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    Lineage2 Interlude CRAFT-PVP x150 OPENING: 2015 November 6h 19:00 GMT+2!


    Dear Lineage2 Interlude L2Blaze players, as you see we removed 2 of 3 our servers to concentrate to only one. In this way we want to unite all L2Blaze players to one big comminity. Only one Lineage2 server will help to reach maximum online players, faster support, more action and more fun. We made decision to work on Interlude x150 WarFire server. Working on only one server will increase faster bug fixs, frequent events and quality!

    Rates Information:
    All new players spawn in town of Gludio!
    All players start from 21 LvL with some adenas and equipment!
    XP: x150
    SP: x150
    Party XP and SP: x1.30
    Adena Drop rate: x70
    Drop Items rate: x35
    Drop SealStones rate: x1.5
    Spoil rate: x35
    Drop Manor rate: x1
    Drop Quest rate: x10(not for all)
    Quests Reward rate: x3(not for all)
    Raid Boss Drop: x10

    Additional Information
    Npc buffer (2h buff time) 28+6 Buff slot.
    Scheme buffer
    Global Gatekeeper!
    GM-shop till weapon B grade/ armor B grade and jewel B grade!
    Noblesse with Caradine letter lvl 65 in GM Shop
    Offline shop work with SELL , PRIVATE CREATION , PACKAGE SALE from 20LvL !

    Boss Information:
    Antharas 60+1 Hour (Random)
    Valakas 72+1 Hour (Random)
    Baium 32+1 Hour (Random)
    Zaken 20+1 Hour (Random)
    Ant Queen 20+1 Hour (Random)
    Orfen 20+1 Hour (Random)
    Core 20+1 Hour (Random)
    Frintezza 36+1 Hour (Random)
    Barakiel 4+1 Hour (Random)
    Simple Raid Boss 6+3 Hours (Random)

    1. Baium Lair and TOI 13/14 are PVP zones.
    2. Valakas PVP zone near NPC "Klein".
    3. Antharas Lair and near "Heart Of Warding" are PVP zones.
    4. Frintezza PVP zone is in first Imperial Tomb room.
    5. Queen Ant PVP zone after the bridge and near Boss.
    - When you enter to zones you get violet nick( FLAG ). When you exit from zone, after 20s your flag remove.
    IMPORTANT! Only biggest damage party can pick up the drop from Boss!

    Basic Information
    Full working skill and quests, on the global balance
    Working Fortress, Clan Hall and Castle siege
    Full working all Raid / Grand Boss (Zaken, Frintezza, Sepulchers, etc.)
    Working cursed weapons system
    Class Auto at (20,40,76 LvL table) 2nd Class reward: 10kk, 3rd Class reward: 30kk adenas
    Augmentation full working!
    Subclass without quest!
    Auto Learn Skills till 80LvL. Buff block skill from 3rd!
    Full Working Wedings
    Commercial Geodata, fully working!
    Champion system!
    Augmentation Non Grade Skill Chance = 5%
    Augmentation Mid Grade Skill Chance = 10%
    Augmentation High Grade Skill Chance = 25%
    Augmentation Top Grade Skill Chance = 30%

    On WarFire x150 opening we promise:
    - Stable and long game
    - Active GameMasters and Admins
    - Daily EVENTS with great rewards
    - Protection from cheats
    - Honesty with donations

    All old accounts removed, you have to create new. Registration is automatic in game, you just need to enter your ID and password which you want to use and you can start your game.

    If you have issues with connecting for example, if someone are hardly attacking server, in left of our website you can find WHITE LIST, press on it and approve your IP for connection! It will let you to connect to server and play.

    You can help with inviting your friends, enemys and advertising, if you want more action, help us and we can promise best time in your life with Lineage2 Interlude.

    See you 2015 November 6th 19:00 GMT+2 on only one and the best x150!


    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=25067.0