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     Intel® Core™ i7-920 Quadcore
            incl. Hyper-Threading Technology
            RAM : 8 GB DDR3 RAM (You can upgrade server ram anytime )
            Hard Disk 200 GB SATA 3 Gb/s HDD (You can upgrade server HDD anytime )
            NIC 1 Gbit OnBoard
            Connected at 100 Mbit (You can upgrade server Connection anytime )
            Traffic Unlimited

    Buy Link


    Event Engine Works with (It will be synch with new Revisions and Events )
    L2J Freya: 5199
    L2J Hi5 stable 5508; r5667
    L2J GFinal: latest Download
    L2J Hi5 beta r5667
    With the machine you will recieve the Sources Paches too

    Main Events

        Only one of these event can be runned at a time. It will create ONE match only (which can be then divided into more instances, to prevent being too much overcrowded), when the match finishes, there will be some delay and then next event will be launched.

        Classic Team-based event
        Intelligent dividing players into teams, based on their strenght score (items, level, pvps,...)
        Scorebar showing score of both teams as well as time-left
        Reward available for both winners and losers
        Simple respawn with delay or wawe-style respawn system (respawn all dead players every X seconds - all of them in the same time).
        Player's title shows his score, deads, etc.
        All players are automatically divided into parties, the engine is trying to balance the count of healers in all parties so that each party can have at least one healer
        Multiple respawn spots for all teams.
        Multi maps support

    Capture the Flag

        Classic Team-based event
        Strict AFK/"Camp" checks for players, who don't manage to score with flag within given time limit
        Support to apply certain effects to the player holding the flag (such as slowing him down, making him more visible with effects, etc.)
        Simple respawn with delay or wawe-respawn system (respawn all dead players every X seconds). Multiple respawn spots for all teams.
        All other features are same as for TvT


        The goal in this event is to capture and hold a Zone (represented by NPC)
        You can capture the zone by standing close to it and killing your enemies standing close to the zone too
        All other features are same as for TvT and other events

    Mass Domination

        Similar to Domination, but uses more Zones
        The team needs to capture a specific count of zones in order to get score
        All other features are same as for TvT and other events


        Free for all event
        Gain points by killing other players
        Anti-feed protection, which changes completely player's appearance (including title, crests, hero and even name gets changed)
        Scorebar showing the top player's score

    Last Man Standing

        Similar to Deathmatch, but when you die, you won't get resurrected until the next round starts
        Configurable count of rounds
        Includes the same anti-feed protections as Deathmatch event
        Round time limit configurable, to prevent having infinity tank vs tank fights

    Advanced Team vs Team

        Similar to Team vs Team event, but
        In the start, it selects randomly some players from the top players on the event (by their level, pvps,...) and these players will become VIPs
        Each VIP has some cool powers that will surely help it's team to win
        the VIP can for example: slowly heal nearby players, throw away players that gets hit by him (or stun him on hit) or give out some short buffs.
        Thinking about making possible charging up the VIP by players from his team, which would make it extra strong!
        Killing the VIP gives your team extra score points

    Lucky Chests

        Free-for-all event
        Chests will appear in the event map, players will be killing them (one hit = one chest down). Each player will have a sword by default, stats will be same for all players on the event, but players will be able to get slightly more interesting weapons with some luck by killing chests.

    Also players will be able to switch their weapons during the event and they will be stored on the skill bar, which will temporary change only for the event (when you receive a weapon of anything else, it will be stored to the skill bar and at the end of the event, you will receive back your old skill bar).
    Mini Events

        Events running constantly or in certain times (specified by a GM). They create matches automatically when enough players register. There can be as many mini events running at a time as you want.

    Single Players fights

        1v1 (or 1v1v1, 1v1v1v1, 1v1v1v1v1,... as many players, as you want) fights
        Round based (1-10 rounds)
        30 seconds wait-time before the match starts (time to prepare, rebuff)
        Instanced, Multiple maps possible

    Party fights:

        2-10 fighting parties
        Configurable am-beep-t of players in party (required to register)
        Round based (1-10 rounds)
        Rewards for both winners and losers
        Instanced, Multiple maps possible

    Korean Party fights:

        Similar to party matches, but players are fighting in famous Korean style
        Round based (1-10 rounds)
        2 teams (is multi-team support needed?)
        Rewards for both winners and losers
        Instanced, Multiple maps possible

    Mini TvT event

        You don't need a party to register. When the event reaches certain am-beep-t of participating players, it will divide them into teams (and party them) and send to instanced arena. Also needed to mention that, if possible, the engine will try to divide the players (especially healers and other support classes) equitibly, and will use special engine that will "compute" players strenght points based on his level, items, pvps, etc. That will make the matches as well balanced, as it is possible.
        Round based
        Multi-teams support
        Rewards for both winners and losers
        Instanced, Multiple maps possible

    this is a limmited offer for more informations pm me

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=9814.0

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