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    Lineage 2 Templar - Freya PvP
    « on: October 09, 2016, 04:27:36 PM »
    Good afternoon everyone.

    I am pleased to bring a new freya project, based on classical modes of l2jserver to familiarize the player.

    Regarding new features, we have a java engine called ZeuS, this engine takes much of the project worked.

    As I have commented on the server is Freya ct2.5, with gameplay concentrated in pvp, so has established dominance in obtaining maximum level of the game, complete gm shop, and a totally free buffer.

    We not declare donations on our server, because administrators do not propagate the need for the player contributes. Costs we handle ourselves and promise a stable and fully favor the player server.

    Below I leave general details of the server:

    Server Templar Lineage 2 - Freya PvP
    - Exp: 1000
    - Sp: 1000
    - Drop: 1000
    - Adena: 1000
    - Custom PvP Zone (Classic Antharas)
    - PvP Reward (party pvp reward)
    - Town War
    - Team Vs Team
    - Fame PvP reward (only Custom Zone)
    - Each Sunday Olympiad Hero
    - Mow Castle / Territory War (1 week for each)

    And here we pause to proceed to explain about the engine Zeus

    Zeus Engine:

    - Anti Olympiad Feed (change appearances)
    - Cancel Return (dont work in olympiad)
    - Great .dressme (based on html without using equipment)
    - Community works with all varieties:
    . Enchant System (12 safe)
    . Augment (can select all)
    . Buffer Scheme.

    We want them to join our small community and begin to grow and be a friendly server.

    And hope from within the game.


    L2Templar Freya Private Server | Countdown Timer

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