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    Epoch-Life x7000
    « on: January 28, 2018, 11:13:24 AM »
    Start the game:
    Since the main direction of our game server is the battle between the players (PvP), we decided to completely rid the players of the tedious leveling of the levels and the extraction of money for teleports.
    On the PvP server, players must relax and enjoy the players, and not beat the same monsters for hours.
    When creating a character, you immediately get:
    80 Level with the maximum number of experience
    S-grade armor set (A-grade for the magician)
    S-grade weapons
    S-grade set of jewelry
    200 million adena
    Having received such a set, you can immediately start interesting battles with other players or start mining unique artifacts, bypassing the annoying all pumping.

    Quest for Sab classes and Noble status:
    The sub-class quest is completely disabled. To get a subclass, you need to go to the appropriate NPC and select any of the available classes in the game.

    Quest for the nobility as shortened. All the necessary NPCs are in 1 place.

    NPC Buffer and the Global Gatekeeper:
    Battles between players of the 80's levels, fully equipped in the S-grade - can not pass without a satisfying buff.
    To avoid frequent re-buffs, the heavy and inconvenient loading of several windows - we increased the duration of almost all buffs of the 2nd and 3rd occupations to 60 minutes (1h), and installed in all cities and main combat locations of special NPCs, which can at any time get the necessary buff effects.
    The number of buffs that can be found on the character at once is 100.

    For the convenience of moving around the game world, as well as a large concentration of players in certain locations - we created a unique NPS, the "Global Gatekeeper." It allows any player, absolutely free to move around the world in one click.

    Prizes for voting in the ratings of Lineage 2 servers:
    One way to raise online is to participate in the Lineage 2 server rankings.
    To achieve high positions in it - we need the voices of our players.
    For each given voice, you can receive a prize in the form of special items that can


    » Xp 7000x.
    » Sp 7000x.
    » Aden 1x.
    » Drop 50x.
    » PartyXp 2x.
    » PartySp 2x.
    » Starting character level 80.

    Site: epoch-life.xyz
    Forum: forum.epoch-life.xyz

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=28097.0
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