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« on: July 14, 2020, 07:16:00 PM »

Welcome to the real heroes!
Very soon the opening of a completely unique server Desperion Multiskill HIGH-FIVE On a new client of GOD Chronicle - GRAND-CRUSADE with new types of armor, weapons, jewelry and much more.
The Desperion project is a unique platform for both experienced players and those who are just beginning their journey in the world of Lineage 2. And it is made by real fans of Lineage 2, for whom Lineage is more than just a game.
After registration in the personal cabinet for each player is available maximum useful information, which is tied to the system levels of the character. You can clearly see how much EXP is needed to increase, what bonuses and products are available now and will be available at the next level. You can get additional experience for forum activity by linking your communication and game accounts with a couple of clicks. TOP Achievement Bonuses are a nice tip: on the first day of each month the top three will receive special prizes for maximum MP (Month's Points) scored.
The game has four types of game currency, all of which can be obtained in the game way. A Desperion Silver Coin with a certain chance falls from the blue Mobots, a Desperion Not allowed Coin with a certain chance falls from the red Mobots and is converted from the Great Desperion Coin which is given as a reward for a donation in your personal cabinet. An ancient Desperion coin (the Donation Coin) with a certain chance of falling from red Mobov, and it is possible to take it out in a private office, turning it into real money. The amount of the Ancient Desperion Coin is strictly limited and is a certain percentage of donations by all players on the server.
For players who constantly play on the server Desperion, there is a system of flexible discounts on goods from your personal cabinet. You can get a bonus from the second level - just develop your character. More pumping - higher discounts, which at high levels can reach up to 30%!
Get additional cache and experience in the course of the case you can invite friends on the referral link in your personal cabinet. Each newcomer brings 10% of the donation and 10% of the EXP to the player's piggy bank, and this system allows for faster account development with minimum effort.
And this is just a small part of the great features that are implemented within the project Desperion. The administration of the game server has prepared a lot of surprises for fans of Lineage 2 High Five, which will make the gameplay much richer. As they say - watch for updates!

The main features of our server:

    Multiclass / Multiprofession
    Conclusion of game currency
    Changes in the discount system
    Auction of game things in a private office
    Account upgrades and Bonuses
    New armor, weapons, jewelry, Desperion belts with the ability to upgrade each item to level 4!
    Instants with Epic Bosses Raid.
    New Epic Bosses Raid Lord Desperion, Thanos.
    Verpes Set Farm in Instants with Epic Bosses Raid, Baium, Queen of the Ants, Antaras, Valakas
    Pharm Elegia and TOP Weapons in the new Castle Instans Zone, Antaras, Valacas, Lord Desperion


    Buf creating his own schemes.
    Shop before S Grade
    Premium Accounts + VIP Baf for Premium Accounts
    Change of character appearance
    Beauty salon
    Sharpening Guns, Armor, Jewelry.

    Teleportation to all top locations


    Incrusted items can be transferred, thrown away and sold.
    Allowed to trade PPV things
    Modifier of maximum portable weight X10.
    Sale of tickets for re-entry into instances.
    Augmentation of shields is allowed.
    Allowed to insert LS in pvp weapons.
    On command /time shows the server time.
    It's a nub for the murder of RB Barakiel.
    Siege every week
    The amount of glory for being in the siege zone of Castle. 1250
    Belt attribute allowed
    Bracelet attribute allowed.
    Lingerie Attribute Allowed
    Allowed PvP weapon attribute
    Antaras every Sunday at 20:00.
    Valakas every Sunday at 19:00
    Baium every Sunday at 18:00
    Maximum sharpening increased to 55
    The amount of glory for being in the siege zone of the fortresses was increased to - 62.
    The minimum glory for killing the enemy fort is 40.
    The maximum amount of fame for a murder at an enemy fort is 80.
    The cost of studying other people's skills. 10,000,000 Aden
    The maximum number of other people's skills that can be learned per character is 100.
    In dialogs of all teachers a point of discounts deletion has been added.
    The cost of skills deletion. 1000000 Aden
    Added Renewal System
    Add basic parameters after rebirth (INT WIT DEX STR CON MEN) Maximum number of rebirths 60, max. 1 parameter increase +10.
    Minimum level for rebirth 85
    Special items that can be knocked out of Reid Bosses are required for rebirth.
    Reward for each FDP and weekly FDP TOP
    Pinalti is off if the spell kills Moba/RB more than its lion.
    Maximum number of slots 120
    Base limit of buffs 64
    Song/dance limit 24
    Restoration of Nobles after death
    Showing a chance of a skeleton.

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