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    Gracia Final Lineage 2 Alendria x30
    « on: May 10, 2018, 01:29:50 PM »
    L2OFF Gracia Final x30

    Chronicle: Gracia Final
    Website: https://www.l2alendria.com
    Forum: https://www.l2alendria.com/forum
    Grand opening:01.06.2018
    Beta opening:25.05 2018

    Contact us at:[email protected]


    Experience: 30x
    Skill Points: 30x
    Adena: 30x
    Drop: 10x
    Spoil: 10x


    C, B & A Grade with SA
    Scrolls Enchant D, C & B
    SoulShots D, C,  B, A & S
    Mana Potion (1000 mp / 10sec reuse)
    Quest Items (boss entrances high price + 1 click lunargent/hellfire oil)

    All buffs except 80+ and Summoner/Kamael
    1 hour buffs
    5 schemes per player maximum


    Alliance with Ketra/Varka: Trader allow you to buy full armors + jewels immediately.
    Gather the Flames: Rooney now let you choose between getting a recipe for 1200 Torches or a full weapon for 6000 Torches.
    Relics of the Old Empire: Ghost of Adventurer now let you choose between getting a random recipe for 1000 Broken Relic Parts or a random full weapon for 5000 Broken Relic Parts.

    2 weeks after server going live (15/06/2018), it will be opened to level 13.
    Hude sell Dynasty Recipes & Parts + Full Weapons & Armors.


    .time (get real server time)
    .expon (enable exp gaining)
    .expoff (disable exp gaining)
    .offline (start offline shop)
    .autoloot (to turn off/on autoloot)

    We want to ask everyone to feel free to make suggestions if you judge that we should consider a change with our features. We will not change the main core of our server but maybe we didn't think about important part.

    Thank you for anyone supporting our server and we hope that everyone will be able to enjoy it.

    We wish you a nice journey on Lineage 2 Alendria !

    L2 Alendria Staff

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=28440.0

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