Author Topic: L2JH5 PART5 x35 OldSchool, Never Wipe Guarantee, No Donation for items  (Read 910 times)

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  • L2topzone.com
    Server Features:
    Exp x 35
    SP x 35
    Adena x 35
    Party xp x 2
    Quest Drop x 3
    Drop x 10
    Spoil x 10
    Manor x 10
    Enchant safe +3 max +16 (Armor & Weapon)
    Normal Scroll 55%
    Blessed Scroll 70%
    Atr. Stone 40%
    Atr. Cry 30%
    Max client per pc 4
    Subclass without quest On
    Buff time 2 hour
    Pc Bang points On
    in game commands (like .ccp, .register, etc)

    Antibot System: On
    oly max enchant  +6
    Npc max buffs: 5
    oly period time 2 weeks

    Global GK
    Service Manager
    Custom Buffer
    Vitality Manager
    Wedding Manager
    Anti Feed System
    Anti Bot System
    Anti Enchant System
    Dual Box in Olympiad. Events Denied
    Community similar to Oficial
    DDoS Protection

    Website: How to connect - L2OldSchool.com
    Facebook: L2OldSchool

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=26578.0
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