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    If you are tired of all the easy copy-paste mid-rate servers that open and close all the time in order to get your money then L2 Sieghardt is the server for you. We aim to give you a longterm Lineage 2 RPG experience with no pay 2 win donations.

    Website/Forum:  https://l2.sieghardt.ml

    - Max level 55.
    - Max gear B grade.
    - Enchant item limits: Max+20 / Safe+5
    - Enchant item chances: 50% (55% Blessed)
    - Items dont break or loose enchant level on enchant failure!
    - Free class change.
    - Weekly castle sieges.
    - Portable buffer for everyone (inside the inventory).
    - Buff slots: 24/12 with 20 mins duration.
    - All Gear will be obtained in various ways.

    Please have in mind that all the content above level 55 is unavailable with only a few exceptions.

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=27643.0
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