat when pressing the symbol (~).

    Global Gatekeeper

    Raid Boss Gatekeeper

    Full Buffer

    Special GM Shop

    Custom Shop.



    Achen Other Npc(Enchant Skills,Augmentation)

    Event Manager

    We have 3 tattoos tattoo level 1 that gives you +500 Hp.
    tattoo level 2 that gives you +1000 Hp.
    and tattoo level 3 that gives +1500 Hp.

    We have a custom glows on normal and augment enchant.


    L2 Achen Reborn More Balance More Features...

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=1836.0



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      Re: [L2J] ~ L2Rasmus ~ (No Customs)
      « Reply #1 on: November 15, 2010, 05:09:46 PM »
      poly diskolos svr


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      Re: [L2J] ~ L2Rasmus ~ (No Customs)
      « Reply #2 on: November 15, 2010, 11:32:37 PM »
      To Thema File Mou Sorka Ine Na Stamatisoun Ta 100% PvP Server Me Home Host Ktl ktl!!k Egw enan Dyskolo Interlude Server Etimazw!!!!
      Kalh Tyxh Me Tn L2Rasmus File Mou!!


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        Re: [L2J] ~ L2Rasmus ~ (No Customs)
        « Reply #3 on: November 16, 2010, 01:22:05 PM »
        poly diskolos svr
        Dn einai da kai toso diskolos server aplos 8eli ligo parapano farm... Egw apoti exo akousi poly kala logia gia ton server ..

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