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    Hello everyone
    Im vey exited to share a few words about our server
    My idea was to create a classic server up to BGrade gear with hardcore enchant and farm
    Ive collected the best features from all Lineage 2 clients From C 1 to last client of trash server

    I used one of late clients as base and fully reworked to remove all those features that us old school players dont like like skins auto farm and many others I also fully reworked almost every single item and skill but always keeping the Classic Style intact
    And lastly Ive remade formulas for skill damage created new debuffs new item sets enabled old school armors like Robe of Spam is not allowed by giving them their own bonuses

    It will be a challenge to complete our project since I want to add much more features but for one person its jsut a lot of work
    There server is playable but as of now we are missing as the server goes on I will add everything thats missing and fix everything thats not working properly with your help of course

    One of my main focus is our PvP system all classes are relevant since we dont use mana potions and our NPC buffer ONLY offers you basic buffs supports are reworked but kept their own identity intact BD is SEMI support and a SEMI damage dealer PP is support with extra buffsdebuffs but low heal power everything will be detailed on the class information post

    Classic Remastered x5
    No Custom
    Max B Grades
    Max 78 LvL
    Difficult Echant Rates
    Remastered Support Classes
    No Mana Potions
    No Skin System doesnt fit with server theme
    No Auto Farm
    Premium Anti Bot
    And much more to discover in game

    We are back after 6 years

    Website : https://mithrilmines.eu/

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=30227.0
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