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    « on: February 19, 2011, 03:55:35 AM »

    Geia Sas .. Paidia tou topzone ..  meta apo ena xroniko diastima , meta apo thn 3enera pou efaga me ena host , meta apo ola auta. brika ena empisto atomo .. pou exei kalo PC. exei kaloutsiki sintesi ,exei kalosini , exei 8aros  kai goustarei na asxoli8ei me enan server . . 8a ei8ela na sas parousiasoume ton server mas . Kai Mhn to parete gia pro server . Den pistebo Pos Oloi Arxisate apo Pano Host Kalo Pack pistebw pos ola auta 8a ftiaxtoun siga siga.. as doume prota ton web site.. home page . alla 8a ginei .com siga siga . kai pistebw pos 8a aresei ..

    Web Site :

    As Doume Liga Pragmata gia ton server

    Cliant : Interlude


    EXP Rate: x6000.
    Party EXP Rate: x6000.
    SP Rate:x6000.
    Adena Rate: x6000.

    Safe Enchant: 7.
    Max Enchant Weapon: 25.
    Max Enchant Armor: 25.
    Enchant Rate Normal:80 %
    Enchant Rate Blessed:100%.
    NO Custom  Items/weapons.
    Unique protection system server side & client side.
    Offline shopping system.

    Spawn protection protects you from getting spawn killed.
    NPC buffer with all buffs included (without resists).
    Noblesse with out quest.
    Aden main town trade center & GM shops.
    Olympiad system Every 1 Weeks (Full Working).
    Nobless Color System.
    Away System.
    Anti Boot System.
    Pvp/Pk Color System.
    Buffs time : 2 hour.
    Global Gatekeeper.
    Balanced Classes & Skills.
    100% Working Augmentation.
    100% Working Fusion Skills.
    100% Working Geodata.
    100% Working Skills.
    Free Class Change.
    60 Buff slots.
    Cursed Weapon System (Zariche and Akamanah).
    Auto Learn Skills.

    More Comming Soon.

    Custom Things
    If you dead and do not have Noblesse you buff dosen`t dispear.[Arent you bored when losing a pvp to cast the spell noblesse again and again? Here is the solution, in pvp areas, like pi there is no need to take the noblesse buff, because you are auto noblessed]
    See the Chance For Each Skill you use on others.
    Augument Reuse Skill Active 5 Seconds.
    The Blacksmith dosen't ask for any recipe to craft your mats.
    Deleting player "lame drops" in 600 seconds.
    Olympiad system with fresh skills after match(same as on retail).
    Clan hall siege every week.
    Killing Spree System[You will love it, after 5 kills in a row without dying , you will get messages telling how many kills in a row you have,if you reach 50 you will get hero aura]
    Every class have own Armor Mastery.[If you are MAGE can`t equip light or heavy; If you are Archer can`t equip Heavy,etc]

    Raid Bosses

    Raid Bosses are spawn on the following zones:

      Ant Queen Spawned at Tower of Insolence 4

    Drops: Adena x2 Monster Shield's and 1 Ring of Ant Queen


    Baium Raid Boss Spawned at Tower Of Insolence 6

    Drops : Adena x2 Monster Shield's and 1 Ring of Baium

    Zaken Raid Boss Spawned at Tower Of Insolence 7

    Drops : Adena x2 Monster Shield's and 1 Ring of Zaken

    Valakas Raid Boss Spawned at Tower Of Insolence 9

    Drops : Adena x2 Monster Shield's and 1 Ring Of Valakas

    Antharas Raid Boss Spawned at Tower Of Insolence 11

    Drops : Adena x2 Monster Shield's and 1 Ring of Antharas

    Ta Donate Apo To site Den isxioune 8a ginoun Delete .. so ( SERVER NO DONATE )

    As Doume to Staff mas

    Staff Of Server

    Line][Age Amaranth Staff


    Administrator.He provides for the server hardware and server's payment


    Developer & Web Admin. He provides for the server fixes and addons.


    Developer & Web Admin. He provides for the server fixes and addons.

    1 Big Problem (Sto Log In prepei na Patate 10-15 fores gia na mpeite auto 8a ginei sintoma fix ! kai signomh !

    Auta Eixa Na sas pw gia ton Server .. Polla 8a ginoun sthn sinexia .. pistebw na mhn to parete blakia .. kanw oti mporw. thnx !

    Me Agaph




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      Re: NewServer/Glory!
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      kalh epitixia Me ton Server SoU

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