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    Items/Char/adena on L2saga
    « on: February 28, 2016, 09:30:19 AM »
    Wts Ghost Hunter with:

    Skills A/P +30/15
    Set Vorpal Leather[PvP]+8 120atr
    JW Zaken +8, Tezza +8,Elegia ring+8 Oly earring-ring, Elegia earring +8, Elegia ring +8
    Belt PvP skill Atk +7
    Olf +8
    Cranigg cloak ( top cloak )
    Skull edge +10[PvP] 300atr-Aug:Str+1-passive PvP P.atk
    Tons of talismans for oly!
    Active Aug: pvp Patk, Heal, Barrier

    Wts Wind Rider with :

    Skills A/P +30/15
    Set Vorpal Leather [PvP] +8 120atr
    JW Zaken +8,Tezza+8, Vorpal ring +8,Elegia ring+8 ,Elegia earring +8, Oly ring/earring
    Belt Pvp Skill atk +7
    Olf +6
    Abelius cloak(top cloak)
    Skull Edge +6 [PvP] 300atr Aug: Str+1-Passive PvP P.atk
    Tons Of talismans for oly!
    Atcive aug: Barrier , PvP P.atk, Reflect

    Wts Dominator with :

    Skills A/p +30/15
    Set Elegia robe [PvP] +6 120atr
    JW: Zaken+8,B.freya+8,Elegia earring +8, Elegia ring +8,elegia Ring +8 , Oly jws.
    Belt Pvp defence +6
    Olf +8
    Cranigg cloak (top)
    Rising star +7 [PvP] 300atr fire with augm Prominence and Wit +1
    Tons of talismans for oly!
    Active aug: Barrier.

    Big stock in adena 0.10e per 1b

    Pm me for New Prices and New special Offers and Items

    PayPal only!
    Pm for more info!

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=25510.0
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