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    Rxnet -- low rate x1 max ,now Freya Hi5 -- TOTALLY FREE, is STABLE and never has do a wipe --
    WHY ARE YOU WAITING??? Are you waiting for what to log in to Rxnet?  COMMON LOG TO CHECK you don't pay  to try the server and to stay..
    All time ppl say " the server owners only want money "..GUYS NOT THIS OWNER...

    Experience rate: 1X
    Skill points rate: 1X
    Adena rate: 1X

    Drop rate: 1X
    Safe Enchant: 3
    Max Enchant: 30

    Rxnet -- low rate ,now Freya Hi5.... NEW SERVER UPDATES/NEW SPAWN ( now not so crazy) for the old ppl have play in rxnet come and try again ,is not like in your time there.... and for new ppl come and try i like see more ppl and make more friends...
    Its a old server but don't think all ppl have max lvl/hero/Nobless/and full enchanted gear .. because isn't ..and if you search a big community (+ 100 ) don't come but if you search a low rate server to play ( for long term ) come ,log ,try your are welcome.. if you don't like ..np search another.

    Rxnet -- low rate ,now Freya Hi5 ..new crazy spawns
    is alive , stable and now is Freya Hi5...ok guys if you are interested in this server, this is the new address http://rxnet-lineage2.port0.org/rxl2webf/ .. and guys don't forget this is a low rate its a x1 ( all rates maximum). Now a new crazy spawn system,come and try..a low rate like this one give to much work to play? To much work to play without cheats / BOTs / Exploits, and to much work to get the gear/stuff because you need farming and craft it? To much work with very restricted dual box ( or none? ), that need to be approved by the Admin? to much work without donations/donates to get something...? to much work without vote rewards...?

    Im not the owner/admin/gm just a normal player there. I would see more players in game, this is a long term server don't close after a few days, if you think its a old server and all players got max lvl and max gear, you go get a surprise .. because is not true, no one has never get that max lvl ,no max gear , no chars with start wars weapons in game ( no over-enchanted gear like +11) ,if you want log and try it will be nice ..if not np you can always search another server because i know the majority of ppl don't like servers like Rxnet.
    see some screenshots...




    Note: this topic is a copy from a topic posted by another guy in another forum ..i have posted because that say exactly what is the server ,i play there too .

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