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    [Gracia Final]Lineage II Pride
    « on: May 16, 2018, 11:03:28 AM »
    Lineage II Pride Reborn!

    Server features:
    -Customized Global Gatekeeper, item shop up to normal S grade, deluxe NPC Buffer (instant group buffs), and Luxury Trader.
    -Custom 3 tiers of weapons and armor sets (including all Kamael armors (custom skill add on equip)and weapons) and C2 style god\'s blade, dragon\'s tooth and dual tears of a fallen angel (weapons that also add custom skills to your char when you equip them).
    -5 new custom raidboss jewels.
    -Customized 99 hair accessories that give a variety of bonuses.
    -Customized Tattoos each giving a different bonus. (including one Relic tattoo).
    -Balanced and painstakingly tweaked classes (yes, even that shilien elder and arcana lord is fun and useful to play).
    -Many skills edited including 90% Interlude skills. About 95% Interlude skills work.
    -Custom skills like new summons and raidboss skills. TK has a new pet. Many gimp classes get new skills to make them fun to play.
    -For every 1000 PvPs you gain a custom skill, and your name color changes to a different color.
    -Heroes gain an additional 9 custom skills.
    -No Grade Penalty, free teleports, fast SOE. Start with A/S grade weapons/armors and in edited leveling zones.
    -/unstuck is 8 seconds, no need to waste slow SOEs, and you can't spam quick healing pots or BSOEs to ruin the PvP.
    -Most useless L2 stuff like summons requiring Crystals or buffs requiring Soul ores have been removed. All skills don\'t use mana except greater battle heal, and all items have 0 weight.
    -Major Castle Sieges: Giran, Aden, Rune, Schuttgart, (every week). Possessing a castle gives the clan much more benefits than default L2. For example the Castle randomly generates items and necessary materials, and has special teleporters.
    -Unique Clan-War system: Single-side declare war allows unhindered realistic PvPing. Gain reputation points through Clanwars to buy Clan skills.
    -Carey balanced Olympiad environment - Debuffs applied to Oly overpowered classes and custom buffs applied to Oly weak classes. (Heroes set every 2 weeks) Unique weapons useable in Olympiad.
    -Variable Enchant rates: A grade items have the highest enchant rate and can go up to +35. Normal S grade weapons can be enchanted to +25 at 85%, armors can be enchanted to +30. All custom items can be enchanted to +25 at about 80% chance.
    -Edited Raidbosses gives players on this high rate challenges and rewards.
    -12 subclasses per char, sub any char like overlords or warsmith or have 3 dagger subs.
    -Auto TVT, CTF, DM, and VIP event systems giving good rewards.
    -Goddard, Huntervillage and Gludin PVP zones. You also gain PvP points on arena-type grounds.
    -Clan Tweaks for more usefulness of clans: Fighting between clan members will always be PvP (purple), even if you PK a clan member, and having a clan member kill you while you have karma will make you drop items.
    -Customized dungeons: Cave of Trials and Pirate Island (pure combat zone).
    -Cursed weapons Zariche and Akamanah add Void Flow and Void Burst attack skills.
    -And of course, all the rest of the features of L2 work, such as Noblesses, Heros, Olympiad, Clan skills, Enchant Skills, clan halls, work 100%.
    -Extra measures applied to rid of cheaters and exploiters.
    -All the i'm retarded you disliked/hated in L2 - have been taken care of!
    -And many many more -sided server changes on top of default to make this the best server!
    -Rate and version: 4000x CT2 Gracia.
    -We are a group of 3 people who have built our favorite game from the beginning L2Pride!
    -We've also been experimenting with the game page so we can have a full copy to put us all in the trick of the old game with the unbelievable objections!
    -We started to cheer the game from the first time we have been told it's a year or so to get to an exaggerated.
    -We expect you to remember the old ones.
    Come try it, you won't be disappointed!

    L2 Pride: Home

    [BETA] will open the doors: 18/05/2018 - 18:00 PM GMT +2

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=28457.0