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    « on: February 09, 2017, 12:10:25 PM »

    Web-site: http://dewell.pro
    Forum: http://forum.dewell.pro

    EXP/SP - x50;
    ADENA - x40;
    DROP - x15;
    SPOIL - x15;
    QUEST - x1-10;
    RAID - x4
    EPIC - x1;
    Premiun account: +50% or 70%

    About the project:
    One of the best Epilogue files
    Huge advertise company, include all TOPs (Russians / EU / Latins)
    Modern in-game interface (include 5 game panles, advanced macros, auto att and much more)
    Fast players support (Ticket system)

    Main information:
    Auto learn skills, include 81+.
    GM shop with all items (till A grade)
    Hellbound is 11 level from the begining
    Fully working quests for Vesper armors and weapons
    Buff slots: 28 + (4) / 12
    Fully working craft PAP items (with critical craft chanse - 2 items per 1 craft)
    Sheme buffs (60 mins)
    Usefull functions .talisman .relog .acp
    All professions in 1 click
    No quest for subclass and sertificate. Max level for subclass - 85
    Mamon's function (add / delete Lifestone and Essences) via Community Board
    Offline shops: .offline
    Auto CP/HP/MP: .acp

    Seed of Destruction:
    Avalible after 50 Tiat kills
    Next: after 20 Tiat kills
    SOD stones: 6 hours
    Enter Tiat: 18 players

    Seed of Infinity:
    Avalible after 20 points (added vesper)
    Drop: around 2-3 items
    SOI drop stones: 3 hours
    Enter the Ekimus: 18 players

    Custom advanced armor system: a lot of costumes, shields, hats, which you can make the same as your armor. All of this you can check befor you buy the item.

    Enchants and Attribute:
    Weapons: 66% (Max +16)
    Armors: 56% (Max +10)
    Jewels: 54% (Max +10)
    Safe enchant +3 (full +4). If enchant failed, item becomes +3.

    Class changes:
    Cancellation and Steal Divinity.
    Cancellation takes 3 buffs.
    Steal Divinity takes 3 bufs.

    Clans and allys:
    Clan level when create: 5
    Max clans per ally: 3
    Academy's auto invite via Commynity Board
    Fully working clan skills.

    Forts sieges: 1 time per 2 hours
    Castle sieges: every 2 weeks
    Territory wars: every 3 weeks

    System message about enemy's class
    Max olympiad restore points: 18. In order player has less then 18 points/
    Enchant: 6/6/6
    New heros every 14 days. Heros will be avalible in 12:00 (gmt+3)
    Olympiad time: 18:00 - 00:00 (gmt +3)

    Usefull commands:
    .help - usefull server's commands.
    .cfg - pricate character's configs.
    .acp - auto CP/HP/MP.
    .lock - link character to PC.
    .password - change the account's password
    .repair - repair stucked char
    .whoami - full information about the char
    .offline - offline shop
    .km-all-to-me - summon all clan members to leader
    .bot - target the player and report about the bot
    .party - check if somebody has the premium account in the party
    .talisman - stuck all talismans on 1 slot
    .relog - momentally relog the client
    /instancezone - shows time left untill instance
    /olympiadstat - your personal olympiad staticstic

    TVT (any level)
    Time:00:00, 04:00, 08:00, 12:00, 16:00, 20:00.

    Deathmatch (any level)
    Time:02:00, 06:00, 10:00, 14:00, 18:00, 22:00.

    Last hero (any level)
    Time: 19:30, 20:00.

    Event's features:
    All event's locations changed to the new places
    Rewards: chests of luck.

    Epic Bosses:
    Quenn Ant: 40 level. Respawn 24h + 30mins
    Core: 50 level. Respawn: 36h +- 30 mins
    Orfen: 60 level. Respawn: 36h +- 30mins
    Frimtezza: 85 level. Respawn: 48h + 1h.
    Baium: 85 level. Respawn: 5days 20h + 1h
    Antharas: 85 level. Respawn 8 days 21h + 1h
    Valakas: 85 level. Respawn 11 days 22h + 1h
     Beleth: 83 level. Respawn 7 days 21h + 1h

    Zaken Day: Enter from 55 level. Minimim players to enter: 18, max players:27
    Zaken Night: Minimim players to enter: 27, max players:450

    Flame of Splendor Barakiel: 70 level. Respawn: 24h
    Drop: last hit

    From the start all raids are dead, exept Barakiel.

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=27051.0

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