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    [H5] L2 Atlantis
    « on: December 21, 2017, 04:49:42 PM »

    Open 23/12/2017


    Experience (EXP) 500x
    Skill Points (SP) 500x
    Adena 300x
    Drop for Spoil 20x
    General Drop 20x
    RaidBoss Drop 4x
    Manor 4x
    Quest Drop 2x
    Quest Reward 4x
    Fishing Drop 10x
    Vitality System 25x
    Clan Reputation Point 2x


    Safe Enchant +4
    Max. Enchant +16
    Normal Scroll chance 70%
    Blessed Scroll chance 80%
    Yogi event enchant rate is 45%
    Enchant Chance Crystal Armor Olf Max +9 75%
    Elemental Max. Level Level 7
    Elemental Stone chance 60%
    Elemental Crystal chance 55%


    Server, Site and Forum Time GMT +2
    Buffs, Dances, Songs Duration 2 hours
    Buff Slots 32+4+12
    Max. Clients per PC 4
    Olympiads Max. Enchant +6
    Premium Geodata and Pathnodes
    Sub-Class Max. Level 85
    Off-line Shop mode
    Auto Learn Skills
    Vitality System
    Champions System
    Wedding System
    Class Master


    Team vs. Team 08:00,14:00,19:00,00:00,05:00
    Last Man Standing 07:00,13:00,03:00
    Treasure Hunt 11:00,17:00,21:00,02:00
    Korean Style 12:00,18:00,22:00,01:00
    Capture the Flag 10:00,16:00,20:00,23:00,06:00
    Lucky Creatures 09:00,15:00,04:00


    Valakas 24 days
    Antharas 24 days
    Baium 24 hours
    Baylor 12 hours
    Beleth 24 hours


    Special Goddess of Destruction and Heroic Cloaks
    Maximum number of slots for Private Store is 50
    The maximum level for subclass is up to level 85
    Multiple commands with advanced options, see them in com board
    Real number of players is visible using command .online (shops included)
    You can view a monster drop rate and list by using shift+click
    All major raids have lower respawn time and RB drop rate improved
    Olympiad - Heroes are formed every ~ 2 weeks, on 1 and 15 at 00:15 GMT +2
    Advanced Community Board with lots of new features for easy play
    Advanced NPC buffer with almost all skills and up to 4 schemes per character
    Special Quiz event every 5 hours with over 200 questions and GCM reward
    Custom special Raids with special drop, all major raid are easy to kill
    All major raids drop Donation Coins, you can also win DC from Achievements
    Discover all features in game, good luck


    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=28008.0

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