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    Server Grand Opening 20/1 12:00 GMT+2

      Game Specifications :
      • Server Chronicle:Freya

      • Rates:XP:x1000SP:x1000Adena:x2000

      • Enchant Rates:Max:+16  Safe:+4  Chance:74%Blessed:95%     

        Event :

        • Team vs Team:
          Standard Team vs Team fight with 2 teams that will fight for the rewards. The teams are randomly made.

        • Solo Instance:
          kill minions go to kamael and win the big prises. .

        Vote Reward System :

        We have a special event & vote reward system which is based on Blue Eva & Vote Coins.

        If you play in server events, and you ( or your team ) win, you will get Blue Eva (the amoutt of Blue Eva depends of the event).

        With every 11 votes on TOPZONE, all online players will be automatically rewarded with 5 VC's.

        Don't think that we forgot about dual-box. If you go in the event with dual-box or if you are online with many characters when vote reward is recived, you will get the VC just on one character.

        General Informations:

        • Olympiad :
                   - Validation Period every 1 week.
                   - New Heros Every Monday
                   - From 18:00 to 24:00 GMT +2.
                   - Hero weapons CAN NOT be enchanted.

        • Noblesse :
                   - You can earn noblesse by quest.
                   - You can earn noblesse from Noblesse NPC.
                   - Or buy Cardinals Letter from GM Shop

        • Subclass :
                   - You DO NOT need quest.
                   - Up to 3 subclasses.

        • Items :
                   - Vote Reward Bracelet wich gives  +10% stats (P.Def/M.Def/CP/HP/MP)
                   - New Raid Boss Cloaks Enchantable to +10.

        • Custom NPCs
        - Global GK (Simply teleports you everywhere you want) (UNIQUE)
        - GM Shop (Common shop with *common* weapons, armors, jewels, scrolls etc) (UNIQUE)
        - Vote Shop Here you can buy usefulls stats with Vote Coins) (UNIQUE)
        - AIO Buffer (Buffer that uses Auto-Buff feature as well as Scheme-Buff-ing)
        - Noblesse Manager (Here You Can Become Noblesse) (UNIQUE)
        - Clan Reputation Manager (You Can exchange Not allowed Knight for lvling up the clan and get CRP's (UNIQUE)
        - PvP/PK Ranking (There you can check the PvP/PK Ranking List) (UNIQUE)
        - Services Manager (Its A multi NPC with usefull services) (UNIQUE)
        - Donate Info (Its a  NPC which shows Donate List) (UNIQUE)
        - Grand Boss Spawn Timer (List with all the Grand Bosses and their respawn time) (UNIQUE)
        - Forgotten Scrolls Manager (There you can buy the Forgotten Scrolls) (UNIQUE)
        - Olympiad Ranking (Check the oly list which shows Name,Points and Matches (UNIQUE)
        - PvP Items Shop (Trade your wepon to PvP Weapon) (UNIQUE)

        • Special Addons:
          - Integrated Geodata/Panthcodes (SENSITIVE and GREAT WORKING)
          - Colorized player's name/title depending from a-beep-t of PKs/PvPs.
          - Special Loot Mod - To evenly distribute other items than adena.
          - Announce Castle Lord with colorized text (Advanced one).
          - Announce Hero login with colorized text (Advanced one).
          - Killing Spree Mod with Rewards & Announcement (Advanced one) - Fixed delete spree after death function.
          - Non-exploitable Alternate Payment - To change currency of Shops/Offline Shops.
          - TvT Addons to show a-beep-t of kills in title, reward with item / fame.
          - Special and Custom EPIC BOSS system. (Spawn every 24h/48h/72h - Configurable, All bosses 80+, Custom Drop)
          - Announce EPIC BOSS / MINI BOSS Respawn with colorized text (Advanced one), drop info etc.
          - Unique MINI BOSS system - Spawns every 4h - Configurable.
          - Unique and advanced style of HTML's for custom NPC's.
          - All known exploits fixed.
          - Over 90 skills fixed and good class balance.
          - No unclosed connections, errors or freezes..
          - Anti PK's attacks only PK's and can see trought Silent Move etc.
          - Fake PC's NPCs. Used on Custom NPCs!

          Dedicated  Specifications :
          • Server is located in Germany in high-tech datacenter
          • OS : Windows 2008 R2 Server Standard 64bits
          • CPU : Intel? Core? i7-2600  Quadcore HT 8x 3.40 GHz
          • RAM : 16 GB DDR3 
          • HD : 2x 3 TB  SATA6 Gb/s HDD 7200 rpm Software-RAID 1
          • 1 GBit OnBoard connected at 100 MBit
          • Traffic : Unlimited
          • Uptime : 99.9%


      Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=5692.0