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    [L2OFF] - L2Primeval
    « on: May 21, 2011, 06:10:17 AM »
    Chronicle: Interlude
    Platform: L2OFF
    EXP: 25x
    Quest Items: 2x

    - S grade is custom craft only (by dwarfs)
    - 70%/100% recipes

    - Max enchant:
      * Armor: +10
      * Weapon: +17
    - Retail like enchant rate
    - Encahnts are drop only
    - Blessed enchants are dropped by raids
    - NPC Enchanter: allows player to safly enchant their weapon, in case of failture weapon gets -1 enchant
      * requirement: Crystal Enchant Scroll (dropped by grand/epic raids)

    Custom NPC:
    + GM SHOP
    - Mana potions
    - Up to A grade
    - Epic quest items
    - B/A grade armors require unseal with Gear Tokens
    - B/A grade weapon SA require Gear Tokens
    - 1st, 2nd, 3rd class change by NPC
    - rewards on class change
    - you can exchange primeval currency (copper,silver,gold) for a special box
    - once you open the box you can recieve various items

    - Subclass and Nobles require full quest

    + Leveling Zones:
    - (1-20)  Ruins of Despair
    - (20-40) Execution grounds
    - (40-52) Dragon Valley
    - (52-70) DVC
    - (70+) DVC Heart
    - Custom drop:
      *Primeval Copper (1-40 zones)
      *Primeval Silver (40-70 zones)
      *Gear tokens
    + Main zone:
    - Primeval Isle (70+)
    - PI Forest: solo zone + 4x T-Rex (mini raid)
    - PI Plains: party zone
    - PI Beach: permanent pvp zone + Uruka (event raid)
    - Custom Drop:
      *Primeval Gold
      *Gear token
      *S Grade receipes
      *S Grade materials
      *gear upgrade meterials
    - Statue of Sinep
    - Springant (can be used to make Sinep Potion)
    - Dino eggs (can be exchanged for Primeval Gold)

    + Era zones:
    - MOS,SODA,Cemetery,COT,EF (70+)
    - solo mobs (2x drop + unique items)
    - non-agro mobs
    - permanent pvp zone
    - GK to era zone spawns at Giran
    - 1 era raid (spawns 30 minutes after era starts)
    - 2 era mini raids (spawn when era starts)
    - each main era raid drops unique item,
      once you possess all of the 5 items you can upgrade raid armor to heroic armor (only way)
    - starts each day at 8pm and ends at 10pm (GMT+1)

    + Daily automatic events:
     - Shark Attack
     - Pirate Invasion
     - Labyrinth
     - The Rabbit!
     - The Ruler
     - each day: TvT
    + Daily manual events: managed by GMs
    + Continious events:
     + Ladder to Heaven
     - located in random locations (DVC and PI)
     - teleports player to special peace zone
     - easy mobs with good drops
     - change to get teleported back by killing mobs
     + Find the Bunny
     - bunny spawn on random town and announces it's location,
       when found it give you an item and despawns and respawn on new location
     + Gate of Oblivion
     - spawns in random locations, once opened one of the following things can happen
       * spawn mini raid
       * teleports you to hell
       * turns u into "Slave of the Dark" (you get the Oblivion Weapon for 1 day)

    - Normal buffs: 20 min (can be enchanted till up to 40 min)
    - Prophecies,COV,Magnus,VOP: 5 min (can be enchanted till up to 10 min)
    - Cat & Unicorn: 2 min
    - Newbie buffer until level 60
       *only basic prophet buffs
    - buff enchanting requires custom items
    - Normal S grade armor/weapon can be upgraded up to level 2
    - Tattoo (recieved on completed nobless quest)
    - Raid armor:
      * obtained by killing grand raids (drop parts)
      * obtained by killing regular raids (drop raid tokens which can be exchange for parts)
      * can upgrade to Heroic Status by combining all 5 ERA Raids unique items
      * same stats as level 2 normal armor

    - Grand and epic raids spawn times are set to specific times (frintezza, valakas and anthy are retail)
    - Era raids despawn after era ends
    - Resistance to Restore Life Skill
    - Located in PVP zones

    - only Aden and Giran (every week 1 siege)
    - clan that owns castle gets access to NPC Buffer and GK
    - clan owner gets special buff "Battle Shout"
    - modified shops in CH
    - Mana potions are disabled on Giran Siege Grounds
    - retail like

    Sinep is pride of Primeval Isle. It represends power and pride.
    When you pray next to it, it rewards you with the seeds of Sinep giving
    you extraodrinary strength.

    Sinep is located in strategical places on PI.

    + Sinep Potion:
    The power of sinep can be also harvested from the plants that grow on PI.
    Consuming it's seed will grant you power of sinep for limited time.
    + Portable Sinep:
    Once summoned it buffs the party for 10 minutes with the Power of Sinep.
    - clan points are also obtained by killing raids
    - clan skill eggs are dropped by raids
    * VIP Status (Grants you access to VIP Buffer and VIP GK)
      - VIP buffs last 40 minutes (buffs/dances/songs)
    * AIO Buffer
    * Character Levelup
    * Subclass/Nobless
    * Additional Tattoos
    * 255 Rec
    * Hair Accessories
     for spam

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