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    [IL]L2 NightFall Custom Era Starts 01/03/2018
    « on: February 28, 2018, 08:19:27 AM »

    L2NightFall is a community which was created recently, however, we are backed by an experienced team in server administration and programming that will ensure a stable, uninterrupted, fun and fair gaming experience.
    L2NightFall values your time and effort invested on the community and that is why they follow a strict no-reset policy and are proud to ensure the continuity of our service indefinitely.

    Website:  www.l2nightfall.com

    XP/SP : 3000x
    Adena: 3000x
    Party XP/SP: 1.5x
    Drop: 10x
    Raid Drop: 1x (Epic jewellery incresed up to 2 jewel per boss)
    MP Potions: 500mp restore

    Safe Enchant:  +4
    Max Enchant with Normal/Blessed Scrolls: +15
    Max Enchant with Crystall Scrolls: +20
    Enchant Scroll Chance: 60%
    Blessed Enchant Scroll Chance: 100%
    Crystall Scrolls Chance: 85%

    Interlude Chronicle
    1 Set of Custom Weapons/ Armors
    2 Custom Tattoos [Fighter/Mage]
    Full GM Shop/NPC Buffer
    Global Gatekeeper
    Raid Gatekeeper
    Augmenter NPC
    Siege Manager NPC
    Clan Manager NPC
    Custom Warehouse
    NPC High Priestes NPC:All Sublasses/Clan-Ally Management in one NPC
    Top PvP/Pk NPC:Shows rankings and online/offline status of the players
    Skill Enchanter NPC: Enchants your class skills
    Raid Info NPC or command: shows if boss alive or time left for respawn
    Bug Report Manager: Report everything you need even if there's no GM online
    Wedding Priest at Giran
    High quality Geodata/Pathnodes for Castles
    Auto Vote Reward System{only 1 client reward per IP}
    Individual Vote Reward NPC {Api based system}
    Easy Noblesse via our Custom Item
    Full Recommendations via our Custom Item
    Unlimited Buff Slots
    Donation rewards are limited to keep the balance on the server

    Auto Learn Skills
    Increased weight limit for characters
    2 hours Buff Duration

    6 Custom Zones:

    PvP Zone: Auto Flag
    Peace Zone: Bandit Stornghold turned to peacefull area so newbies can farm
    Lifestone Zone: You can farm lifestones or PvP's
    2 Farm Zones: You can farm Coins or PvP's

    District Protection for Hot springs Curses and Elemtal Ressist {Balance}
    DAILY Updates - Active Development
    Automated Remote Backups Daily, so there is no chance of any data loss!

    Farm Coin  - Event Medals - Vote Coin - Donate Coin

    Farm Items:
    Elemetal Stones [Need to buy custom armor/weapon]
    Drop 10% from every mob in farm areas or Raid Boss drop

    Material Boxes [Need to buy custom armor/weapon]
    Spoil 6-10 from every mob in farm areas or Raid Boss drop

    Lifestone Rates:
    Only the equiped augment can be used

        No-Grade Lifestone : 2%
        Mid-Grade Lifestone : 4%
        High-Grade Lifestone : 6%
        Top-Grade Lifestone : 10%

    All Epic Raid bosses zones are flag areas for unlimited PvP
    RB Protections:Cannot be healed or lethaled,Max Range agro from their spawn
    Our server provide 6 custom raid bosses in no flag zones.
    1 Party Boss {you need party of 5+ people to teleport}
    3 of them located next to LS or Farm Areas
    Barakiel Boss added with nobless coin drop random from 3-7!

    Hero period: 1 week!
    Retail Olympiad System! [No Custom olympiad]
    All items will automatically have stats of +6 enchant
    Custom Armors/Weapons/Shields districted from olympiad games
    Tattoo or accessories districted from olympiad games
    In order to participate you need 50 PvP points
    60 seconds until olympiad game start
    4 people need to register so the games start
    Anti-feed sytem based on same IP
    Observations option
    Waiting list option
    At Monument you can see how much time left for new heroes
    New Olympiad Ranking showing the players registered,points and matches!

    Custom Commands: .info/ .raidinfo/ .repair/ .stat/ .online
    Event every hour! {CTF/TVT/DM}
    Retail clan system with working clan skills
    Clan Wars Start with 5 people in clan for unlimited pvp
    Alliances consist of a maximum of 2 clans
    100% working Sieges - Fortress Siege

    90% of the skills are working (We work hard to daily implement more)

    Many hours of entertainment await to all who decide to join us. Come on! We are waiting for you.


    Linkback: https://l2topzone.com/forum/index.php?topic=28204.0