Author Topic: L2J[Hi5]-Rxnet - low rate x1 max,now Freya Hi5 FREE and STABLE  (Read 813 times)

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    [Hi5]-Rxnet - low rate x1 max,now Freya Hi5 FREE and STABLE
    « on: February 01, 2017, 09:59:33 AM »
    Rxnet -- low rate x1 max ,now Freya Hi5 -- TOTALLY FREE, is STABLE and never has do a wipe --
    WHY ARE YOU WAITING??? WHAT are you waiting  to log in to Rxnet ?  COMMON LOG TO CHECK you don't pay  to try the server and to stay..
    All time ppl say " the server owners only want money "..GUYS NOT THIS OWNER...

    Experience rate: 1X
    Skill points rate: 1X
    Adena rate: 1X

    Drop rate: 1X
    Safe Enchant: 3
    Max Enchant: 30

    Rxnet -- low rate ,now Freya Hi5.... NEW SERVER UPDATES/NEW SPAWN ( now not so crazy) for the old ppl have play in rxnet come and try again ,is not like in your time there.... and for new ppl come and try i like see more ppl and make more friends...
    Its a old server but don't think all ppl have max lvl/hero/Nobless/and full enchanted gear .. because isn't ..and if you search a big community (+ 100 ) don't come but if you search a low rate server to play ( for long term ) come ,log ,try your are welcome.. if you don't like ..np search another.

    Rxnet -- low rate ,now Freya Hi5 ..new crazy spawns
    is alive , stable and now is Freya Hi5...ok guys if you are interested in this server, this is the new address http://rxnet-lineage2.port0.org/rxl2webf/ .. and guys don't forget this is a low rate its a x1 ( all rates maximum). Now a new crazy spawn system,come and try..a low rate like this one give to much work to play? To much work to play without cheats / BOTs / Exploits, and to much work to get the gear/stuff because you need farming and craft it? To much work with very restricted dual box ( or none? ), that need to be approved by the Admin? to much work without donations/donates to get something...? to much work without vote rewards...?

    Im not the owner/admin/gm just a normal player there. I would see more players in game, this is a long term server don't close after a few days, if you think its a old server and all players got max lvl and max gear, you go get a surprise .. because is not true, no one has never get that max lvl ,no max gear , no chars with start wars weapons in game ( no over-enchanted gear like +11) ,if you want log and try it will be nice ..if not np you can always search another server because i know the majority of ppl don't like servers like Rxnet.
    see some screenshots...




    Note: this topic is a copy from a topic posted by another guy in another forum ..i have posted because that say exactly what is the server ,i play there too .

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=27022.0

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