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    [Hi5]L2Idle - Adrenalin/Tower Allowed..!
    « on: August 14, 2017, 10:54:27 AM »


    Introducing L2Idle 'Bot Freedom', where you are free to play ANYWAY you like, you're allowed to bot here, we encourage it! A server with retail gameplay with some twists, buff times increased, a convenient shop to make your journey a bit easier and other changes to make gameplay more enjoyable. Read below to discover all of the features.

    EXP/SP: x5
    Adena: 10x
    Drop/Spoil: 5x
    Manor: 5x
    Enchant: Retail
    Element Enchant: Retail

    Character Information:
    • Skills will be automatically learned.(Except forgotten skills)
    • Players have spawn protection up to 10 minutes, if no actions are made.
    • New characters start with top no-grade equipment.
    • Drops will be automatically picked up.(Excludes raids)
    • Mana drug will be available which recovers mana overtime. No instant mana potions (never) besides elixers.
    • Inventory is increased to 250 max, warehouse increased 200 max, and weight limit is increased drastically for convenience.
    • Shop items limit increased to 10 for all characters.
    • Nevit's and Vitality fully working.
    • Fame acquisition is increased while in a fort or castle siege, fort increased to 100/5mins, caste increased to 500/5mins.

    Added Features:
    • Hunting Point System: As you kill monsters, your character will accumulate points,  which can be exchanged for various goods at the Services NPC.
    • "Buffed" monsters randomly spawn over the world, which are harder to kill but give bigger drops.
    • Castle Benefit - if you own one, you have a special NPC that will increase clan reputation for a fair fee.
    • Convenient Control Panel:(type .ccp)
      • Block EXP
      • Refuse Trades
      • Protection against unwanted buffs from players
      • Automatically turn shots on after login
      • Hide shops for better loading
      • Hide animations(for low spec PC's).

    Shop Information:
    -Armor, Weapons and Jewelry up to A-Grade (As luxury shop). Hint: You can find shadow S-grade with PC Bang.
    -Shots and misc items needed for skills etc.
    -Vote shop, to exchange vote tokens for valuable items.
    -Apiga shop with great rewards, you can farm apiga as an extra currency in many 76+ zones.

    Buff Information:

    Normal Buff Limit: 26(+4 with Divine Inspiration)
    Dance/Song Limit: 14
    Trigger Buff Limit: 12
    Duration: 2 hours time, 3 hours for premium.
    - Vitality Buff does not take a buff slot

    Premium Account System:
    -50% EXP/SP Increase.
    -3 Hour Buffs from NPC
    -.buffer command for convenient access to buffer(Can't be used in combat).
    -Increased scheme slots to 7.
    -Exclusive chat(using "-"), with no cooldown.

    Miscellaneous additions you should know about:
    - Hellbound is always max level.
    - Fortress guards have had their levels increased to 76, to increase KE drop chance.
    - /time - see server time
    - Reduced NPC cancel rate significantly to relieve some stress.
    - Penalty times for leaving clan or ally is removed.
    - Portable Buffers can be bought, an item where you can buff anywhere on the map.
    - Adventurer Guides can exchange your Hunting Points(Bang) for various items.
    - Chance to craft masterwork increased!
    - Chances to drop FULL items increased!
    - Heroes are selected twice per month, the 1st and 15th.
    - We have GREAT files, not your standard L2J, privately developed.
    - Border Wars 24/7 flag area event (Details here.)
    - Rotated PvE events with awesome rewards. (Current rotation: Freya's Celebration)
    - Clan Hall pricing increased drastically, to lessen the desire of abusers from owning more than 1 clan hall.

    More features not listed - visit L2Idle

    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=27607.0

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