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Hello big news about my new shop its functional and I am very excited!!!

info about the panel[/COLOR]https://shop.denart-designs.com/product/account-panel/


New fast, easy and secure as possible donation panel for your players.
Payment in easy 5 steps:
  • Login with his player username.
  • Select the donation service (Paypal/Paygol/g2apay/nextpay).
  • Select the amount of payment.
  • Pay.
  • Automatically recieve the reward ingame (and yes) while he is online!
The shop is special edition with SGuard & Smart Guard explanation in steps:
  • Player clicks on a button called "Buy Donate Coins" of an NPC.
  • The shop opens in user's default browser and automatically login with our API.
  • So user repeats Payment steps 2, 3, 4, 5.
SGuard & Smart Guard is not mantatory you can still use the donation panel

  • Full SSL website (forced by htaccess)
  • XSS Protection just in case.
  • Remove vulnerability headers in htaccess level
  • Session Validation
  • COOKIE, POST, GET globals are sanitized
  • SQL Injection protection
  • Cookie and Request protection
  • Query String protetion
  • Prepared statements of PDO driver (no sql injection there)
  • Google Captcha to check for bots
SEO & Public management
  • SEO Friendly urls (in htaccess level)
  • Google Analytics Code ready.
  • Terms and use ready to go (specially for paysafe in order to accept you as payment service)
  • Refund policy
  • Contact
Where we imply our name is showing config SERVER NAME or SERVER WEBSITE variables

  • Zip Content (faster load)
  • Memory save (unloading global vars)
  • Using CDN’s for bootstrap
  • Scripts are loaded in footer
  • Images are soft to max 10kb
  • Small and smart organized code style
  • Multilanguage (3 langs so far) EN ES NL (Easy to add more)
  • Payment methods Paypal, Paygol, Paymentwall & G2A (IPN exists not installed cause they ask for company papers)
  • After payment or cancel the user is redirected back to "Thank you" page.
  • Bootstrap CSS
  • MySQL (PDO Driver)
  • PHP 7.2
  • 10.2.18-MariaDB
  • Paypal supports sandbox and live.
  • Server items in XML file copied and used for getting item ID's, properties and images (for now its disabled, and item is hardcoded for speed).
  • Log System for website and IPN's.
  • Log in database Payments and services used.
  • Google Analytics
  • Website Title
  • Server Name
  • Contact Email
  • Use sessions (user has to logout or auto when close the page)
  • Show Captcha
  • Google Analytics Code
  • Use of sandbox in paypal
  • Sandbox/Live Emails
  • Currency Code Payment
  • Item ID for donation
  • 4 Donate Prices and 4 Donate rewards ingame for paypal and another 4 for paygol (for other rates)
  • Log enable or disable
  • Delay on failed login try in seconds
  • Login attempts and timeout
  • Enable Icons
  • Log location
  • Enable or disable for each language
  • Timeout (user is redirected to login page after innactivity)
  • Database and Server Configs
Files included
  • Website files
  • Java Files for your project in eclipse
  • SQL Files
Instructions included
  • How to install NPC HTML BUTTON.
  • How to add in game server task manager.
  • How to implement SmartGuard Packet.
  • Small example of code.
  • Java Server with source (in order to install)
  • PHP 5.6 or 7.2+ (7+ is recommended)
  • Cpanel
  • Curl (sudo apt-get install curl) also needed for paypal (rare case)
  • Apache (tested on nginx if you can't make it work contact us)
  • MySQL Database
  • Knowledge of Database users (Create/Permissions)
  • PHP basic knowledge on how to modify config.php
  • Java how to modify your source with a patch
  • Host or some LAMPP to your server to place the php files
  • Supported Chronicles for Panel
    • all Chronicles it uses char_name of table characters in your database
  • Supported Chronicles for API (java part)
    • aCis Interlude
    • Fandc H5
    • Frozen Interlude
    • if your pack is not listed my developer will do it for free
  • 55€
  • Check first reply for special discounts

On your part you need to make accounts in paypal and paygol and set the paygol IPN in options

Example: https://yourwebsite.com/shop/system/assets/ipn/ipn_paygol.php and thats it the rest are configs.

Many asked for this projects the last 2 days so.

  • Supports aCis Interlude Servers (new files added)
  • Supports Frozen Interlude Servers (new files added)
  • Supports Fandc H5 Servers (new files added)

  • Supports SGuard Protection (new files added)
  • Patch and HowTo are updated.
  • Added Demo

  • Fix paygol diferencial donation amount
  • Added message when wrong character name is entered.
  • Note: tested on nginx and the conclusion is that may need several fixes you can contact for discussion.

  • Addition of Voiced Command Handler for players manual .check to get coins
  • Better handle on paypal's sandbox
  • Fix 2 paths on image buttons
  • Better handle on Donate ingame and safer way to cleanup donate_holder table

  • Fixed bug with currency
  • Cleanup on code
  • Paypal IPN now understands if you have SSL (now it works without SSL if you don't have)
  • Paygol IPN rework on log system and added more logs
  • Merged paygol and paypal IPN responses into 1 log


  • Will the panel work if you don't have SmartGuard or SGuard? - YES perfectly!
  • You don't know how to install any of this? - My developer will contact you
  • Developer cost? - FREE
  • Setup time? - Setup time aprox 10min (for more than 1 hour will be a small charge under discussion first)
  • How the developer will get access - Teamviewer on your computer to upload files and install java/sql

Contact Links

info about the panelhttps://shop.denart-designs.com/product/account-panel/

Thank you for your support!!! <3

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Re: Auto Donate Panel Cheap fast SGuard & SmartGuard SPECIAL EDI
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Summer coupon discount 15€ for the first 5 buyers! (-43% discount)

Coupon Code: topzonepanel

Ends in 31-09-2019
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