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    We finally decided our offcial Date, the 21th December 2012.
    We have been working on our server's concept and have been striving to develop and implement everything from H5 feature!
    In this stage we are added many from H5 features and check for smoothly work process!
    We need to added only custom thinks before great start!!!

    Please continue to promote L2Anius.com and help us become as successful as we all deserve to be!


        Rate EXP x20
        Rate SP x20
        Rate Party EXP x1.5
        Rate Party SP x1.5
        Rate Drop Items x15
        Rate Drop Spoil x20
        Rate Drop Adena x20
        Rate Quest Reward x4
        Rate Quest Reward XP x4
        Rate Quest Reward SP x4
        Rate Quest Reward Recipe x1
        Rate Quest Reward Adena x2
        Rate Grand Boss Drop x3


        Max Buff Amount: 24+4
        Max Dance Amount: 14
        Safe Item Enchant: +4
        Max Item Enchant: +16
        Normal Scroll Enchant Rate: 66%
        Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate: 66%
        Element Stone Rate: 50%
        Element Crystal Rate: 30%
        Auto Drop Loop: Enable
        Player's Spawn Protect: 60 seconds
        Max Run Speed: 250
        Max PCrit Rate: 500
        Max MCrit Rate: 200
        Max PAtk Speed: 1500
        Max MAtk Speed: 1999
        Max Evasion: 200
        Max Subclass: 3
        Max Subclass Level: 85
        Subclass without quest
        Weight Limit: 10
        Subclass certification working properly
        Olympiad Min Players: 6 Classed/Non-Classed
        Olympiad Min Players: 3 Party
        Spoil Blue Mobs - Yes
        Delevel decrease skills level also !


        H5 Items,skills and quests.
        Frintezza, Freya, Zaken
        Olympiad Quests Working
        Dragon Valley and Lair of Antharas updated to H5.
        Nevit's Blessing, Hunting Bonus working.


        Hellbound works up to 11 lvl
        7s quests work
        7s instances work
        Nornils Garden instance
        Mithril Mine instance
        Steel Citadel
        Sel Mahum Training Ground- Retail Like
        Chamber Of Delusion
        Naia Tower + Beleth
        Seed of Anihilation + Raid Bosses Torumba/Taklacan/Dopagen - Retail Like
        Seed of Anihilation farming zone
        Crystal Cavern
        Seed of Destruction + Raid Boss Tiat - Retail Like
        Seed of Infinity + The Two Brothers instance - Retail Like

    MORE INFO IN http://l2anius.com

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=10935.0



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      παιδια ο server γαμαει σχεδιαζεται εδω και εναν χρονο..! H5 με 3 GM για βοηθεια στο παιχνιδι με νεο συστημα petition οπου ο καθενας γραφει στιν γλωσσα του. για οσους γνωριζουν ειναι ο παλιος divinity.!

      we have 3 experience CORE developers and 3 GMs for support players ingame

      Support Languages & Country :  we use new petition system

      [GM]Gteam270HP - Greece , English
      [GM]LuLu - Netherlands , Germany , perfect English
      [GM]Azhold -  Spanish , Brazilia , Argentina , English

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