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    [Rules]MarketPlace - Items & Chars Section
    « on: June 04, 2013, 02:05:35 AM »
    MarketPlace - Items & Chars Section

    This Section is to buy and sell items & Chars ONLY!

    • This Topic is to Buy & Sell Items and chars
    • Other Topics where haven't got any place to this Section will be moved
    • Do not Post/Reply more than 3 Topics
    • We don't allow Spam/Flaming Replies. Replies will be deleted and user will be moderated
    • Don't Try to Scam Anyone. If we see that you scam members you'll be banned from this Forum.
    • Advertisements aren't allowed to this section. Advertisement topics will be moved to correct section
    • Other Topics where include buying or selling content will be moved to correct Section
    • PREFIX is the basic Step to Make your Topic More Stable to its content and the interested will understand what you're gonna do.(For Example: [WTB],[WTS],[WTT])

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