Author Topic: New mid rate server.l2 extasy x20 high five  (Read 2676 times)

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    New mid rate server.l2 extasy x20 high five
    « on: May 17, 2012, 10:48:18 AM »

    Extasy Features:

    - XP/SP 20x , drop 10x, spoil 15x
    - safe enchant 4, max enchant 16
    - normal enchant rate 66%
    - blessed enchant rate 80 %
    - rate quest drop 20x, rate quest reward XP/SP - 30x
    - blue mob spoil ON
    - champion mobs enabled (lvl 20-80)
    - autolearn ALL skills
    - GmShop with top A grade items
    - Event Manager ( where you can buy Soul Crystals, Shirts, Belts,etc)
    - Global Gatekeeper
    - Scheme Buffer , 2h buff's length (30/18)
    - Hellbound lvl 11
    - LoA with Knoriks implemented
    - dual box NOT allowed during TvT and Olympiad games
    - TvT event every 2h, rewarded with 10 Mouse Coins
    - Hero every month
    - Quick Healing Potions, Cp and Greater CP potions reuse - 10 sec for a fair pvp
    - PC bang Points enabled
    - Wedding System enabled
    - 30 clan members needed for lvl 6-11 clan
    - increased aquired fame points during fortress/castles siege
    - subclasses without quest (max sub lvl 85)
    - Noblesse quest updated to Hi5
    - Epic RB drop jewel 2x
    - inventory slots increased, dwarf recipe limit increased to 150
    - Vitality system enabled
    - autocreate accounts (.changepassword enabled)
    - Auto Learn Skills.
    The user login system is proper and new, many modifications have been made and many more will be made.
    We hope you enjoy your stay and that you find it useful and fitted to your needs.



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      Re: New mid rate server.l2 extasy x20 high five
      « Reply #1 on: June 18, 2012, 04:07:27 PM »
      Im playing there guys. It is a very good server. Recently many people left because their clan lost sieges and territory wars.I suggest you try it. You can keep the server from dying. I also have to tell you that there are no donations and there will never be as i confirmed from gms and members. I heard they get the needed money from somewhere and they voluntarily do it. Thanks for your time. Try him

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