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    [WTS]donate char http://white-eagle.com.pl
    « on: January 07, 2012, 09:04:54 AM »
    Hey guys wts donate char in white-eagle bartz srv the char contains bishop with 3 donate skills(majesty,parrys stance,smart qubic)shilien template(rage,majesty,true berseker)and hell knight with(smaty qubic only)also char is full sub (5)+ main class (6)all skills from all sub s are +30 even the worst skill is +30 char has all the augments that u can imagine an all armors twice with different atributes.
    take a look in the inventory to see..
    name of char:xCrystalineYaOx
    add me in skype:sacr4ment0 for more infos's
    price:(50 euro real money)(pr 60 euro paysafe)..in case that u think that i am scammer or what i will give u my real name and my house phone to explain u the trade..thnx!
    P.S o char simferei me tetia timh an 8elhsete na kanete new char kai na valete ta donate p exw valei egw edw panw 8a sas parei akrivws 65 euro egw tn poulaw 50 real 60 paysafe + omos items kai ola ta panta panw!

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